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  1. Tried a rezzer, feeling thick here...lol, checked temp box, followed instructions etc, gave up rezzed another copy of object, edited into place, when i click off editing my object wobbles and moves out of place like its deformed or sumthing, hunted around knowledge base cant get right answer. the object is a statue!
  2. I get a message popping up all the time when i link to or got page when trying to access my linden home house panel, the message says " whoops there was an error in prossessing your selection or the house is not responding, pleas click again on the house control panel in world or try again later. i have retried and waited and retried, can anybody help with this please, i would love to get on my way with enjoying my new membership, but so far has been painful. :)
  3. I have seen these pendants in the past, and even found a place to buy, when i tried to purchase i think it was either a dead link or a scam, can anybody suggest anything?
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