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  1. Hey Monty , just wanted to let you know , I have Wireshark installed and ready to go. Just let me know what and when to do .
  2. I am willing , but I am not on my laptop atm .
  3. I have cable internet in my house but I travel too so I am on my laptop a lot. I have no problems playing any other games on it. troll
  4. Drake ... Must be nice to be able to flaunt you nice big e-**bleep** data speeds, unfortunally in the real world most people don't get speeds anywhere near that ....... The whole point I am trying to make is ..and I quote " IT ALL WORKED FINE BEFORE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT SUNSHINE " Tyvm and have a nice day sir ...
  5. or this one might be better ? This is without SL running in the background ....... http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2970637285
  6. This is speedtest for ya with SL running in the background ....... http://www.speedtest.net/result/2970528295.png
  7. Ok with that being said , the unsupported comms part. Why does everything appear fine when I use the Lumiya Veiwer app on my phone ? Also when I am tethering with my laptop , I can go into character edit shape and everything appears fine , but as soon as I close appearance edit it goes back to gray. Im not understanding how something goes from working to not working after a update that you guys implemented and you say it is because of unsupported comms. Sorry for the attitude but sheesh come on guys ... I have spent tons of money on my avi and things on my account and would like to be able to
  8. Just a shot in the dark here but , could it have something to do with IPv4 vs IPv6 ? When I tether my phone via usb or mobile wifi hotspot , I can only connect with IPv4. Since the new standard is becoming Ipv6 , could there be some breakdown of communication during the conversion ?
  9. Im having the same troubles. I have T-mobile and am in a 4G area using a Nexus 4 as a mobile hotspot Everything loads in fine , except for avatars skin, clothing and tattoo layers. It is very frustrating. I have never had any issues until SSB.
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