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  1. Can someone tell me how to set a htaccess so only secondlife are allowed to see my site if they on the viewer. I know it can be done but dont know the code .
  2. Thank alot. I will just wait then but im happy only one was only taken down lol.
  3. I just put in a ticket about one of my items disappearing again. They restored it last time but I need it back up. Will they be able to do it by today? Its only one item I need
  4. My item got deleted again lol. They just restored it O_O
  5. I got my items restored but it still say (no version folder). Im trying to figure out how to put something in it because it keep saying 1 error prohibited this product from being saved There were problems with the following fields: There must be a link to inventory Not sure why but its kinda confusing.
  6. I hope they fix it by next week. Wow this is just crazy.
  7. I hope they can set it back to normal. We been waiting a long time for answers. Putting each item up one by one will be too much work.
  8. I wish they would answer both my tickets without closing them. I hope by monday they will tell us whats going on. This really sucks.
  9. I just hope they hurry up because I really dont feel like doing each item 1 by 1 again. I just want a rollback because I know alot of creators probably got over 50+ items and thats alot of work to do if they have to put everything back in.
  10. I hope they can just do a rollback or something. I got items that I put up back in 2013 and I dont remember what I put. It should be a way to rollback the database when it was perfect because I can do that with my website.
  11. Thanks alot for the information. I wonder how long this will take because I seen alot of items removed in the audio and video category. I hope they can retore it back because some of the items I have are old. I dont remember what I put in for them and it will be very hard and I had alot of good reviews on some.
  12. I put in a ticket about this yesterday. Alot of my items are gone too. I seen alot of items gone from audio and video. I Hope they can do a rollback because I had alot of reviews and I had them up for years . I hope they can fix this issue for all of us because I seen alot of people talking about it.
  13. A customer wanted to buy my tv and told me the tv was gone from marketplace. I didnt get a warning or a reason on why it was gone. I was wondering if it was a glitch because my tv been around since 2013. I think it was up today but im not sure what happen. I seen a blank spot when I check but thats it. I still have a few other items up but thats it.
  14. I tested the html5 and wish it could still run flash because alot of websites are still using it (i know html5 is the future but i wish we can switch back and forth to which we like better). Also i wanted to see if the html5 could play some html5 games but it cant (only some). Hopefully it will be stable and what I really wanted was a way to do webcam on a prim but it would ask for permission. Im just happy they working on it and hopefully improve it. Also here is a simple example of a game i wanted to test out but it didnt work http://oldboyfx.com/space_shooter/
  15. Also what makes secondlife customer support on phone a joke is that you cant even discuss the situation when you got hacked and can only talk to them by ticket. Paypal , amazon and alot of other companies would react faster and you could actually talk to a supervisor or talk on the phone about the situation. I been on secondlife since 2007 and all they have to say is (respond to the ticket) and it takes them 20 years to do that. Not to go off subject but when I found out I lost all my stuff in my inventory they didnt have a rollback or a database that stores people inventory just incase someth
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