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  1. Everything works beautifully except for forced sit. Forced sit refuses to work whatsoever.
  2. Well we've been playing in the bondage gear at Yggdrasil Castle. I'm an incredible noob at Second Life so I'm not sure if that gear would be considered "MegaPrim or not" That said, she can sit, I just can't force it. I don't get an error message. It posts a message at the bottom of the screen along the lines of "StrictlyKind forces whisper to sit on..." That said I can't make her sit on a a regular bench or chair either.
  3. My wife and I have been messing about in SL and experimenting with some RLV stuff and iControl. We had to buy a new iControl and get a new remote, and most of the features are working. However, I am unable to "force sit" which means it's very difficult to put her in certain devices without her cooperation (which sort of lessens the impact). I can Animate her, dress and undress her, bind her, I just can't force interactions in the world. Perchance might any one have some idea what we are doing wrong?
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