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  1. @Fionaleindarn seems to only be just for just showing and hiding the object.. i need multiple to react but thanks
  2. would you know how to make the script in general ? ironically i messaged the girl who makes her strip clothing she said she made it herself , im very new to making things in general and i can easily copy and paste a script in a 'new script ' file to make something function
  3. Hello everyone , i'm aware of mesh clothing being stripable by having a script inside of a prim that triggers it to change the state of the mesh to look from normal , pulled , to full on nude. however on marketplace i cant find such script that allows me to fully strip my avatar only from default state to nude , not the 3 clothing states ( Default , Pulled , Lifted) . for Example , https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vanilla-Bae-Lexi-Top-Strip-Me-Collection-Flowers-Group-gift/14583644 THIS IS NON -RLV!
  4. is it POSSIBLE to achieve this in Blender Cycles? or the same texture gloss effect? I really want to improve in my texture bake quality and this is gorgeous. PHOTO CREDIT : Haus of Dolls on Discord . (PUBLIC group)
  5. My PC is in the shop till the 11th and in the meantime i'm trying to play SL.. with Mesh working> . < We have another computer however.. the graphics card is very old .. this is a 2005 pc.. and no viewer would work besides Imprudence. It's a NVIDIA Geforce 6100 running on Windows XP.. suggestions ?
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