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  1. Right. I was also replying to Prok, saving time by using only one reply. It's also a method to avoid a word war with her, since maybe she won't notice.
  2. That was a freeze frame during a quick zoom. Everything was in focus, but with some haze effect added - the entire video seems to be deliberately fuzzy, to indicate the SL thinking patterns. The start of the video is also cut off on subsequent views for no apparent reason. The actual video, which you can stop like any Youtube video, is here: https://storage.googleapis.com/sl_mktg/hero-video.mp4 It is an ad, just one that takes over your full screen, loops, and you cannot stop unless you click a link. An ad by a website owner promoting themselves is still an ad. Prok, as u
  3. You were watching the Onion network, started at my Alma Mater. You guys are so gullible. The Onion is an American satirical digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes articles on international, national, and local news. The company is based in Chicago but originated as a weekly print publication on August 29, 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin.[1] The Onion began publishing online in early 1996. In 2007, they began publishing satirical news audio and video online as the Onion News Network. In 2013, The Onion ceased publishing its print edition and launched Onion Labs, an adv
  4. I am sure LL marketing and the money they paid for that "splash screen video" will be glad to know it was not an ad. What exactly WAS it's purpose, if not to advertise SL to prospective customers? You might like to check the definition of the word ad in any basic marketing textbook. You and Sid should consider marriage. You both enjoy web ads so much. If you insist on being force fed 100's of ads on web pages, you can still have that with Ad Block Plus. It is easy to disable for any page or domain, so you see all the ads except on your black list page. You can rather simply have
  5. I already told you to just install the free AdBlock Plus, https://adblockplus.org which stops the video from loading. You ignored me then, so it's your problem, and easily fixed. I cannot understand why anyone wants to see 100 ads on every web page. Have you not already decided on the best brand for hemorrhoids?
  6. SL DJ's are not all broadcasters. Every DJ needs a service to stream, most use ShoutCast or Icecast, which you rent from the hundreds of in-world SL vendors. A few clubs want you to use the club stream, in which case the stream belongs to the club owner. Anyone can set up their own Shoutcast server for free, no license required, if you have the upstream bandwidth. This is not broadcast radio, TV, cable, or satellite, which do require a license from the government (FCC in the USA). Those commercial broadcasters are Irrelevant to a DJ in SL. Most DJ's use a private unpublished rented s
  7. Here I am flying over the Belli Stilts at 75 meters - I have no region crossing lag even at 20 m/s. Hoverboards run on fairy dust as we all know, and Bellisseria has an ample supply. I also explore all the continents this way - my board is part of my avatar so no problem landing in no rezz regions. Only zero second orbs and ban lines can bring me down. Meow
  8. Sorry, I don't qualify for your survey, as I am a Pre-Boomer. Boomers though, as an observer with 3 years added perspective, saw the best and worst of times. And no one can agree which were the best and worst either. You young whippersnappers, get off my newly laid sod! (I am a little offended though, that the OP implies there is no one over 75 yrs old in SL - why don't we count?)
  9. ok, so men play with dolls too. I always bought my free fishing pole at the water hole in-world. Can you fish on MP too?
  10. I would have suggested she find the in-world store and buy it there. Unless the in world store closed down 10 years ago, in which case she would have to trace the creator of the item down, only to find his last login to SL was in 2013. Sorry I missed the chance to help the OP.
  11. Independent DJ's I would guess zero. I know of none that pay any royalties just for their DJ sets. If the DJ also runs a 24/7 music streaming website with a web page and ask for donations, then they might - their donations could cover the $500/yr fee. But from the few I know, none have enough listeners to afford the royalty, and can afford the upfront fee.
  12. I did not mean the Maitreya Lara skin was free - She spent around $15000 L on her first Maitreya body and HUDS, Bento heads (she has 4 brand name heads), hairs, Maitreya clothes and shoes. It is about 4 years old now Lara V4.1, so I will see if updates have changed the details. There are no BOM skins for older mesh bodies of course, just skin Appliers and attachments.
  13. The new 5 year rates for non-commercial non-interactive webstreaming should be released on June 14, 2021 by the CRB. Sound Exchange, the royalty collector for 32 Million sound recordings, has proposed a $1000/yr Minimum fee for webcasters, up from the prior $500/yr. Other companies will follow if the CRB approves this. https://www.broadcastlawblog.com/2021/05/articles/copyright-royalty-board-decision-on-webcasting-royalties-expected-by-june-14-what-will-the-streaming-rates-for-2021-2025-be/#more-7717
  14. Extra skins sure, but you need to buy them. Mine were freebies and look fine on BOM mesh bodies. My partner has the Lara skin on the Maitreya Mesh Body, the default, and it's not exactly erotic. I need to get her to upgrade to BOM someday.
  15. Not sure what that body is, but BOM is useful. However most Slink clothing sizes are attachments for Mesh bodies, and on a BOM body they may need an alpha layer to prevent skin popping through, depending on the body shape. There are two Slink body shapes for females, and are quite different below the neck. (that was a joke but true) So you need to see which Slink size they fit (Hourglass or Classic Body). Classic Body is more like the default SL system shape, while Hourglass has more curves. With a BOM mesh body, you still need the alpha cuts, or the alpha layer objects for most c
  16. Here is typical Non commercial webcaster Royalty fee: A. Noncommercial Webcasters (CRB). The Noncommercial Webcaster rates and terms are set forth in 37 CFR Part 380. a. Minimum Fee Payment and Statement of Account: Services that operate as Noncommercial Webcasters must pay a $500 USD recoupable, non-refundable minimum fee per station or channel by February 1, 2021 (accompanied by a signed and completed Statement of Account form, either mailed/emailed or calculated and certified online using SoundExchange Licensee Direct). This annual fee covers the first 159,140 aggregate tuning hours (“
  17. DJ's don't get paid in SL. Some did during the early heydays of music clubs, if they brought in enough paying customers that tipped the venue. Live performers, eg karaoke singers that sing copyrighted songs do get paid. They usually do no prep work for repeating their songs, but Live singers, who ask $4000L /hr for their show plus tips, maybe should pay royalties on the popular songs they sing.
  18. There is no way. The music publisher lawyers would laugh if you asked them. But if they want me to pay Billionaire Sir Mick Jagger 1 penny per year for playing Let It Bleed once a year at my set, I will send him a copper plated zinc penny, if he pays the postage.
  19. Guilty as charged I have been in the other seemingly annual dicussions where some law-abiding citizen (potential DJ) has brought this subject up. But I get way too mad at the armchair lawyers who quote laws that have nothing to do with Second Life. And, many live in countries where the most common sound from their citizens is Baaaa.
  20. I have a private, not listed Shoutcast stream for my home parcel use. The only listener is my partner, and since she is seldom on, my private stream runs for maybe 2 hours/week. It was the cheapest stream I could find, with 10 listeners max at 128 kbps. My stream provider provides me with daily and weekly statistics for listeners. It varies from 1 (me) to 2 listeners, and for most days it is zero, since the stream is turned off. The only way to find my stream would be to use an IP snooper with mp3 to wave digital signature software and to randomly search IP#'s and port #'s. I don'
  21. Oh there are free system Female Genitalia that do the job on old system bodies. They are so old they spit dust, but they are free. The most common are called Pu**y - Regular Pu*es, and Realistic Pu**y (add like panties), for system bodies only. The censors here assume we can't call a cat a pu**y, cause we are all 5 yrs old, or something. They will probably censor this too, so I'll replace Pub es with Pu*es. ..
  22. I have a few Alts that still use the Body & Soul system avatars. Most come with at least one outfit and a couple skins. With a system body you can wear mesh clothing, but you usually use the sizes that do not have the designer's name such as Maitreya or Belleza etc, but the sizes that just say L, M S, XS, XXS, XL, XXL or some equivalent. When you wear mesh clothing or attached clothing on a system body, you will need the correct alpha layer for that clothing part. Unfortunately when Mesh took off, the designers often left out system sizes, and even worse their alpha layers. But now mo
  23. So just install AdBlock Plus for your browser. It stops it cold as I mentioned before. And it's free. https://adblockplus.org/
  24. Try flying nude in a hot air balloon, alone of course. No Huds or attachments or hair either.
  25. In Chrome with AdBlock Plus, checking the filter "Block additional tracking" in ABP blocks the video. Unchecking it allows the video to run with ABP still on, although that sort of defeats the purpose of AdBlock, since most websites track you, including secondlife.com it seems. I have secondlife.com whitelisted btw - that makes no difference. I expect many will never see the video if they have an AdBlock like plugin running. Something LL might like to fix.
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