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  1. Pie Serendipity wrote: Aislin Ceawlin wrote: That's okay. He used a dash where a commma was appropriate, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Pie, baaaaaaaaaaaad! :matte-motes-kiss: It's called style, sweetheart. Something that your own posts demonstrate an overt lack of. You have no valuable style, Pie. The sort of style you are invoking here goes to aesthetics; you are in no way an aesthetic writer. You're just a bad troll. You have bad ideas, bad corrections and your prosaic style is needlessly wordy, often suffering from trying too hard to find error in everything. You relegate your writing to
  2. Pie Serendipity wrote: Rushmanyyz wrote: Pie seems rather socially-retarded - in the technical sense (I submit his posts as evidence). On the contrary! Your observation fall into the same trap as a considerable number of respected but misguided psychologists who apparently fail to understand the difference between an excess of empathic ability and a lack of consequent sympathy. I am extremely socially-advanced, understanding and communing extremely effectively with even the most cognitively-disadvantaged here, as evidence by the willingness of the semi-literate to participate in this
  3. Malanya wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: jwenting wrote: Madeline Blackbart wrote: Yup because discrimination in SL never happens...just ask the furry community. Also little paranoid much? Doubt it's the same person. yes, the furry community discriminates against others, and gets as good as it gets as a result of the frequent griefing of places by furries. Which might not be "real furries" of course, they can easily claim, but people dressed up as furries to make furries look bad, but then again the people discriminating against furries outside the furry community might be furries dr
  4. Pie Serendipity wrote: Obviously it's a journalist. Probably the same one, using an alt, that got chased off last week for trying to generate hate over the ridiculous concept of discrimination in a world where you can pretend to be anything you want. Your irrational (almost psychotic) need to troll everything that comes down the pipe is evident here more than most, Pie. In your deluded world, everything fits a narrow narrative and must always be combated. Have you a positive thought worthy of expressing? You have all the hallmarks of a hack writer who's shtick is just being a very droll
  5. Oh hell no, you are in no way overreacting. I recently made a post on this thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Lifestyles-and-Relationships/Partnership-and-having-Alts/td-p/2180965 It's not entirely on the same topic but I went through a lot of effort to explain how I see SL relationships (from the perspective of someone that is really happy with theirs). You are in a rather dangerous place from where I sit. It's gut wrenching to go through (been there, married a girl I dated for 3 years online. We lasted 5 years through marriage and are still friends but we got divorced). These
  6. Tex Monday wrote: Hermione Lefevre wrote: This is a rude and useless reply I suppose that you mean MY reply is rude and useless....if you meant yours, then ignore what I'm about to say...:matte-motes-sunglasses-3: I did preface my response by saying it would be rude...of course, that's like a child saying "I don't mean to be rude, but you're really fat...." doesn't make it any better, that's for sure. (I know, my kid did the same thing for a while) :matte-motes-sunglasses-3: Here goes: They dated for a few weeks...she jumped into a partnership knowing full well that he has ALTS. A
  7. Studio09 wrote: Thank you for your answer. I realized after I questioned you about your opinions on alts and about not answering the OPs initial question that I did not either. I think it is very rare that two people can have interests that perfectly match so having alts would be useful. Also two people wanting to spend the same amount of time with each other would be rare. All that needs to be talked about or there can be problems. You know... It strikes me as exceptionally rare as well. To my thinking, it's likely akin to winning the lottery. I don't have study data to back any
  8. Studio09 wrote: Rushmanyyz you sound like the perfect partner and you gave some good advice about maintaining an SL relationship but you did not really address the OP's concerns. Do you and/or your partner have alts? Do you both want to spend roughly the same amount of time in SL with each other? Did that need to be negotiated? You know... I was posting all that at work while on break and I really got hastened towards the end of it. I realize that, yes, I never did successfully address the initial question. For that I apologies and next time I might save my diatribe and edit it off
  9. You came looking for advice so I hope you don't mind that I take a moment to sort of talk, more generally, about SL relationships (the way I see them). It's my hope that these thoughts will both help you and also promote a discussion that might help others at the same time. Make no mistake. SL is very real. It is also, not reality. The very things that make SL such an attractive social outlet are the very things that create the problems that SL invites into your life (potentially). People here are free to be who they want to be at all times. In fact the only thing that I think is retained fro
  10. Hey there! Awesome that you are new to Second Life because... well... I am too! Been here just over two weeks and having a blast. I am not going to try and diatribe on in such a way that it seems like I know very much (well... because I don't) but I might have the unique ability to relate to you as a tortured newbie in SL. It took me 5 hours to get the Avi that I currently have (basically). I spent 20 bucks to do so. Not all are willing to do this but the amount that I spend on the general new video game that I play is FAR in excess of this fee and I felt more than justified. Not only that
  11. Relationships of any sort require maturity and experience to navigate successfully. Sadly the only way to gain those things is to have relationships. It's silly advice (from my perspective) to suggest to someone that their chosen style of relationship is good or bad. It is what it is and if they are willing to deal with the consiquences and limitations of that relationship, it is completely normal to want. I'm personally sick of the non-reductive bashing of SL relationships (or any on-line relationship for that matter). It's not for anyone else to decide what our individual needs are or shou
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