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  1. The Blue Lite Lounge is now Hiring DJ's, Host and Dancers We offer a wide variety of chose of shift's Our requirements we only ask you to take at least 2 shifts of your choice, but you must if at all possible keep up with an make those taken. As to someone else might want them. The club is located at there are 2 venues on the Sim. DJ's must have their on stream and be able to talk on the mic, also take at least 2 shifts or more. Host must be able to Post notices to various groups if employed through us I can hook you up with more groups that I have rights to post notices through, keep the local chat moving, no chat is a dead club. Be able to send a tag to the people that ask for one. Dancers must also be able to greet as well as write emotes thanking the patrons for their tips. If you have any question please contact DJ Luvin Overlord or Sergio Overlord we are the owners of the sim and club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pinaki%20Island/196/210/22
  2. You know the things that people come up with. Experience is not really needed. I learned from hands on an no how. You learn from watching people and they way that they do things. I have been working in SL now for over 2 years. I started as a dancer making tips in clubs nitely around 1500 to 2500 nitely, oh boy that was 2 yrs ago. Then in that same club I made my way up to being a host I did that for the better part of 12 months in the same club. Then ins the same club caue they gave me an opening to become a DJ on SL, watching other people come out an have a good time DJ'ing I wanted to do it too. So I commenced to download music after music. I was told by several people you can not have all kinds of things on your music unless you want to be fined or banned from SL they have to be edited. Sometimes my partner downloads an where I DJ 2 or 3 sets straight in a row. I have to edit close to 100 songs and sometimes I set an listen to make sure tthey dont have breaks or something wrong with the songs. If you see me around I have worked in various clubs in SL since I have been there just look up DJ Luvin Overlord. Am not hard to find the only guy with that name I checked it out before I changed it, Just like the name of our new sim an Club, The Blue Lite Lounge, no other in SL. Also, check out Angelus CLub Peeps. And if your new to Second Life and need help hit me up I was once a noob to and I really like helping new people and also try to help them when I can.
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