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  1. I am all so looking for a person too help setup as well help decorating. Hey all just looking to get my management staff in order . Please let me know if you have experience in management i would love ya to join the team and i forgot i would also need a second owner 5 managers 3 leads If you don't have experience in adult Entertainment please do not apply i would like the best of the best in the business And if your a guy that is looking for a job in the adult Entertainment industry and want to join the best and give you all girls and guys the ticket to su
  2. hiring all positions please get a hold of me thanks frizzyelitelegend
  3. I am in need of photography personal please message me inworld frizzyelitelegend
  4. hello job seeker Do you like adult Entertainment are you a text or voice or cam girl that is looking for a job that you can really do and Injoy look up iCandy&imagic today we are looking for people that have ideas and would want to work for a great owner and a great company we are not only a girls escort club we well have a male side of things too and I must say we well also have a ground club so yes we are looking for hosts and djs as well. The guys part of the strip club/escort lounge well be called imagic aka magic Mike lol. We are looking for management team a
  5. must have exp in adult Entertainment must be able to be on this is a salary spot at iCandy that is the women's side of it all and I magic is the guy side of the club so i am hiring all positions male gm female gm male manager female and so on and message me in world frizzyelitelegend
  6. message me inworld frizzyelitelegend
  7. message me inworld frizzyelitelegend talk more there
  8. message me inworld frizzyelitelegend
  9. please message me in world i am hiring all positions frizzyelitelegend
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