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  1. Tonic now offers BoM appliers (as of September 3rd) until the full body update is available. From Fiz Savira's notice: "I am starting to work on the bakes-on-meshes support for a future free update, but to help tide all those clamoring for bakes-on-meshes on Tonic right now, I've provided some appliers for you. On the counter in the main store is a gift box for Tonic Update Group members only. Poke the box, get the appliers and you can try bakes-on-meshes out RIGHT NOW on your Tonic body (assuming you have a viewer with support) Have fun :)"
  2. I haven't seen a lot of yelling going on. 😃 This has been six pages of a very friendly conversation and people have aired their complaints, praises, grievances, and suggestions quite reasonably as a whole. Chiding people for offering feedback (which LL does want to have) is counterproductive. We shouldn't feel ashamed to maintain open communication channels. Things in the end are more than just "the economy" or "third party processing companies", if I characterized the summary of your statements correctly, but a holistic view that encompasses those possible factors with the impact of keeping users reasonably happy, encouraging the commerce that helps sustain LL and allows many to then buy land, which also sustains the company. And of course that critical mass of 40-50k users logged in at any given time. Again, most users - nay, most regular medium- and long-term users (we can exclude the alts and newbies) are "free" users, which is in itself a misnomer since these users spend a considerable amount in SL too. We're not comparing those who give back to deadbeats; but those who can afford premium (hence the name) and those who nevertheless in many cases still spend a good bit as well as draw more people to the platform simply by being active.
  3. And let people buy them with Lindens if they want to. You should be able to purchase anything from LL in Lindens since all of it can be cashed out (and I'm sure LL won't charge itself the cash out fee, although if they use a third party that might sting them a little).
  4. Yep. More quality free users in SL (because not everyone can do premium) means more total users, which benefits premium users too. It means SL is more viable for creators, club owners, and land sellers. People who haven't tried SL will see it has more than 10 users and give it a try (SL is basically like virtual world social media and social media without a lot of people and interaction is less appealing to prospective new users). The free users outnumber the paid users considerably, I'd imagine. Without the free users, SL would be much less viable or fun for premium users, I truly believe. I know that sounds self-serving but I think it is objectively true.
  5. Maybe a compromise would be to start free users out with 35 groups and then after a year or so as active regular users and who've spent a certain threshold in-world, they get rewarded with additional group space. They are, after all, helping bring money into LL coffers and their regular active use also helps LL stay on the map as a viable virtual world experience. Just one thought. 😃
  6. That touches on another quality of life aspect. Many users of SL re on fixed incomes - retired or disabled. There have been articles in the media about how SL helps those with disabilities not just keep their minds active but truly find meaningful connections and do things in a virtual world their RL bodies can't do anymore where otherwise they would be locked up in their homes. Sort of like that episode of Star Trek where Captain Pike is finally free to live virtually the way he had done before his accident. You can't understate that, I don't think.
  7. Yeah. With SLCS and the airport I manage I'm in 10 groups alone, then the club I own two more, then two more as a Safe Waters Foundation officer, then land groups for rented parcels, my store - anything you're remotely seriously involved in requires multiple groups. For avis that are several years old, those connections can be quite broad. Granted, that's more of a social argument than a commercial one. But again it goes back to not making your users who do spend stuff necessarily unhappy. It's one thing to add features for premium accounts - great. But to strip down basic accounts may at some point start to make them feel kind of demo-ish.
  8. But that's not a bug but a feature. It's normal commerce to incentivize consumers to hang out at your store or join your group with discounts. Plus people see the group's name in profiles and as I often do then check out the group and then the store on MP to see what they have. Much of the time I find new and awesome stores this way. Also, many groups have very active chats - like Teegle, Tonic, and Maitreya. Those groups are always aflutter with activity. And then you have Truth which offers its regular freebie to its group. This is normal, healthy commerce and name-branding.
  9. I think they do care and I think they are basically good people in there. But I do think they are missing the mark. As for premium users, not everyone can be. But they can buy and sell in-world, which directly contributes to LL financially as well as those happy users go and tell others who might join and might be able to be premium users. So you always want to try not to "other" certain groups within the overall userbase.
  10. There are myriad. Not very big but people tend to sort of go there when LL is down. OSGrid and Digiwordlz are probably the two largest, the latter actually having an economy while the former is more for testing. Their server software is free for anyone so you can start your own grid if you're technically inclined. But it is a lot like a small town vs the big city. Many of the things we enjoy in SL aren't a thing over there yet. The sim sizes can be 64 times as large as you find in SL (variable - or "var-" regions).
  11. And I know this is somewhat apples to oranges since OpenSim is to SL what a small town to NYC, but I think it's fair to mention some of its grids offer 100 free groups - and they do this to ENCOURAGE membership and commerce. They do this for a reason - because they don't want to be small anymore. Maybe there is a negative side to that but as a user it makes me want to join more shop groups and shop more.
  12. Exactly. There are so many indirect ways this is harmful to commerce - and not just current commerce but future and potential commerce through new creators. People will still probably join the huge creators' groups but will be discouraged from joining those of smaller creators who have the potential to become huge creators. Discouraging commerce also impacts the quality of life for all residents, premium and otherwise. It puts a bad taste in users' mouths and such things have a cumulative effect over time. Your business is your reputation - and we want LL to do well because when LL does well, we all win.
  13. I don't see them getting there by discouraging commerce.
  14. A great deal of LL's money comes from commerce within SL, which is typically undertaken by users both free and premium. Many opt to buy clothes and other such things rather than rent sims. Before my health issues kicked in, I had a Premium account plus owned a full sim and would spend close to the same amount or more a month on clothes alone. So it's a little more complicated than just "muh land rentals", and I don't think cutting into one revenue stream because another earns as much or slightly better makes any sense at all. Your net profit decreases that way - it doesn't increase.
  15. And yet, they seem to think free users are like deadbeats or something. It's very irksome.
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