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  1. Is there a prim limit to the size of ship that can be rezzed here? I dont want to be disrespectful and rez a full sized ship (the one i usually use is i think around 400 prims (may be 800, havent played for so long due to no space sims that ive forgotten), but i have smaller ships if so.
  2. Ive been searching for years as well for a good space sim. There used to be one that was awesome, had a low monthly cost to be able to rez ships (price based on how many prims you wanted to be able to rez) but it closed down and I havent been able to find another like it since. It sucks terribly, because Ive some awesome ships Id love to use but most are too many prims for the average places, and even some sandboxes have asked me to derezz. I have ships that have anywhere from 100-14000 prims.....so Id need a big place.
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