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  1. I know. I really do not post much on this account, but I have been around. I rezzed just after they got rid of last names. I was hoping that if they could see something that is working, is what we want, and is a competitior of sorts, that maybe it would kick them in the butt a bit. lol. I have participated this travesty for a long time as well. I saw some good things come from Ebbe but I wonder if he really knows how bad the Marketplace is. Ruby on Rails was one of those "cool" web trends that came and went. In reality, like any other programming language, it has strengths and weakne
  2. The viewer-managed Marketplace is a good start, but after this rollout is over, you need to take a serious look at the marketplace website itself. Right now, the Kitely Market is leaps and bounds better in speed and interface design than what we have here. Variations: In Kitely, I do not need to list each color of an item individually. It has a variation feature within the listing, so I don't need to make a separate listing for each color of shoe (e.g.) I sell. Related Items: Instead of having to choose related items individually, I can "group" items in the Kitely market and it c
  3. IMO they need to update the Linden Homes themselves. The design looks great, but it really shows the age of the linden home's design.
  4. My very first twitter post was about the forum spam. I am glad it is getting addressed.
  5. Try updating your graphics driver. That's a bug that plagued ATI users about a year ago. SL is worth it. However, because it is a user generated world, it taxes computers a bit. A nice side effect of this is you will learn a lot about your computer in the process. lol.
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