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  1. I think you try to approach it from the wrong direction. Find the places you like, you enjoy being in. As you said you enjoy dancing, good music and art! Maybe find some club you like or an art gallery you will enjoy. And there reach to the people that are already there. It will work much better than trying to get friends on the forums Cheers, and good luck in your endeavours!
  2. Yeah, it would help if you told us how are you trying to buy them. I know paypal can be buggy at times, but the way TinLiz pointed out ususally works just fine.
  3. Croch is my special spot? My mother told me the same. Anyhow, thank you for the guide. Really helpful
  4. No, GIMP canno't compete with photoshop fully. It's alright, free things for casual users that want to do basic stuff. Ergo, for OP's needs it will be sufficient.
  5. Thank you. I will make sure to check both of them.
  6. It looks like R.icielli's work to me.
  7. So you're afraid of LL's renegades but trust mindlessly in TOR. You're very selectively paranoid.
  8. Greetings there, residents. For some time I've been looking for a decently looking, female, TALL shape/skin combo. When I say tall I mean about a shape that is 1.90m-2m tall. I sadly couldn't find anything satisfying on my own. So here is my questions folks - do you know of any fancy, decent tall shape? It can be in combo package with anything, or it might be shape/skin itself. Would love to see your insight on the matter guys. Thanks in advance.
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