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  1. See Resume Below ElisabethReyer Resident CONTACT Instant Message or Note Card: ElisabethReyer Resident Availability: Various evenings throughout the work week OBJECTIVE Ambitious and responsible worker eager to begin a career in Second Life where I can utilize my creative writing skills and artistic talent to help better the company. EXPERIENCE I have worked for many different clubs within Second Life as a Hostess, Dancer, and Escort using both female and male avatars. I enjoy emoting and role play and can write detailed emotes and paragraphs with ease. I began my Second Life adventure nearly four years ago and am very capable of putting together presentable and attractive avatars as well as decorating landscapes, homes, and various builds. I know how to shop in world and on the Second Life Marketplace for items, clothing, costumes, and accessories. I am also a decent builder and know basic script use. SKILLS DiplomacyListeningEnglish Communication (Written and Oral)Emoting/ Para Role PlaySend NoticesAdvanced SL Group UserPost Notices on the SL WebsitePatienceCompassionEmpathyProblem SolvingSalesPrecociousnessMS OfficeSL Viewer 2 and all like viewersSL Viewer 1 and all like viewers Please click for headshot photo. Beth Close Up
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