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  1. Hey. I'm looking for a roommate to share a house with. I would like us to be friends and hang out sometimes not just two people who shares a house. I have furnitures that we can share if you don't have any. I'm thinking about either getting a land or renting out a house. No gender preference, as long as you can pay your half and we click, everything will be good.
  2. I had the same feeling when I came back on after a couple of years not playing. I started playing in 2009 and it was the best. I had 4 kids, a dog, and I was married twice. Everything was so much better and a lot more fun back then. I had to take off for a couple of years because of RL and when I came back on, I had thought everything would just be the same. But it wasnt...sure I had some friends that were still online but all the hangout spots and really good friends were gone. All my kids had decided to quit SL and now I'm just roaming around lol. And I agree about there ring new people thing. I tried making new friends but the girls are cold and the guys are just looking for some booty lol. I've been playing for a couple of weeks since I've came back and its not getting better lol. Made a friend here and there but it just didn't feel the same as before.

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