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  1. We have a name for you, but I won't post it here. One of my DJ friends spends 2 hrs for every 1 hr of his set, so a 2 hr set means 6 hrs of his life for his set which you, in your opinion only, thinks is not worthy of an event listing. Most of the comments here that think an event is ONLY what they think are events, are anti-club, and likely pretty anti social. That's your right, but don't try to tell the people that enjoy others company and chat and dancing together what is and is not an event to them! As far as SL Events, never use the SL Web page events listing - it is badly designed and not set up for ease of use. Firestorm Search (using the built in search) is a simple and compact design. Use the filters to find what you want. For instance, I am looking for a Blues club to go to tonight for a few hours. Enter Blues, Uncheck A, and use Nightlife. This is the result - So tell me, where is the spam? Also you might want to tell the club owners and managers in the listed clubs here your opinion of their events. I am sure they will appreciate your input
  2. If I want to find an entertainment event, I first UNCHECK ADULT, then search Nightlife/Entertainment. If I want to find Live musicians only, not DJ's, I first UNCHECK ADULT, and then search Live Music. I do not see this spam problem if I UNCHECK ADULT, and search a specific category. Do you get my drift here? If LL wants to get rid of the spam, either remove the Adult Category, or charge $1000/listing for Adult listings. And if they all move to Moderate, remove their accounts. Actually anyone can avoid most spam by searching with the right filters. All this extra charge for G and M rated events will do is reduce the number of legitimate G and M rated events.
  3. Obviously HJ means High Jack, as was just done to this thread.
  4. It's 15 seconds minimum in Belli. Hot air balloons can take longer to drift over a 32x32 m parcel. I wish the minimum time was 30 secs.
  5. They should have offered "doublewide" trailer homes on 1024 sqm. Then they could live like so many poor people already do in the USA. Campers, ie. take your home comforts to the state park for a week to "rough it", are fun for a week. Permanent home, not that attractive. Maybe they will offer 512 sqm igloos for the wintertime, and let you own 2 tiny homes with your 1024 tier.
  6. Does this mean DJ's can no longer say "Thanks for the Linden Love"?
  7. Don't give some people ideas. I had that happen to the 1/4 sim next to me on a private island - except they started the stacked box homes at 100 meters, ruining any sky view for my sunset. They never rented out a single box though, and left after a month. And I moved after the first week. I do plan on putting a loft skybox above my houseboat, and renting it to my alt for $1L/week. I suppose that violates the no commercial activity covenant, even if my alt's home is 3500 meters up.
  8. The Lindens (Moles) build and own the buildings below 2000 meters in Bellisseria. If they want to build a 2000 meter high skyscraper then that's part of the city. Above that height, private skyboxes are allowed and owned by residents. I can't see how you can have an LH neighborhood in the same space where anyone can rezz a skybox. So yes, I think LH neighborhoods stop at 2000 meters. And of course they do have a 15 meter height limitation for residents adding structures on their parcel. ( *Privacy walls or fences should match the theme and extend no more than 4m above ground level. All other structures should not extend higher than 15m above ground level or sea level, whichever is higher.)
  9. I which case Patches argument for no commercial activity around homes does not really apply, since there is no neighborhood 3900 meters in the sky. Above 2000 meters, basically anything goes, except don't ever set an item for sale inside your skybox invisible building. Patch needs a better reason for no commercialization inside invisible low traffic skyboxes.
  10. The covenant only says " *Activities and items that could be construed as commercial and for profit by Linden Lab are not permitted in the residential homes and houseboats in Bellisseria." A skybox at 3900 meters above ground is not a residential home or houseboat. Patch's argument for no commercial activity in and around homes is to maintain the residential character of the neighborhood, below 2000 meters. There are not LH homes or neighborhoods above 2000 meters. So no, the Covenant does not answer my question at all.
  11. Muddy waters continuing, if the Covenant only applies to immediate homes and surroundings, what about a skybox at 3900 meters above one's parcel? A skybox that would have no visible signs anywhere on the land level or even on the outside of the skybox itself. And no TP pad to the skybox. The only way to access this LH private skybox would be from advertising a direct to the skybox Landmark from outside of Bellisseria, say from a private website. Can this skybox be a low traffic shop, selling no copy paintings, for example? Traffic might be 1 person/day at best. The Covenant has nothing about skybox shops or businesses either. They in no way change the character of any neighborhood in Bellisseria. Yes this is a tangent from the DJ tip jar issue. But if a DJ can plunk down a tip jar and make 10K $L in 2 hrs on public land, why are residents who actually live here banned from an invisible business in the sky on their own parcel?
  12. Of course I was asking my leading questions in jest, since I know what the rules WERE! But what are they NOW? I hope a Linden can respond to this apparent violation of the Belli Covenant, or maybe the fairgrounds is a commercial area now? Trap, dubstep, moombathon, and techno mixing is not my kind of "music", but the Belli crowd there must have liked it.
  13. Guess we need some clarification about what sort of money making businesses are allowed on Bellisseria and where. Can I set up a lucrative Mesh body shop at the fairgrounds now? This DJ was still going when I left - not a bad take for a 2 hr set:
  14. This orb got me while flying over residential homes at 410 meters height, and TP'ed me home. Helicopter probably crashed somewhere, or is hovering without a pilot. Orb had a 3 sec warning to 6000 meters for entire parcel and was set to send you Home (another continent for me.) AR them? Maybe the neighbors would like to, but I don't want some hothead harassing me for sending them a polite IM to read this thread. That should be a friend/neighbor's job, or Linden Labs job to enforce the orb settings. Orb was on Phinney region.
  15. Thresher is the only Offline region I see on the big map now. It's on the East coast up North - could be where new houseboats are coming
  16. You can leave, but you can never return. Sounds like a new Eagles song.
  17. Well bikers like LOUD bikes - so he probably didn't answer because he was insulted you didn't appreciate his 100 dB pipes. If the sound is in a public access area, like all around the premium homes, it's possible LL wants you to hear their chirping birds inside your parcel. Something to check when there.
  18. You could have also asked your noisy neighbors to just check the box "Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel", in About Land/Sound. Then you would never hear any sound script from your neighbors again. Too bad this box is not checked as default in About Land. There is another setting that you can make, called Sound Rolloff, in the debug menu. That reduces far away sounds more than the 1.0 default setting. Another problem is many users have their sound card set for audio compression, (or equalization as some Chinese companies incorrectly call it.) Turn off their builit in audio compression and restore the dynamic range of sound, meaning far away objects will be much lower volume. That is a common mistake some make, and then complain a sound is too loud from an object 50 meters away. Well that is only because you are compressing the sound to make loud and soft sounds the same loud level, eg compressing the dynamic range.
  19. "I'll just save that 1024 to buy regular mainland that *I* have control over. " Go ahead, and tell me what you pay for the land with open ocean access, roads outside your house, NO skyboxes and crap below 2000 meters, and a well landscaped and thought out area with a lot more to come. If you find that for less than 25,000 $L, you still will have a sky full of crap, neighbors with weird housing tastes, and of course your beloved ban lines. The best part is the self selection process LL has started here, by freeing the new continent of those who love ban lines.
  20. Is it obstructing your view? Is there a helicopter on it, or just a pad? Since you are a land lover, how can you even see it? If LL wants to ban all aircraft from the Premium homes and houseboats, they need to add that to the TOS. Every mainland and sailing sims I have lived in supported both boats and aircraft. You are complaining about an empty helipad, what about the ugly boats parked near the houseboats then? Sea access and real connected mainland is the biggest attraction for many here. The land bound homeowners who just like to decorate their houses and hate vehicles and travel should probably be moved to a no fly no water zone. Helicopters are popular because they don't need an airport. I have not see many planes flying around - since there is no airport to take off or land. My Helicopter is rezzed on a sky platform above 2000 meters, btw. But I've been known to fly down to land on my pad for a hour. Flying around at 2000 meters is rather boring, just blue sky and clouds. Can't even see the continent. Too bad its the homemakers against the sailors and pilots already. I can see cars and bikes being banned next.
  21. I'd say this new continent, only about 1/2 finished, is a success. Look at the green dots at 1230 SLT today: https://i.gyazo.com/4a9ab65366425f2f0259b5a028e95597.png When the entire continent is finished there should be at least twice the available homes and houseboats.
  22. Well Helicopters are used for sightseeing - every city has pilots and businesses that will fly you over new housing developments, or movie star homes, for a price. And I am sure they hover when they see something interesting. The don't hover at 10 m in your back yard though, if that's what you mean by annoying. If you do see a black helicopter with lights hovering over your house, flush the drugs down the toilet quickly, it's a raid ! I took a short tour of the continent in my helio (a tiny open frame design) and stayed at 105 meters elevation so I could still see the new areas, and avoid the ban lines. I probably annoyed someone for 30 secs, but that's the life of pilots. You can't fly anywhere on this densely built continent without passing over someone's land. And to make it clear, people flying, running and walking outside are ok, but attached to a vehicle are not?
  23. Flying objects have one thing in common - most have to land, on land. If someone happens to have a helicopter pad on his/her land, and it is close to your land, you are going to ban them for trying to go home, which requires descending to their landing spot, on THEIR land? What if I am allergic to those flowers in your garden and they are pollinating? I stick you on my ban list? What about those noisy polluting tour buses driving on a public road near your house? Do you ban all the tourists, or just the driver?
  24. Thank You for banning ban lines! My neighbor lady got her houseboat right after I did last night, and the first thing she did was to put up ban lines. (Her houseboat and harbor are still empty of course.) Her ban lines are 2 meters from my stairs and 3 meters from my parcel line - so very visible and UGLY, unless I turn them off. Visitors don't always have ban lines invisible, so just not having them is more civil. I can't wait for her's to go away tonight. She probably has an orb now with zero second warning that will overlap my parcel
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