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  1. recently purchased Horizons but i cant build anything. need help. thanks.
  2. Hello! I'm currently in a horse rp, and I know you are looking for younger kids, but I think we might be a good match! We are online at the same time and enjoy second life for relaxation as I am also a health care provider in RL. Here is my adoption card if you are interested If not, no worries https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vWTJyC1Thx2BtOLOP5voxQ0yfMm9YSZX97Ri0bbMqu8/edit?usp=sharing
  3. I don't think I can thank you enough, Whirly Fizzle! I hope we can get this fixed for everyone for good.
  4. Help! I'm still having this exact problem but the JIRA for it is closed!?
  5. I currently rp as a feral parrot (I also have an anthro version of myself too). I am new to second life roleplaying but have years of former roleplaying experience. Im still trying to find a feral animal group but cant seem to find one :/ I speak english only. It dosnt matter who you are, whether you be a wolf, a pirate, a horse, or a robot, lets play!
  6. ASK QUESTIONS AND COMMISSION ME HERE [LINK]SEE MY ART HERE [LINK] Three Types $200 LINDEN sketchy with some occasional loose colors [LINK]$1,000 LINDEN actual Line-art with color and some shading no background (ideal for transparent objects or avatar icons) [LINK]$2500 LINDEN dynamic shading with simple background [LINK] why plackonteeth?fast (usually you will have your full color illustration done in 1-2 days of initial payment. professional business and ethics experience (been doing commissions for 2 years straight)communicative and updates you on the progress of your comission Prefer to draw: anthropomorphic characters sci-fi relatedobject headscartoon charactersfemalesmonstersweird stuff like I dont care if your fetish is eating waxed lips, i’ll draw itPrefer not to draw: highly complex mechs (will draw simplistic designed robots and machines)humansanimeNotes: (prices may vary on character(s) and theme) I charge based on complexity. I do not charge extra for flat colorSee Terms of agreement [link]
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