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  1. On an annual basis, which is what LL will report to the IRS in the US, that is nothing. Nobody said over $100,000 - although many successful businesses in SL make over that. Sex industry can be profitable - no advanced degrees required, not much risk.
  2. Well that's the problem all along, and is why there are 200 pages of arguments. If LL would actually provide some specific detail about this changing regulatory climate, all the speculation should end. Quoting the laws from a couple countries in Europe is silly. The sun rises in the morning, as a reason would be about as useful. Everyone thinks they know the reason, based on what? LL has no problem with gambling on their gaming regions, and calling it skilled play is just a smoke screen.
  3. I was in Belli the first day it opened, with a houseboat near the open sea lanes. I went to the early events, and still do when the time slot is convenient for me. But it is mostly Europeans throwing the parties, so for someone living in the SL time zone, it is really dead there socially. At least I work during US prime times in SL as an entertainer, but not in Belli anymore. Everyone is sleeping in Belli at 10 pm SLT.
  4. Yes, I enjoy the solitude of Bellisseria also, with two homes there. I navigated 55 regions on a long trip from the north to the south Belli last week by boat, and never saw another boat or person. But that was the whole complaint from the OP of this thread, nobody's here, we are too big.
  5. So how is the aging SL population and their Conservatism related to SL being too big and nothing to do? Since I am sure the moderator is looking for a reason to hide my posts. It's a bit confusing, since Bellisseria, the latest and greatest from SL, is attracting the "elder generation". They like watching the sunset from their rocking chairs on their safely walled off deck. Here I thought SL was trying to cater to the Z-generation, and the younger (ahem) Millenniums. That is where the money is. Are their any Lindens over 60? Why did they think the Bellisseria retirement continent would be a success? I have no answers, only questions.
  6. That article gave reasons why older people change, but avoided the terms conservative, and the reasons why some old people become more conservative. Survey a retirement community in Florida, and find out how many consider themselves progressive or liberal. There are many other studies that both confirm and explain why one generally gets more conservative (and resistant to change) as they age. Conservatism means resistance to change, the terms are interchangeable. There are two Americas, and age is the divider People become more conservative by about 45 years old Why Are Older People More Conservative? Decoding the politics of aging. I don't think there is anything new in those articles. But let the attacks on Psychology Today magazine begin... First article - Chicago Booth Review publishes research-driven insights on business, policy, and markets. We are a publication of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  7. I am back. I don't live on the forums here. I work on Friday, until late, then, at my age I go to bed. And I am an Alt, because I am not crazy enough to post in this toxic forum with my SL public name. I also deal with people of all ages in RL and in SL. I can generalize if I want to, based on many years of dealing with people over 70 years old, before and after I hit that young age. I am pleased you are not a Trump supporter - we at least agree on one thing. I was born in 1940 btw.
  8. So, that article agrees that personalities change as you get older, and generally become more resistant to change. Thanks for confirming that. I know many more older folks than you do, and I watch them change. At some point they become almost intolerable with their views (Trump is God). You do realize I have a few years on you, about 20 years actually.
  9. Struggling for points? I think the definition is clear. So let's substitute the definition of the adjective conservative in their example sentence: Older people tend to be more against change and a little suspicious of anything new. You can do better than that .
  10. I was also answering this question from Prok - which you failed to provide as context: Those peeps are probably older and conservatives. I didn't say all conservatives and elders were like the classic definition - there are always some outliers. If you love change and the latest music, and can't wait to get the latest Ipod, and dye your hair 15 colors with 7 nose rings, and claim to be a conservative, you might be an outlier.
  11. So you are attacking me for stating an accepted definition of a conservative? From the Cambridge Dictionary: conservative US /kənˈsɝː.və.t̬ɪv/ UK /kənˈsɜː.və.tɪv/ conservative adjective (AGAINST CHANGE) not usually liking or trusting change, especially sudden change: a conservative society/outlook Older people tend to be more conservative and a little suspicious of anything new. Compare liberal adjective (SOCIETY) If you are conservative in your appearance, you usually do not like fashionable or modern clothes or hairstyles: He's a very conservative dresser - he always looks like he's wearing his father's clothes! More examples He has a very conservative approach to management
  12. But we will obviously need a follow up thread after Sept 1st, since many questions were never answered or resolved in the original thread, by LL or the businesses affected. The silence is deafening. I guess we will know how it works out when it happens.
  13. There are some subscribers that allow the owner to add names at will without your permission. I've had to block the owner of such a subscriber, who was usually an Alt and not reachable to take me off his/her list. AR's don't work if the owner is using a bot or alt. SL doesn't have that kind of time to investigate 1000's of violations. The owner ran a chain of franchise clothing shops btw - a tough nut to get rid of. There is at least one good subscriber company that performers often use. Unlike stores, performers can't afford to piss off their fans. This is one of the good ones: Can I manually add members to my group? Modified on: Wed, 2 Apr, 2014 at 8:53 AM Nobody likes spam, and we are strongly against it - that's why Subscribe-O-Matic (as the name implies) is a strictly opt-in service. The only way users can become members of your Subscribe-O-Matic group is to subscribe by touching one of your kiosks in-world. We don't currently support any way of manualy adding members since that can easily lead to unsolicited messaging and spamming which by the way is also forbidden by Second Life Terms of Service. To unsubscribe, you can IM the owner, OR left click on the sign and get this menu:
  14. Halloween in SL starts on September 1st. Only one week to go. Any Halloween designer/vendor that is not selling their Halloween items in a week has missed the pumpkin. From Bellisseria Linden Homes 2 Convenant: *Decorations should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing. Any Halloween decorations in Belli before October 1st can be ARed. Good luck with that in the Fantasy and Forest regions
  15. Yes, or adjusted to just show a name, for instance. Pets can have hovertext too. A real breedable operation should be in the sky, out of sight. Not a single reason why you need that in residential or land level. I have about 1000 boxes on my breeding platform, and pretty disorganized atm too. But then, nobody can see them - it's a business not a zoo.
  16. I'd rather not go swimming in that lake. What's that floating on the water?
  17. Most pets and "farm animals" cause more lag than a properly configured breedable. Yet pets, including animesh animals are allowed in Belli. Every time there is lag on my private region, it is from someone with a few chickens, dogs, or tiger PETS (Z***y etc) running around colliding with everything. They all have multiple scripts as well. Pets should be restricted more than breedables, based on the facts, or science as it's sometimes called. Here is what my Covenant from ZoHa Islands reads. It has worked for them for the last 12 years: 8. Breeding animals are allowed if movements and sounds are turned off and lag stays under control. 9. Pets (NON - Breeding ) are allowed if they don't collide with objects and movement is turned off when no one is in the parcel. Keeping breeders on high sky platforms is also recommended, to reduce initial texture loading from ground visitors. Here's an example of a T***** Pet Horse, simply standing in a stable: [Script info: 'Mane': [19/22] running scripts, 1408 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.217510 ms of CPU time consumed.] The T***** horse also uses 36 prims. I keep mine in inventory except when I ride it; don't need the extra lag. And here is my breedable again: [Script info: 'KittyCats - 9T-f Tang2 BluB: [4/8] running scripts, 512 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.007371 ms of CPU time consumed.] 4 running scripts for stationary non physical breedable and 0.0074 ms and 19 running scripts and 0.2175 ms for the Pet (NON breedable). numbers, such pesky things... PS - That ZoHa TOS is for a Residential private region - no clubs or large businesses allowed. A small shop in the sky is allowed if traffic is low. I get about 10 shoppers/week, so I qualify. But then they usually buy my Kittycats boxes, because I can advertise to a very specific crowd.
  18. Sure it does - Shift-Copy and I can have 1000 sex beds on my region in 5 mins...
  19. I wish the canal/river system in Fantasseria had little road signs. Or at least a dead-end sign for canals that have no exit. I tried to navigate from the northern entry at Glimmer Bay to my home in the southern end (Angelwing) with my small boat. I have yet to make it to the nearest river down there. It's a maze that's going to take me months to remember. Actually I would be better off just playing GOH to get a more northern region. A map of the water channels would be nice too. Trying to navigate with the Big Map is not easy - too many landscaping things covering the water with poor contrast between the dark water and dark objects. You can derezz all the objects except water by using ctrl-alt-shift-9. But then there's nothing to see inworld, and you still keep hitting dead end ponds.
  20. By comparision - My Fantasy Home in Belli with 3 avatars, 3 land bound homes still not occupied, and no breedables: Wonder how much of that script time is from landscaping scripts?
  21. Because all breedables are not the same. You don't claim all humans on earth are exactly the same, and they are all like Trump and Bezos, I hope. Patch's two breedables rule for Belli is based on the worst possible case, and even then it's overkill by a factor of 2X for the worst possibly designed breedable. Of course if one Belli region has 16 parcels and they ALL have 2 breedables, then 32 poorly designed breedables could cause lag. Not that likely everyone on a Belli region would have breedables though. Here is the script and object info for one of my breedables: [Script info: 'KittyCats - 9T-f Tang2 BluB: [4/8] running scripts, 512 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.007371 ms of CPU time consumed.] The cat communicates with outside servers once every 10 minutes - a one line text info line. Object Data: Region Data (Linden Homes Stilt on Water region, 2 avatars in region, all homes occupied) : I could easily have 50 breedables and increase total script time by only 0.4 ms, out of 22 ms CPU cycle time available. My rule of thumb is 50 breedables the way I breed them, are about the same as one normally dressed avatar on a region!
  22. I have never seen an SL region go from offline to on in an instant. More like 20 seconds for a rich region to settle down after a restart. Breedables need always on also, as do other processes that might be running that require real-time communications. What happens when you TP into a sleeping region? You get a message, "yawn, you woke me up, please wait until I get my coffee before landing?" Empty regions still cost something in AWS. I don't think anyone has detailed the actual pricing scheme per region for AWS SL regions. But it appears to be more than with their old Phoenix servers, which as Oz said, only needed a small crew to maintain. They could also use their oldest slowest servers for light regions such as open water and scenery in Linden owned land. I doubt AWS has a collection of 10 year old servers they can use for light loads. And how would region crossings work for fliers and boaters if the region was offline that you were entering at 50m/sec? Would give new meaning to border crossing lag.
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