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  1. i am expecting exactly what i saw at the reveal.
  2. hahahhahahahahah facepalms oh how true this is though thanks!!!!
  3. Right its only designed for organizations and businesses regular surnames are not allowed per rules. This may confuse alot of people but heres what we are referencing http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Custom_Name_Program This is completely different from the name changes on their way (although makes me wonder if both will continue to co-exist as one is for businesses/organizations and the other which is to come personal surnames)
  4. hahaha made me chuckle. yea i need a last name bad! My submissions were Facinelli, Falco, and Ferranti
  5. Probably not but they are not the target audience for this new *feature* its going to be completely optional.
  6. you may be joking i cant tell but it states must be a business name not personal last name.
  7. My question is how many of the Lindens voted on the names? it seems in the single digits. The fact they got that many submissions means this is a very big deal for alot of Residents. From what names ive read posted here the majority entered are sooo much better/more creative/etc then those that won! My wish is LL would take the suggestions and put them in the drop downs what didnt win because most are great what a great creative community we have! I cant wait for the rollout of this! please dont make us wait till well i dont want to give a date xd
  8. I love these names Doublecross is my fav sounds like a 40s mystery. Great submissions
  9. That’s what i did too. In another thread a user stated they had many entries all diff names so I’m really not sure. All I know is i thought i followed rules too and entered 3 names only and one submission of the names I really liked. However, did not see it state anywhere where it was only one entry per avatar.
  10. ok it is interesting though one can keep submitting different names vs only 3 as your one and only submission.. I wouldn't because my three names i suggested are ones id really want.
  11. I was under the impression you can submit three names per avatar as your submission? I couldnt find it the rules you cant send more then one.. but doesnt seem right as ones suggestions are one suggestions. Sending them repeatedly is like keep hitting the doorbell or elevator button over and over Im sure they heard you the first time. What your telling us is you can repeatedly submit same names under the same avatar? I think a simple three names per avatar and LL will choose the winner will suffice.. it states the contest ended Jan 6th did they extend it?
  12. I’m very happy its now being charged to post on a calendar on the dashboard the entire grid sees rather then look at the same spammed events over and over to the point my eyes skip it. kudos.. Its educational to read those complaining about it and why, I will leave it at that.
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