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  1. Well Helicopters are used for sightseeing - every city has pilots and businesses that will fly you over new housing developments, or movie star homes, for a price. And I am sure they hover when they see something interesting. The don't hover at 10 m in your back yard though, if that's what you mean by annoying. If you do see a black helicopter with lights hovering over your house, flush the drugs down the toilet quickly, it's a raid ! I took a short tour of the continent in my helio (a tiny open frame design) and stayed at 105 meters elevation so I could still see the new areas, and avoid the ban lines. I probably annoyed someone for 30 secs, but that's the life of pilots. You can't fly anywhere on this densely built continent without passing over someone's land. And to make it clear, people flying, running and walking outside are ok, but attached to a vehicle are not?
  2. Flying objects have one thing in common - most have to land, on land. If someone happens to have a helicopter pad on his/her land, and it is close to your land, you are going to ban them for trying to go home, which requires descending to their landing spot, on THEIR land? What if I am allergic to those flowers in your garden and they are pollinating? I stick you on my ban list? What about those noisy polluting tour buses driving on a public road near your house? Do you ban all the tourists, or just the driver?
  3. Thank You for banning ban lines! My neighbor lady got her houseboat right after I did last night, and the first thing she did was to put up ban lines. (Her houseboat and harbor are still empty of course.) Her ban lines are 2 meters from my stairs and 3 meters from my parcel line - so very visible and UGLY, unless I turn them off. Visitors don't always have ban lines invisible, so just not having them is more civil. I can't wait for her's to go away tonight. She probably has an orb now with zero second warning that will overlap my parcel
  4. Changing DNS servers has made no difference over time. Still getting disconnects on TPing, quite randomly. One thing I have noticed, when I try to TP and it fails and I am logged off, then I go back to the same sim (Home for example) and try again, it fails again, and again. Only if I TP to somewhere else but the sim it failed, and then try, does it work. After that it works with all sims again, until if fails. Rinse and repeat. Sim itself makes no difference - TP's have failed from empty sims, and overloaded sims, mainland or private islands, etc. Then it works for the next 2, 10, 20, x(fill in random number under 50) TP's before I get another failed TP. No pattern at all - but it is not getting better! And given this has been going on for 2 weeks, I don't think LL still has a clue how to fix it.
  5. Replace "account" with avatar and this makes sense.
  6. MS Defender antivirus in WIn10 is blocking the installation of the new Singularity builds, with it's usual popup. I can't turn it off, since it restarts when it detects a threat. I asked in the Singularity help group, and they suggested I reformat my hard drive and install WIn 7 Not that helpful -
  7. Danraka, I had my router set for Google DNS's and and was disconnecting every other TP last night. It comes and goes here, so hard to pin down. And like many on the US West Coast, I have fiber FIOS right to my local router, and a very solid broadband connection with Frontier. Anyway, I changed to OPENDNS LLC servers, since they were the fastest of Steve Gibson's benchmark. Will see if it makes a difference over next few days. So far no failures, which means nothing yet as I get the disconnects usually more often later in the evening, or early morning here. I did notice one of the Google DNS IPs had an error listed during the benchmark test, and I was getting connect failures to the secondlife.com site earlier today - when on Google DNS.
  8. LL started my private region Main Channel parcel on Wednesday AM, and Mainland Main Channel on Tuesday morning, I think they forgot about my private region, which they have always restarted around 5am SLT Tuesday. FWIW, since I must be bored Last Seen Sim Start Duration Date & Time Date & Time Min/Max Mainland Region: 2019-02-19 10:15:02 2019-02-19 10:20:54 0 / 5 2019-02-05 05:31:41 2019-02-05 05:57:24 15 / 25 Private Island Region: 2019-02-20 01:19:23 2019-02-20 01:12:42 0 / 0 2019-02-05 04:57:58 2019-02-05 05:31:05 23 / 33
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