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  1. DragonFan Flagon wrote: i do not recommend going to this RP it's crap and very boring and no one wants to RP in a sanctuary full of bad players I can't say I am interested in their sim, I solely do supernatural/modern and medieval/fantasy. So I am not defending their sim since I haven't tried it out. However. Since wherever you go (I've seen you while on my alts as you tried sims I was in) you consistently just bring drama, OOCly attack people, and cause strife to whoever you meet or in whatever sim you try out...then complain (usually with lots of insults and sometimes swear words) about all the sims sucking after you cause so many problems for them and their players...your words really can't be trusted when you review a sim. Especially since you seem to go out of your way to ruin it for everyone else anyway. So, other readers...any sim this guy criticizes (which he of course is free to do; freedom of speech and opinion after all)...try it out yourself first to determine whether you like it or not, and don't just go by his words. Edited to correct a sentence.
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