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  1. An unmitigated disaster. #MPHindenburg
  2. So one profiteers and the other donates to political campaigns. Both are cynically using those looking to fix a real problem to advance their own agendas. =(
  3. In fact, BLM donates all of its money to a group called Share Blue, which exists to fund political campaigns. However, there is a different group called Black Lives Matter Foundation that's worth looking into. Every human being is valuable. As someone who is multi-racial and multi-ethnic, one need only look at the Balkan wars to know where identitarian conflicts lead. In fact, Rwanda now bans all identitarian political campaigning after its horrific genocide of the 1990s.
  4. Also on the right side: "Are Communists bad?" "Is genocide bad" "Why do we need free speech? After all, there are never environmental crises that need protests, abusive police officers or government corruption to be protested, so let's ban free speech", "is X race bad?". But I usually mock before I block.
  5. Here's something a bit nerdy but maybe of use to academia for consideration at some point. What if SL could team with something like Stellarium or other stargazing app creator or institution to offer something of a virtual world meets astronomy studies thing to view a RL celestial bodies. Particularly now with the Covid fun, schools are re-imagining the role of the digital world with the classroom. If there were a way to import star files or whatnot so SL could be used as a virtual astronomy classroom, that could be useful - might also draw academia in more. Very niche and off the wall, I know
  6. And almost every creator uses a monochrome texture for it, which might work sometimes but not always. Sometimes a texture that is actually the same as the main texture or a color variation of it works better and helps to avoid that mucousy look you see sometimes with mesh items in bright lights. You get shines with rich colors. If you don't have access to the textures on items that are only Mod, you can still sort of do that by clicking on Texture under shininess, then blank, then use the shine color picker to enhance the shine with a hue. I do this a bit on mod hair so they appear to shine as
  7. It's okay to ask for one easier to hear without assuming the creators are wicked reprobates worthy of hell fire. Just throwing that out there as I read the rage in this thread.
  8. To suggest that buxom is the definition of "mainstream" beauty is absurd. Perhaps it has more to do with pr0n culture which has influenced many of the creators. Certainly customers can only buy what's available. For many women, we're not interested in the Aunt Bee look, not that there is anything wrong with it. There's nothing niche about b-cup and smaller chest sizes - at all. Fizz (the creator of Tonic) has done very well with her Tonic line and clothing sellers have as well - I say that as someone who also makes clothes for Tonic. It has been a boon. So avoiding the apparent slight at non-b
  9. So that blog compares the Slinks, SalinA, Maitreya Lena Lush, and the Bellezas, all exhibiting very nuanced differences, which is fine for people in the large breast market. Tonic's Fine Beauty as far as I know is the only major body that offers the only significantly different bust option, which was completely ignored by the blog, even though Tonic often scores in the top three bodies in SL. Its bust is smaller and closer to what many people have in RL. There was a rumor a while back that Maitreya was working on a new body that would rival the Tonic Fine, and I was thrilled to hear it. I
  10. Btw, Izzie's has like 5 boxes in her store by the reception desk that contain all her older system stuff for 10L a piece. Much of it is still wonderful in 2019 (you can toss out the items that are dated). Definitely was worth picking up.
  11. Maitreya posted this last month: stating that they are working on a BoM update but have had some bumps along the way. My guess is with such market dominance, Maitreya will play it very safe, both with the release itself and with what's in the release (probably not much considered bleeding edge). Another issue is the actual release of the update itself. Given that most of SL has the Lara body, sending it to everyone at the same time could maybe cause technical issues for SL (I don't know, since I'm not a tech type person, but at that scale it seems possible). So will they
  12. Wait, don't electric cars hook up to power grids run on coal? Eek. Still, I get your point and agree with it. Efficiency is good, and it's felt directly in places packed with avatars.
  13. One of the bodies I own is Physique and it came with two versions: BoM and classic, the latter still being sliced up and oniony. The BoM version also included a bunch of pre-made alphas you could wear. It seems to me they are offering the best of both worlds, which has to be a lot of work considering they did that for Physique, Hourglass, and the male bodies, also. Tonic is the body I usually wear but I respect the time and attention to detail Slink put into their BoM release. I think it raises the bar. As for clothing creators, it is a pain to even think about going back through mounds
  14. Thank freaking heaven. And thanks for making sense of that. I just kept going back and seeing no movement at all on it and was feeling more and more like a lost puppy. 😂
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