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  1. That’s what i did too. In another thread a user stated they had many entries all diff names so I’m really not sure. All I know is i thought i followed rules too and entered 3 names only and one submission of the names I really liked. However, did not see it state anywhere where it was only one entry per avatar.
  2. ok it is interesting though one can keep submitting different names vs only 3 as your one and only submission.. I wouldn't because my three names i suggested are ones id really want.
  3. I was under the impression you can submit three names per avatar as your submission? I couldnt find it the rules you cant send more then one.. but doesnt seem right as ones suggestions are one suggestions. Sending them repeatedly is like keep hitting the doorbell or elevator button over and over Im sure they heard you the first time. What your telling us is you can repeatedly submit same names under the same avatar? I think a simple three names per avatar and LL will choose the winner will suffice.. it states the contest ended Jan 6th did they extend it?
  4. I’m very happy its now being charged to post on a calendar on the dashboard the entire grid sees rather then look at the same spammed events over and over to the point my eyes skip it. kudos.. Its educational to read those complaining about it and why, I will leave it at that.
  5. That may be the case but the title of the original thread topic is when did you last see a bellessarian home available. Lets all have fun with it. 😹
  6. i wouldnt be surprised if it has i noticed it gave me that screen way earlier then it should have
  7. As ive said in another thread at this point would be easier just to enable new sign ups to choose a first and last name and people can transfer what they can and dump their resident av creators win in this, since same stuff will have to be rebought - but people will be happy That probably wont happen though, since no revenue in that for LL - unless they create an option during sign up to become preimum and choose your first and last name.
  8. I was thinking if the uuid of the name cannot be replaced making it still one uuid per avi.. maybe would be it possible to just have all "resident" accounts to just resign up and either transfer their inventories to it (transfer or not - if possible)? Then we will have last names and similar sign up dates though but since "resident" accounts started "aging an account" i believe is a thing of the past anyway..
  9. I find this very fascinating. When LL stopped last names and made everyone elses last name resident .. just one key to remember for either i gather. The important thing is for LL to know the relationship of the new name.. so my thought is when the existing scripts ask - it could just be one key still because it will replace the key and notate it somewhere will LL on ones acct not publicly. I dont feel it has to be the worlds business as users would want to change the name for a host of reasons. I’m not opposed to it disclosing, but if this challenging task is whats “holding up the works” possibly my suggestion should be looked into if its feasible. If a user wants to disclose what their old name was, perhaps making a new field for users to manually put it may be easier. I love sl and this new possibility of last names and have been premium since the announcement awaiting this new feature.
  10. I couldnt figure out how to attach photos here so here are some i took of the islands.. https://gyazo.com/06bc3766ebec1f1976a0676b13ff8a59 https://gyazo.com/e1b19f05b700b26e3588c9c82b37b436 https://gyazo.com/5c3e86802996a74d0b753d994209e59e https://gyazo.com/becba742821c38748d295dba7a2d8ee7
  11. its an island on mainland did you see it? maybe i should post pics
  12. I split the parcel and made two islands now
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