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  1. Intermittent connections are just hard to catch. You would need to monitor continuously from your computer's IP to the end point IP. If you have poor connections in the long path from you to the end point, those problems are normally fixed by the backbone server companies - they would not continue for months. Ping Plotter can monitor your connection, but I think AWS limits your time to ping them, then it fails. Everytime I disconnect and reconnect I connect to a different AWS IP # at us2 west, and the ping then works for awhile, and then stops. If your wireless is failing, you would see a problem before the first hop to your closest net server. Not sure how to diagnose that, but their might be tools to actually check your wireless. Normally it is just a small dropout and missed packets, which you can only see with your packet loss stats as they build up. Going to full wired connections is easier. There are raw stream data monitors you can use. They will cause blindness if you search through them for too long. Intercepting the raw stream to/from your network is what hackers can do, well used to do, if they could tap into your phone line. Not so easy any more. I suppose you could be having your wireless signal hacked by a neighbor. If you still have problems connecting with wireless turned off, then its outside your computer. Sometimes it can be a very local connection, like a rusty or damaged connection near you. Always a problem if your broadband wires are exposed on poles. If you are using an AT&T service provider, just blame them. They seem to have the most problems keeping a solid broadband stream, especially in older areas of the US midwest.
  2. This is the service you want to watch: (none of the other amazon services apply to SL or you - they are services for other countries and regions.) All SL accounts connect to that service In north central Oregon. I have 50/50 up/down speed, and I connect to them as shown. You can download tcpview from Microsoft: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/tcpview Install, and look for the Remote Address Firestorm is connected to. It looks like this resolved to a name. The IP# will of course be different. You can ping the aws server if you like, although aws keeps changing the IP # so you won't learn much. If you have an intermitent connection you will never see it. That is almost always a local problem on your end.
  3. Well I was young and stupid back then. I also had only tried it with the SL viewer. I'll keep my agreement reaction for you and raise you a confused.
  4. The thread IS about newcomers giving up, because they can't figure out how to close a non-window. It is their first experience in SL and they say well f***k this and find another online game. The OP was not whining, but trying to help a newbie. If you had actually read this entire thread you would know that, and you would know some were concerned that confusing a brand new resident their first hour in SL is not the best plan for keeping them. As usual you come here for a cheap and unwarranted shot...
  5. Others, like anyone who makes Alts are not new people, and still make new accounts. Since most of us use Firestorm, we would have no way of figuring out how to get rid of that damn Guidebook. Not everyone searches this forum or lives here, or reads the latest updates for the SL viewer, etc. When I first posted in this thread 2 months ago, I was making a new alt and decided to see what the new user experience was, so I logged in with their latest SL viewer. I ended up in Welcome Island, and getting rid of that Guidebook was my first priority. It took me 15 mins to figure out there was a new toolbar button called Guidebook, and pressing it toggled the guidebook window off. At least a newbie could do it with enough reading and poking, assuming the newbie was old, a GUI programmer, patient as a priest, and had a strong bladder. Noobs are sometimes actually young and inpatient, something SL doesn't understand. But when I switched to Firestorm, before I got out of the Welcome Island the guidebook was gone - not yet added to FS. So I forgot about it Yesterday I accidently hit a landmark I had made for Welcome Back Island, and besides being blinded by the overbright landscape, saw that Guidebook again. I remembered from what I posted here 2 months ago that you had to scroll thru all the guide sections to get to the end, or click on the 3-line control icon to get the Menu. On the botton of the menu it says Click the Guidebook button on the bottom toolbar. But their is no Guidebook button on the bottom toolbar in FS. It is not a default button. I remembered something about clicking on help, the ? or F1 key. "?" brings up a menu on loading drivers for Windows from Firestorm Help. F1 key opens up the Chrome Browser Help page. Can't close the Guidebook using F1 key, and Guidebook button is missing in Firestorm toolbar. Of course having used Firestorm for the last 10 years, I checked the Toolbar Buttons window and dragged the NEW Guidebook button to the lower toolbar, and finally closed the damn guidebook popup. Somehow I don't think a new user, and most oldtime users would remember all this - since the Guidebook is only a few months old. Just giving a real example to add to what BuddyDClown posted earlier for old Firestorm users. If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone! SL assumes everyone uses their viewer. Then they wonder about attrition. PS, The F1 keyboard key does kill the box if you first highlight it with your mouse and then press F1. Of course, that was so obvious, how could I be so dense. Did I mention there is no mention of the F1 key in their guidebook menu.
  6. They would fit right into the Second Life music scene. I was looking for the neck seams - guess they have better avatar technology than SL.
  7. In that case you will have to wait for the new revisions to the TOS, which are not finished yet. Business gets conducted without formal rules all the time. Contact a Linden with your proposal. That is how the conveyor system got approved, before any TOS legalese written by the lawyers.
  8. But if the Gacha is for a woman and is a dress, that is two. Color not important. Woman + Dress = 2. Anyway a clever pass for Kittycats. There is no way to tell the gender of a kittycat - you have to rely on what it claims on it's packing box.
  9. I don't want to start another topic - but Kittycats, a breedable, just announced how they are exempt from the Gacha ban: As long as you know two features for what you are buying, it passes as a known item you are buying. Here is their example: LL clarified when they state ‘root level’ this means user must know minimum of 2 characteristics they are getting With purchase.Examples:– it’s boy cat. (Boy + cat=2)– cat with genesis ears and apple eyes. (Ears + eye color + cat =3)– a cat with a curious tail and natural shade. (Tail + shade + cat =3) So if a Gacha was selling silver statues, and it is a statue (1) and silver (2), that would pass, as a known item. The actual shape, design, size, or other features would not be important. Of course this breedable rule is only for breedables. A boy cat is enough, other features, such as fur, color, size, costume etc, are not needed to pass. This is the cat as purchased, and has nothing to do with the hidden traits or kittens, which are already exempt because you are not buying those directly.
  10. In this land group, which you are not the owner, Is Return objects set to group and Return non-group objects also checked for you? It is under Parcel Content in Members & Roles in Group Profile. If you have Object Entry not checked for Everyone, it should also return in the time you have set for auto-return. Infringement where the root prim is not on your land might need the region owner's assistance.
  11. It probably could be worded better. It should say if you receive a chance-based (random) item when you buy it, that is not allowed. Your interpretation is wrong. The TOS is not updated - it's only Sept 1st. I think their attorneys are still figuring out how to handle special/limited edition breedables.
  12. My last Gacha, mainly to support Amanda, who sells all her non gacha items at very reasonable prices. $50/pull btw on her only and last Gacha. I didn't want the Rares, but got a nice selection of the Commons for my Furnishings folder. The Drinks Cabinet is in my Fantasy Home. I added the Budgie cage w/ sounds for 5 $L. ============================================================================================ =============================================================================================
  13. So how does a HUD attachment that increases the speed of an avatar work? You can send a different walk or run speed to the server for an avatar?
  14. Still logged in and hiding. Seems a few services in this region are not working either. But the birds are still chirping... Three left here in a 12 region estate now. Eeerie - should be about 50 here this time of day.
  15. Well it's a Linden owned region not open to the public directly, and right now it's nearly empty. Agent Limit set to 44, so I'm not telling where it is.
  16. I've been logged in since [2021/08/30 06:01:44], about 30 hours. No problems I also know where to hide during the Tuesday morning restarts.
  17. As the moderator suggested, above is the original poster and the subject of this forum. Basically, Gachas and Gacha people all BAD and sell to children. Sellers all criminals. Casinos attract children (huh?). No drifting from this subject now, behave and defend the OP please!! Mona Lisa discussions not allowed, unless part of the Gachas are evil topic of this thread. sc off
  18. I was assured I have the original Mona Lisa on display in my castle. I will throw in the raven as a bonus if someone has the 500,000,000 $L to buy it.
  19. But everyone knows it is a copy. There is only one original. Owning a fake copy means nothing. I can pick up a copy of the Mona Lisa for 50 cents at the goodwill store. The original is priceless, but would sell for 500 million or more if ever put up for sale. The assumption in the NFT market of "originals" is they will appreciate in price, so you are buying an investment. Nobody hangs your NFT copy or the original on their wall. You can't, it's a digital object. It's a response to the nearly valueless currency being printed. What is a $100 bill going to be worth in 50 years? I'll stick to gold and Cobalt if I want to own a physical asset.
  20. And this was added later: A: We are sorry that we are not able to further extend the policy deadline. However, we have been able to extend the enforcement of the policy change an additional 30 days. To be clear, starting on September 1 we expect gacha as a sales mechanism to cease. However we will start with warnings, and any enforcement of the policy as it would be applied on an account will not begin until after September 30.
  21. Sorry I don't have any angry eyes photo. You are trying to make some real drama out of something I said that was simply true. "LL feels they have no obligation to inform their residents of the actual reasons behind their decisions." That means exactly what it says. Their TOS says basically they can do whatever they want, for any reason or for NO reason. Hence they have NO obligation to tell us anything more. I would like it to be otherwise, as would others here. Why you want to make this personal I have no idea. Have a Nice Day
  22. The fallacy is thinking that your output WILL change LL's mind. That is not what I am saying. I have zero sticks in the Gacha game. Never sold them, bought two items, commons I was thrilled to get at a discount price, in the last 10 years. LL feels they have no obligation to inform their residents of the actual reasons behind their decisions. I could care less if Gachas are gone. But what was the actual mover that caused LL to change their mind after 10 years of supporting Gachas? What prospective law were they looking at? Bills and proposals are public information. Why is the public information that led to this decision a secret? I think the word is transparency.
  23. 200 pages of arguments suggests there is something to argue about. Next LL sweeping rule change: All male avatars, including RL people claiming a male gender, are banned from SL effective October 1, 2021. No specific reasons given. LL owns SL, their rules. What's to argue about?
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