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  1. Hi, I'm always looking for people to RP with, feel free to add me
  2. Oh wow, that would be amazing!
  3. I've played The Witcher 3 and ALL the Assassins Creeds... can we be fwends?
  4. I'm always looking for people to chat/hang out with, feel free to add me!
  5. Hi, I'm always up for hanging out so add me if you like
  6. This sounds pretty awesome, and similar to a story I've worked on in the past.. I'd definitely be interested. I'll send you an IM in-world
  7. Personally I think if it comes to sci-fi RP I like the idea of piracy in space. Something along the lines of flying from system to system exploiting money and riches out of the masses with hacking and technology. I think if that was paired up with an authority figure hot on their tails it could make for a good story!
  8. Hi! I've been away from RPing for quite a while but I'd really love to get back into it. Maybe we could share a story sometime? I'll send you an IM in world when I get online
  9. Hi everyone! I've been away from SL for a while and I'm looking to get back into hanging out and meeting new people. I also like to role play and see where different characters take me! If anyone wants to chat send me an IM or a friend request in world P.s. I'm based in the UK, and online most evenings which I guess is about 12ish SL time
  10. I don't really have a fancy-shmancy application or anything but will you be my friend too? *makes big puppy-dog eyes*
  11. What's your take on casual staff? Like someone who's only available maybe 1-3 days a week?
  12. Feel free to IM me in world I'd like to go clubbing! Karfus
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