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  1. Not sure we are reducing the stray population here. So far we are guessing what happened. Ann is in the Zooby group now. They are not helping much either - someone just blamed it on sim lag. Time to IM Patch about his laggy LH sims (sic)> Does Bellisseria have a dog catcher? Maybe he's at the pound.
  2. Unless she is a fastidious Deleter to keep her inventory tidy. My partner has a Zooby tiger - I wonder if the actual manual has more information? Usually these non copy breeder tools use a private web database. I assume she has registered Sam with the Zooby database: Immediately after rezzing, text appears that says, "Please wait while I register myself..." "Name me! Click me and type my name in chat."You should type a new dog name in chat. If you miss this info then click your dog and try again. Once you type your dogs name in chat, a menu appears asking you to identify your dogs gender. Select Male or Female. Your dog is registered to our database and you are officially the owner. *IMPORTANT* DO NOT PASS YOUR DOG TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU REZ AND REGISTER IT! If you pass your dog to someone before rezzing and naming it, we cannot track your dog because our database will not identify you as an owner. If you lose your dog please go to Zooby's in the Curious Canine aisle to receive a free Curious Canine Retrieval Box. That's all I know from the Info cards.
  3. It also looks like the Retrieval Box did work, except for not finding this object, which is in the retrieval box. I wonder if your dog was the right update? Clearly a Zooby group question though.
  4. what was the inventory name for the dog? you searched in All Items and All Types, and found nothing?
  5. only in FIrestorm, not the SL viewer - World/Area search enter the dogs name or whatever it was called in inventory or enter your name as owner, and search the entire list of objects rezzed on your parcel
  6. Even more stupid since AFK mode is easily turned off in your viewer. What if a copybotter is dancing? Banned for loitering - sounds like a city I know.
  7. First of all you only hear/trigger your nearby Media when you get close enough to it. The land where you first hear the movie has ban lines up, ugly yellow ban lines right next to your club. That is your friends parcel, but not the club land. I could not start any of the Nearby Media if I stayed within your actual club parcel. Since I have tried three times now, with both the SL viewer and Firestorm, and with two alts - I don't believe your club members are starting the Media. You and your friend are the ones close enough to trigger the Shared Media. The default range for hearing Media source is 40m and 80m. I think you are within 80 meters of the shared media objects. I found all the objects you showed in your movie a couple days ago. I could only start them by camming to them. If I remained close enough to them with the cam, the sound continued. I watched the entire yupyup movie last night, with my cam near the movie screen. Good movie btw. But if I hit escape and returned the camera to my avatar at the edge of your club next to the ugly yellow ban lines, the movie sound would would stop after about one minute. (I do not know why this sound stops, since I set the rolloff distance to 500m in the SL viewer with Debug settings.) I don't see why it would then also stop if you and your friend remained in your club, which is far enough away to not trigger the Media. Shared Media is legal and part of the SL technology. You can petition LL to remove Shared Media and Media on a Prim technology from SL, or request they restrict Shared Media to a parcel. If that was easy to do, they would have already done it. Shared Media means just that, sharing media with other parcels and avatars. OR, you can just ask your patrons that hear the Media sounds, which I think you are triggering by your proximity, to simply TURN OFF THEIR MEDIA. That is one click on the Media Volume control menu in any viewer. That is what every other club that is near Shared Media will ask their patrons to do, if the patrons complain they are hearing two streams. There is simple NO WAY you can stop your neighbors from enjoying their parcel. You have another option - Move to your own private sim, and disable Media for the region. Turning auto-play OFF does not seem to stop Shared Media, btw. That setting is for Parcel Media. I tried auto play on and off, and it made no difference. I still could not trigger Nearby Media with my avatar from within your club parcel boundaries - the same as everyone else here has reported. There is no disagreement among the posters here.
  8. not exactly responding to the above, just needed to reply on what I found. When I visited Atomic's club, there was no active media anywhere nearby that produced sound. Probably was the wrong time of the day. But I could turn on neighbors shared media, mainly the TV screens, by looking at the nearby inactive media and zooming my camera to it. Then I would activate their YouTube and put on some noisy video, like an air hammer school, or giant truck race. Once activated with my cam (my avatar was always in the club) the neighboring YouTube sound would blast in the club. That is nothing strange, I just turned on the neighbors noise makers remotely. I also had all the Media options unchecked, not allowing any Media. These options seem to only affect in parcel Media, and not off parcel shared Media. In all cases there was no url listed in my Media box - this was not local Media I was hearing. If I TPed out of the club region and returned, all was silent again. It seems really unlikely a club goer would go to that much trouble to turn on nearby Media to compete with the music stream. What I didn't do was use another alt in the club to see if they could also hear me turn on nearby media sources. I also tried the same thing at my Linden Home, which is surrounded by neighbors with shared media devices and media players. With auto play media turned OFF, I had no problem finding media playing, but only if I cammed to the media first. I found country music playing from a CD player in someone's boat, looping the same songs in an adjacent region, about 300 meters away. I got tired of the looping so I changed to the next tracks. When I checked later, his boat was gone. lol In any case, the solution to hearing an unwanted Media sound is to turn it off in your Viewer. Works every time:
  9. The entire purpose of the Welcome Island is to use the guidebook to learn a few SL basics. Why would someone want to dismiss the guidebook first thing? There is nothing else to do on the island. So now we have newbies dismissing the guidebook floater, and then saying Help I Am Lost - why am I here? This is so boring - all there is to do in SL is sitting on a bench? And ooh look! A sign right in the middle of the courtyard telling you to click the Destination Guide icon, in nine languages even! I feel sorry for all the LL staff trying to improve the new user experience, and getting nothing but criticism in this forum.
  10. Not my experience. Every time I enter the Welcome Back Island, the Guidebook pops up on your screen. You don't get a popup with Firestorm, since it''s not in their viewer.
  11. Same here. Atomic Shrinks club is totally quiet, if you turn off the streaming music. The wave Sounds, and they are sounds not media, on the adjacent parcel do not carry over the parcel boundary. Noisyiest thing I heard was the Jacuzzi at the club, and you would need to be in it to hear any water sounds. Nothing from Media anywhere. Must be temporary media on a prim, that a neighbor has shut down.
  12. All Zooby Canines can be Attached to your avatar, which allows you to take your dog anywhere. You have to attach him at your home or a rezz zone first. They are like most breedables and pets - attach and wander all over the grid. "Attach - Allows you to hold a small dog in your arm or walk a large or small dog next to you on the ground. This is a useful feature to take your dog all over SL on land that does not allow you to rez objects." You have a Dog Menu. Attach is one of the many buttons. "Leash - Allows you to walk your dog on a leash and take it all over SL. You must use a leash for this feature to work" You should also have all the Notecards that explain in detail all about your dog, from Zooby. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zoobyland/80/176/21 That will take you to right in front of your Zooby German Sheperd, where you can click in INFO to get all the notecards. Once you buy the dog, which you already have, you can also read the manual.
  13. No one has mentioned that you can download the last 3 months of transactions with Premium. One of the reasons I have it, since my businesses have hundreds of transactions/month, and I am always forgetting to archive them in one month. This had to be the most cost free Premium perk ever, since LL keeps your transactions forever. I had Premium before they added the 1024 mainland option. Kept the 512 sqm Linden Home as a place to dress and hide my alts - they needed a secret Home. But I never used the actual LH home. Just put up a skybox the size of the parcel at 3900 meters in the sky. This only violated two of the old LH Covenants - largest prim can be 10m, and no skyboxes allowed. One rule was obsoleted in 2011, and the other was arbitrary, and fixed in Bellisseria LH's. I could build a skybox using 2 LI after they allowed 64 meter prims. I think the actual annual cost is about $36.60, not $25, if you go for the $99 annual fee, after the 300L/week stipend. $3 USD/mo is pretty cheap. Why do some Premium members think they are so elite, when they pay $3/month to LL? Premium membership provides the following benefits: Your own private Linden Home Linden dollar rewards Exclusive virtual goods Premium-only sandboxes Live chat support The right to own mainland parcels in popular areas Immediate access to adult-only areas Maximum number of group memberships increased from 42 to 70 Preferred access to highly populated regions, utilizing increased region capacity Access to premium-only events and experiences Voice morphing Cap on missed instant messages increased from 15 to 80 L$ transaction history increased from 32 days to 90 days Reduced fees for posting in SL Events Pinching Patch's tail
  14. A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor's office and said that her body hurt wherever she touched it. "Impossible!" says the doctor. "Show me." The redhead took her finger, pushed on her left breast and screamed, then she pushed her elbow and screamed in even more. She pushed her knee and screamed; likewise she pushed her ankle and screamed. Everywhere she touched made her scream. The doctor said, "You're not really a redhead, are you? "Well, no" she said, "I'm actually a blonde." "I thought so," the doctor said. "Your finger is broken."
  15. I prefer the Tail view, especially when using the Moles as protection from the rock monsters: OOPS,
  16. My Chrome icon bookmark is still the old green one, but the MP page is the new blue icon: One thing at a time
  17. They really cut you down - your settings are lower than Low now. That could be too much. You will miss everything new in SL since about 2005 with all Shaders off. I would try the Mid setting again, but set Draw distance to 76 and Max Particle count to 1024. Leave the rest of the sliders as set by Mid. I don't think your packet loss is excessive and your ping time is normal for anyone not near the AWS site in Oregon. You are not playing a high speed game where ping times might matter. You should also try other regions, including open water, to see what your FPS will max out at in less loaded regions. Your relog and router restart probably changed your internet routing path too, so that could be most of it today.
  18. That just means your cache was already filled with the textures around you. There's a bug where you can wait for ever for textures to rezz, or not - depending on what the servers feel like sending you. I have that on a overloaded breedable market region. First time I TP in, I can wait 20 minutes for the textures to rezz. Next time they show instantly. Then my cache rolls them off when I wander around and when I get back to my shop, where all the textures were rezzed, they are grey again. You might be seeing what is "normal" SL behaviour these days. (:
  19. So now it becomes more complicated. We don't yet know your system specs, or your graphics settings or draw distance. If your FPS remains low (<10 fps), you could fly to other regions around you with your draw distance at 96, and see how your FPS changes. But you have to wait for all the textures to rezz in and cache in each region. If one region is bad, others will not always be. In the houseboat region, I could get FPS from 40 to 5 by walking to a different region. It all depends on what the other residents have rezzed and running.
  20. Thanks, You don't have any script lag at all, 100% Scripts run, but you are still loading Textures I see from your first snapshot. Try to cut your Draw distance down, to reduce the number of textures you have to cache. You FPS is really bad as you know. Once all the textures are loaded, it should go back up. You only have 1 agent and 2 child agents, so its not avatar lag either. You also have no Physics Time lag, 0.16 ms is almost zero. So textures I would say. Not knowing about your graphics card etc.
  21. OK, but collapse the Advanced branch now, and Expand the Simulator and Time branches. So it looks like mine. If it is too many scripts, you want to see what the Simulator for your region is doing, and how the Simulator is using it's Time frame cycle.
  22. That is the keyboard shortcut, from my post. It is also in Advanced/Performance Tools/Statistics Bar. Also from clicking the Traffic Bar in upper right corner of FS, if you have that showing. I also added more text just now after the pic.
  23. Can you show us your Statistics panel, like mine below? Any scripts on your region will contribute to script lag if there are too many running. Stats window is Ctrll+Shift+1 Also where is your draw distance? Mine was set at 138 m for the stats below, and FPS was 16. If I set my dd to 76 m, my FPS increases to 41 FPS. (I have my FPS capped at 40 FPS in Preferences.) You are not alone if there are other homes and landscaping on your region. Note there are 4574 Active Scripts on my Linden Home region (stilt water). My home is unfurnished with 2 chairs, 2 small boats, and some birds. I count about 200 scripts for my parcel. The rest are coming from everything else on the region, of which I have no control.
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