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  1. How would they implement Sex Life without sex? Remove Adult regions, and only allow Moderate rated rules? I could live with that. Escorts would just go underground. They can't remove lower bodies - what would the women do without new shoes?
  2. Sid will write your resume for you, and be brutally honest... Guaranteed to keep you unemployed forever. Andrew has a wide range of gaming and management experience. I expect as Engineering VP he will concentrate on improving some performance issues in SL. But I doubt he is going to worry about keeping SL software compatible with 10 year old laptops on dial up lines. He said he started at LL on August 1st, and he is now listed in the LL About web page along with his background. If he is new to SL, he's still probably struggling to figure out the SL Viewer, and where all the shortcut keys are.
  3. Nearly 30 years in game and 3D related fields and companies, starting with Microsoft working on Direct X in 1993. Maybe he can finally figure out if SL is a game or a social experience? His Linked in resume for LL: "Innovating on the original meta-verse"
  4. I was thinking Grinchas... After Dr. Seuss. Gacha and Gacha's are now forbidden words in SL. Grinch - a person or thing that spoils or dampens the pleasure of others.
  5. Raffle boards at Breedable auctions are extremely common. There are about 30 Kittycat auctions/week, and they all have a raffle board. The prize is a well bred sometimes rare kitty box, or live cat. It the cat is worth 2000 $L, the raffle ticket would be around 100 $L, and the prize owner hopes there are 20 entries. Multiple tickets can be purchased, if you want to increase your odds of winning. In this case you know the prize exactly, but there is only one winner randomly chosen by the board, and no consolation prize for the rest. You get a chance of winning a 2000$L transferable cat for 100$L, or whatever amount you add to the raffle board. They usually only run for a few hours before the auction, and end after the auction is over. If SL really wants to disrupt and anger another group of residents, they could question raffle boards based on a "changing regulatory climate". It would make zero sense, except to the guy here that wants all Breedables banned.
  6. They just removed my post about some joker on MP was selling a 27 lb gold bar (1 prim) for $250,000 L It was relevant because folks were complaining about the high prices some were charging on MP for rare Gacha items. Just a bit of humor (which I noted in the edit box). But humor is not allowed in this forum, which is too bad since reading the same arguments 1000X over is a waste of pixels and time. I have nothing to add even though this policy will affect both of my businesses in different ways. Both will result in less income. And NO, I don't sell anything on the MP or have ever used a Gacha. I work about 40 hrs/week inworld, breeding and selling my originally bred unique cats in my inworld shops, and in club entertainment, for tips. I know many of my clients are not rich in RL, nor high end graphics designers. They depend on the "lower skills" as Prok put it, to scrape enough Lindens together to pay tier, buy inexpensive items, and have fun at clubs. Prok is right about this affecting the general economy, although not a one of you will admit it.
  7. Never Mind What was in this $10K fatpack was revealed when I was typing.
  8. I posted the same video on Page 78 of this thread on Aug. 4. They used 35 empty plates, which of course they had to buy, for seven attempts at winning the Gacha prize, and never won a thing. A family restaurant (meaning kids w/ parents) and a gambling scheme aimed at your stomach. Two kids and their father ate 35 plates of sushi in one setting? I know sushi is not that filling, but it goes down easier with a good Japanese beer. This is entirely legal in Japan, as is all Gacha except the Complete Gacha games. This scheme to get you to Buy, Buy, Buy! as the title says, could be called Gacha with tokens and there is no guarantee you will ever win a prize.
  9. https://www.lindenlab.com/about Without Ebb, it looks like Patch would report to Brad Oberwager, the Executive Chairman. That's one people. Who's involved in the Gacha decision? LL isn't saying but you can guess from their management chart at their "about" web page list. Since they are asking for outside legal advice, their General Counsel is a good guess for one. Plus the hundreds of "legal experts" here in this thread. Oh wait, just joking. Did this policy decision make it to the Board of Directors? Seems it would be a one minute agenda item during a board meeting.
  10. Isn't that a meaningless rule? HOW do you deposit US$ directly into your Tilia account? You can Buy Lindens with your USD . Tilia is not a checking account. You can not deposit USD into the Tilia Stored Value Balance. You must Sell Lindens thru Lindex to convert to the Tilia USD balance. It has always been this way afaik.
  11. Yaaay! I am finally caught up (well was) in this thread. Still waiting to see how KittyCats adapts to the new rulings, re the selling of Special Collections. I think the owner will take good revenue hit. And those of us that breed for new traits will also have to spend more, or reduce our activity buying cat food. The days of Rares and Ultra Rares selling for 10X to 20X what you paid are over. And I really hate the side panel on this forum. Especially the animated GIF's. I would like to throw a water balloon full of D**** at that redhead. re:
  12. WE WILL NEVER DIE ! These Collection cats were released on October 9, 2012, and were not available for purchase after October 31, 2012. This is not an advertisement!
  13. Only "Complete Gacha", where you would win a special prize for completing the entire Gacha set was banned in 2012 in Japan. All other forms of Gacha in Japan are legal today. "Today, gacha are barely subject to any kind of controversy in Japan," Toto says. "Loot boxes are widely accepted by users, developers and the public alike. As long as excesses like kompu gacha continue to be shunned, the mechanic's future should be safe." https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-05-16-who-is-responsible-for-loot-boxes
  14. I get it, a conveyor belt system - even has a Gacha Gacha (slot machine) you can lose repeatedly at, explained starting at 2:30 : 35 Plates and 7 tries later they still didn't get the prize. Just another idea for Patch's team... The world is not only Belgium and the Netherlands...
  15. Still only made it to Page 23 now - so many opinions. No reason to comment until I get to the END. Except to tweek Prok. As a Kittycat breeder, this new policy might affect my business model. Still waiting for Callie's take on it, especially for the Special Edition vendor sales at her main shop. I have bought from a Gacha twice in SL. Both were at a Linden Home celebration where they made an exception for Gachas for a weekend. I got one normal item for $100, which was about what it was worth. The second Gacha I paid $150, and it never delivered any item. The owner also vanished from SL. I'd rather just pay what an item is worth, and forget the gambling. Just remembered I did buy a music box gatcha from Contraption for only $75L A common blue one that fits perfectly in the library of my castle. Such detail and textures for a modest price. Not sure why they can't be sold individually though - I would have paid more for one of his Rares.
  16. I will be glowing in golden warmth for at least a week Prok. You are too funny
  17. I expect this was already corrected, but I am only on page 22 of this thread. ca.gov is the California state government website, Governor Brown was the governor in 2010, and the article mentions California repeatedly. This advisory has nothing to do with Canada. Next?
  18. That's not what the new regulations say at all. You can run a f***ng 50 Killowatt rig in your home when actually using it. But you need an efficient power supply when it is sleeping/idle. You can't play a game when you are AFK and sleeping, unless your game is automated robots war, in which case, why even buy a monitor? Idle Mode - Not Play mode. And these evergy saving regulations apply to hundreds of appliances, not just computer power supplies. If regulating your power use when sleeping is so important, just disconnect your home from the power grid and generate your own electrical power. Solar panels, windmills, geothermal (assuming you live on a volcano), your own nuclear reactor. All possibilities so you can remain independent of those evil government regulations. You might run into a few obstacles with your own nuclear power plant in your back yard though.
  19. So perhaps my seeing no difference between pre-cloud and post-cloud SL performance is because I am still using FS which is the last Windlight non-EEP viewer. I am surrounded by Linden water on my LH all water stilt home, and see no lag there. Slow loading textures sometimes, of course, but that's because my VRAM drops textures when I go to other more loaded and texture intensive regions, as it should. But that's a CDN issue, nothing to do with the AWS cloud. Since Firestorm 6.3.9 is being blocked on August 18, I am upgrading to the latest on Monday, EEP and all. Reports are that has better performance than the older 6.4.xx versions, so I am hopeful. I have plenty of hard data from my present FS to compare with the latest upgrade. Since my 10 year old system has been ridiculed for still having a power switch on its 3 year old GOLD SLI power supply, it will be a good test of how a mid-level computer performs. I always run on Ultra btw, but turn down particles to 1024 and Advanced Lighting Model off in busy regions. My mid range "obsolete" system handles everything fine now even with those settings. My DD usually is at 128, moving up or down depending on the region loading or activity. When flying/boating I use 256, in Linden Realms 144, and for busy clubs, 64. I wonder how many of those FS help group peeps are really complaining about their early EEP versions? We all know it's not the Cloud.
  20. Oh how did I miss this slugfest? On purpose actually, since the moderators are likely to ban the peeps that are trying to help the OP, as happened recently in a technical discussion when the OP starting calling everyone names for not agreeing with her, and then filed complaints against those that she claimed were not "helping" her. But for the record, I have seen ABSOLUTELY NO DEGRADATION OF PERFORMANCE IN WORLD FOR SECOND LIFE SINCE THE CLOUD MIGRATION. And my alts are in world 24/7 visiting some of the most overloaded regions around. They remain either the same as pre-cloud, or are improved!
  21. Dell is based in Texas? Not surprised they see no reason to be compliant with the West Coast energy conservation rules Texas has lax pollution laws anyway - They have natural gas and gulf coast oil to burn. California was the first to require low smog emission autos. It helped clean up the LA air. It really is just the West Coast being ahead of the rest of country. It's always been that way. Now the leader in power outages and forest fires too.
  22. I was talking about hard drives, not fans. I don't idle my systems because they are in use 24/7. Only my three 24" monitors sleep when I am afk.
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