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  1. Hello, i am looking for a male companion, future best friend, and boyfriend/husband. Im a short and curvy black trans girls thats a lover of video games, star wars, zombies and other geeky nerdy thing and would love for someone that shares similar intrests. I enjoy combat sims and just being lazy and relaxing, feel free to shoot me a IM~
  2. Anyone know a good list of sims to explore other then places like fogbound blues where alot of people go to?
  3. Hello there, name's Tyisha(Lynnieloves) and i am here seeking a possible new male friend and maybe more...I am a transsexual (pre-op)woman in SL and transgender in RL; if you are fine with that then we should get along fine ^.^ I enjoy various things in SL from combat meter fighting such as killing zombies, shopping and relaxing at the beach, star wars role play and many other things. Im a bit blunt at times , silly, random, funny, and mildly socially awkward. Outside SL im a pc gamer and play a large varity of games, so if your interested we can play sometimes also. feel free to drop me a IM.
  4. This happened on my sl mobile ap, some man sent me sexual emotive texts which i consider to be rape. how can i report someone if it didnt happened on my normal viewer?
  5. what are some possible good places to meet and hopefully make a new boyfriend at that is interested in tg women?
  6. Ok, im having a problem with music that I have used from youtube to convert the links into mp3 files used for taking requests for djing in second life. I use the dj software called mixxx, when I first got everything the mp3 files were able to be drag and dropped into the decks of my player with no problem, but since I chose to open the mp3 music files with google player/iTunes its stopped letting me drag and drop it, and im not sure how set it back to default so I can use it again. I use the youtube to mp3 convert from flvto; I found that it let me convert the music when I select to add it to my iTunes collection, but after the 1st time it doesn't show up in my player and it causes me to have to close it out and restart it again in order for it to show up, now good for live djing! Please help!
  7. ok so manged to fix that problem, but i have another with my old youtube to mp3 converter not draging and dropping the music into my deck, so i unistaled it. any known way to fix it?
  8. Im using DSL highspeed internet, and i do have skype and some web sites open when i used it, i'll try to close them out. How do i reduce my birate? and do i really have to get another pc to stream on, and where can i get a server?
  9. My account used to be premium, but i decided to abadon my linden home and go back to basic membership, but notice on my account page's land holdings i see that i am charged $5.00USD. why is this?
  10. has anyone ever expericnced this problem? i would play my music on the dj solfware called mixxx and hear it just find, but inworld i have been told that it pauses for a few secs, and then starts back up again. is there a way to fix this?
  11. On my profile page, it is saying the name of someone called jenny.rasa but i still have the name of "lynnieloves" as my account name when i login and such, is this a bug or something...? cause i did not share any info with this person, and they have the same profile picture as me also. how can this be fixed?
  12. The only land i own is my linden home, but i never moved in to it and set it as my home. when i right click the home, there isnt an option to abadon the land. and when i walk out of it, its says protected land. so what should i do?
  13. But I never put anything in the linden home and it wont let me abandon it
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