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  1. I have two parcels I'm needing to sell as soon as possible. Nego price. Throw anything at me will be IN WORLD IM ME celesteblu La BluBexington (240,224)1,024La BluKlebb (160,44)2,560
  2. I am needing ten beautiful girls to model at the opening night party and for the store displays. You will be paid per hour per event. Looking for girls who love fashion and really also just want a fashion minded group to belong to. Serious replies only. Please IM me in world.
  3. Hello. I am currently hiring store models and clerks for a boutique called Seis Blu. If you are interested drop me a notecard inworld CelesteBlu. Thankies
  4. Thank you for writing. I would love to have you as a friend I love fashion also and design clothing as well. Come hang out with me at my store sometime. Don't mind the sl haters at least your attempting to live your "second life" : )
  5. hello. I have a few custom tattoos that a guy did for me. His name is Fadda President. He gave me exactly what i wanted was my store name Seis Blu in pretty writing down my spine. Hope this helps. : )
  6. Very interested in seeing what you for the 512m
  7. I am looking for a group of girls to become friends with. I'm into high fashion and clothing design. Sounds mean but not into hanging out with fashion rejects or anyone still wearing the sparkle shoes OMG or ones who can't even put shoes on. Looking for my sl bestie. GAY I know. But craving normal friendships from other woman. Most girls don't speak to you when you say hello or the assume your lesbian and don't respond. I just want a gossip talking, shopping, club hopping friend. Thanks for reading heh. Muah Blu
  8. Hello. I'm Blu. I have been gone from sl for about two years, Much needed vacation. However I'm not seeing many people doing fashion shows or events. I'm looking for a few partners who are interested in possibly opening an modeling agency to have fashion shows and events. I use to blog but this time I want to be more involved inworld. Please IM me inworld or send me a Notecard. I will be organizing a few winter shows and parties. Would love a few like minded people who are into fashion to assist.
  9. I'm a huge fan of dirty princess. But I hate the fact that they only want white models. smh I thought of trying out with a lighter skin but it just seems like I'm not being myself. To bad I would have loved to try.
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