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  1. não consigo entrar en SL, há vários dias.tem como saber se a minha conta está bloqueada? ou será que a minha conexão com a internet está muito ma?l ou é algum problema no meu pc? como saber o que é? obrigado, a todos pela ajuda.
  2. silmarar

    helpe me!please!

    please, helpe me! I`m twenty days without being able, to log into in sl.why? I can not on answer to may question. how to know what is the problem?
  3. silmarar

    please, help me!

    please! helpe me! I need an answer, send to my email, if my account is locked, or not. thank.
  4. Once again, I can not access my acount in sl! Please, how to know if my account has been blocked. And why ? Or my connection internet is very bad. What I did wrong, or am I doing? Please, help me! Thank.
  5. silmarar

    please, help me!

    I can no logt into en sl. what I did wrong, it was done unintentionnaly, please help me, I whant to get in sl, I love being there..., thank.
  6. silmarar

    relief again...

    relief again..., I am unable to log into sl, help me, please, connect me again in secon life, very much like, to br in sl. what I did wrong..., thank!
  7. please, help me, I can not, access my account en sl.do not know If I did something wrong, it was done unintentionally knowing what he was doing, please, unlock my account. thank you.
  8. i can not access my acccount on SL, why? failure in DNS, please help me!
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