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  1. Blue Tiger Resort is looking for people willing to help a club grow and love doing what they do! All keep 100% Tips! WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR ~DJ'S - Genre -DJ's Country, Classic Rock, EDM, Oldies, Top 40's (Titles must be showing) ~ Host/Hostesses (Offers Training) ~ Looking for some Management We take pride in our club to make it the best we can be ! ~ Shops for rent! DIRT CHEAP ~ Cheap ad boards DIRT CHEAP ~ One of kind Adult Dance Club ~ Private rooms for (FREE) for your naughty needs ~ fun and friendly work environment ~ January 1s
  2. You know the things that people come up with. Experience is not really needed. I learned from hands on an no how. You learn from watching people and they way that they do things. I have been working in SL now for over 2 years. I started as a dancer making tips in clubs nitely around 1500 to 2500 nitely, oh boy that was 2 yrs ago. Then in that same club I made my way up to being a host I did that for the better part of 12 months in the same club. Then ins the same club caue they gave me an opening to become a DJ on SL, watching other people come out an have a good time DJ'ing I wanted to
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