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  1. was 6000 now asking 3000 would like a quick sale land is just that the mainland you get it and all the rights none of the stuff you see comes with it Secret Place for sale Chima (208,72) Moderate 1536m land is set for sale just visit location click the land about land and buy to buy it if you dont have the linden and want to use paypal and pay cash the price will be a lil diffrent but we can set that up as well if you have any questions contact foolish buccaneer ingame or email me sailavienadeau@gmail.com or saila_nadeau@yahoo.com  perfect lil spot for a store club or a cool castle or well whatever you want really... just visit the land and click to buy it is set for sale so buy it and its yours... if you have any questions please feel free to contact foolish buccaneer ingame or sailavienadeau@gmail.com in email  
  2. i am a very highly detail oriented autistic i start off with saying autism so you might understand why i am a little bit diffrent/strange at times i am very good with computers and design i am sure i could be of some great benifit to some project i am looking for any good paying sl job atm i have a unique way of looking at things and am great at building/making my own worlds what i want to see is compatablity between search engines the internet the web i want to help create something more something exiting a new way to expeareance the internet and not just the internet but a new way to expeareance the internet , meaning video formats digital photography virtual study
  3. i have allot of skills i know allot about the internal combustion engine i went to school for motorcycle repair i fished that school i also went to kennesaw state university for a year and compleated a course in website design i have been studying and practicing various design mediums for years making and working with and in virtual worlds i hope the next second life is a major upgrade my hope for the future is eventually it wont be a game it will be a operating system it wont be turn on the computer then login second-life threw windows but more like turn on the computer and bypass windows ive wanted dreamed about and studied virtual reality digital design and more for years ever since the movie johnny mnemonic and lawnmower man i am autistic a high functioning autistic but not great at functioning in the world out in the world my high iq and lack of emotion comes off as creepy or antisocial so yeah i am on disability and being on ssi sucks because i only make 720 a month but also get some money for food so lets say i make 920 a month its not nearly enough to live on and raise a lil girl , luckily i have family helping me right now but eventually will need more and i need dental and medical for my lil girl so yeah i am trapped if i work and loose disability my kid looses dental and medical so i cant risk that i need to find a job that has good dental and medical or pays/has such an awesome high salarie that i can just buy my own dental and medical coverage i am not sure exactly what the new second life will be like but i would like to be a part of it and think i could help with design and customer support , hype publicity and so much more if there is anyway you would consider hiring a disabled eccentric for any position or creating a position designed for me i got plenty of time to work and help people offer customer support etc and when i am inspired i can design/create crazy incredible things , one of the problems is i cant always afford to go somewhere and do something that inspires me or keeps me inspired but a really good salarie would fix that then i could afford to travel with my little girl and while traveling i could work on the computer/laptop and also help advertise and spread the word about second-life, i am also a photographer/artist well anyway i know there are some game company's who only hire autistic/geniuses ppl who think different and don't fit in the world but fit in perfect in the digital world or excel at it so i hope your company can find room for me if your not the right person to be asking could you please pass this up to the boss owner or person in charge i bet they would be interested in seeing what i have to offer and am sure they will want to offer me a job/salarie or grant to fund my art life family etc you can email me at saila.nadeau@yahoo.com
  4. i need someone who can make a few custom inworld items i can sell need a teddybear and a few other plush/dolls with custom texture's my inworld name is foolish buccaneer or saila nadeau , send me a sample bear and ill let you know details etc on what i need made if i like your work will tell you what i need and get a quote then we can go from there
  5. how do i get to claim my free land where can i see whats popular and where its located etc how do i claim my free mainland land or should i just cancel my premium membership i only bought it so i could have a cool spot on the mainland
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