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  1. one would wonder if they cannot fix the problems with the current platform...how they expect it to run smoothly on the new one? Zel
  2. I have seen numerous threads now relating to Group chat lag, some of which date back to 2011. From what I can see, there is yet to be an improvement in the fuctionality of Group chat. I am part of many groups in second life and repeatedly get greeted with the following message when trying to post in them- "Second Life: The message sent to xxxxx is still being processed. If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server." I am sure I am one of thousands of second life players who is growing tired being unable to use this facility. Can we please have clarification of exactly what is being done to resolve this and when it is going to be resolved? Kind regards Zel
  3. I regularly spring clean my inventory but still manage to accumulate 40622 items! Alot of which is down to the fact I am a builder. I am the worse for keeping too many copies of everything though. Next job for me is to clean out the virtual wardrobe!
  4. I welcome anyone to contact me inworld regarding the Roleplay we are involved with, however... please can you introduce yourself before she shooting questions at me. I am happy to assist and answer all questions you have but it is polite to make an introduction first. Kind regards Zeldonix Resident
  5. When I first joined second life on this avatar, I was fully aware of Bloodlines, one of the largest roleplay games within second life. I had learned good and bad about it but unfortunately...mostly bad. Stories of people being attacked without knowing it because they were new...stories of random bite/attack requests in clubs, stores and other popular hangout areas. Then the stories of those who had been lured into families for one reason and one reason alone...to increase the soul count of the liege and the chain above. Once that was achieved, the person would be dropped like hot coal and left to fend for themselves. These are the bad pictures and stories that are constantly painted of Bloodlines...and everyone who is part of it is tarred with the same brush. When I became the leader of the Alpha Moon pack I knew that I wanted to make a difference, and where better to start than right at home with my own pack. I set about writing my in depth but clear ruling to ensure that there was no doubt about how I wanted my pack to behave and perform. We would not target new avatars, we would not random attack, we would not soul count or strive for stats and status. As my land developed and my pack grew...I wanted more people to see that not all bloodlines are bad. With this in mind...I started working on the idea to open the land to the public...so that everyone can come and see for themselves that they CAN walk among us without constantly being hounded and sent attack requests. I welcome other bloodlines players to visit my land on the understanding they do not use it as their own personal hunting ground, and they do not try to attack anyone whilst on my land. Anyone found to be doing so will be banned with no further warning. If you receive any bloodline's attack requests whilst visiting my land or if anyone attempts to recruit you into their family...you need to let me know straight away as I do not allow that anywhere on my sim. Not many people fully understand Lycan's...but all you need to do is ask. I am happy to run workshops to teach any of you what you wish to know and I am prepared to organize a meet and greet...so you can come and meet myself and the pack and ask any questions that you may have. It is a common misconception that Lycan's are werewolves...when in fact...they are two completely different beings. This is also something that I am more than happy to sit down and explain to you if you wish me to do so. If you would like to be included in any of these workshops... please put your avatar name & Screen name on a notecard...and drop it in the box at the landing point. You will then need to watch out for notices regarding the date, time & Location of the workshops. As a Roleplay sim, roleplay is invited within the rules of the sim and pack. On a day to day basis we RP the lycan lifestyle, all of which is unplanned and spontaneous. I invite anyone to come and visit the sim to see for themselves that we are not all the sim.
  6. I am Lycan however my pack is peaceful and we do not fight Vampires. I do however enjoy RPing the Lycan lifestyle and enjoy enrolling others so that they may enjoy the roleplay with my pack.
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