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  1. No, it doesn't open up enough for that. It just disappears before it ever becomes an actual viewer -- I'm sure there are better words to describe what's happening. I'm running a check disc scan thing, and then I'll see about maybe updating drivers for my graphics card? Or maybe trying to get the computer to go back before this latest update.
  2. Thank you. I'm also having the same trouble with the Second Life viewer -- is this the correct place to ask?
  3. I tried to open firestorm today, and it starts to open, but never completely opens up. I did a clean install - twice. It still didn't work. I downloaded the Second Life viewer - same problem. No errors are given. It doesn't even get that far. "Initializing VFS" is the last thing I see, and then the viewer never opens. I recently had a power outage, could something have been damaged on my computer to prevent it from opening up second life? Also, windows did an automatic update too ... so maybe something was changed in my settings to prevent SL from opening up?
  4. This is what we're using: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FULLSCREEN-Web-TV-Mesh-Internet-for-V-2-Firestorm-Singularity/2623586 We thought it might be a 32 bit or 64 issue, but it appears that I have google chrome 32 bit, and it works fine for me. She has the same, and it doesn't work for her. So, what happens is this: She has a url from photobucket. She copies and pastes it in the url bar. She hits enter. She sees it, but no one else does. She gives me the same link from photobucket, I put it in, and everyone can see it. I do not own the web tv. We discovered that there are two peo
  5. Thank you!! I bet this could be the problem. I will talk to him soon and find out.
  6. I'm trying to assist someone who is new to SL. When he uses voice, it sounds like his voice is morphed - but he says he's checked settings on SL, and on his mic settings on his computer -- voice morphing is not selected. What would cause a problem like this? Any suggestions to fix it?
  7. yeah, the scripter that wrote this one doesn't have any plans on logging in reguarly I think .... but it doesn't actually say that the avatar scored when you score, it just says "Scored!" ... and then 10 points ..... I'll ask around, ty for your help ... and yes, I'd like to eventually learn how to script
  8. I have to ask another question, is there any line I can edit or enter that would tell us which avatar scored?
  9. Thank you for your help! That did the trick. At first it wasn't working ... but I got it. Ty!
  10. I was super excited to be given this script. However, it's not working properly and the creator of the script hasn't been on to answer questions -- not complaining though, he's letting me use this, so yay. The trouble is, it keeps spamming the score. I have no idea how to script. Can someone look at this and tell me why it might be spamming scores by ten once the quaffle is sent through just once? It's supposed to keep track of the score, every time the quaffle is thrown through ... but instead it's just counting up by tens repeatedly. Here's the script: string ringLocation="n" ;
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