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  1. Thanks optimo for looking in to this and helping out. i am not sure but that screen you show in your post is from maya? cant find it in blender. best i could find was this. as you can see i did change the scale as per your post but that did not fix the problem. do i have to add new keys and if so what should they be?
  2. yes i read that post. this seems to be a different problem. i have other ppl using this same same mesh to make clothes and import it to sl without a problem. though i can look at the collision volume bones if you can tell me where to look at the setting. sorry but i have not messed with them before. if you are talking about restpose scale they are set to 0.608 for z y and z. as per a post at how to fix the bifrost bunny. also gaia clary at machinimatrix the maker of avastar personally looked at this and could not figure out what was wrong. so i have done my research on the problem. though i might be able to find some help here. if you would like to look at the dev kit files there are here bifrost bunny blender files or you can get the devkit that has been fixed at The Mighty Ginkgo youtube work files for bifrost bunny.
  3. hello all. been tearing my hair out on this one. when i upload my mesh the pants seem to shrink down and fit around the skeleton instead of the mesh body. all looks and work fine in blender and it only happens to this one bitfrost bunny mesh body. i am not using avastar to do the export. the guys over at avastar are stumped also. any idea what might be causing this?
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