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  1. In Firestorm (& Singularity) double clicking on a name in Radar or People windows, zooms the camera to the avatar. Don't think SL viewer does that and I would call their V3 UI retarded.
  2. So some of the Main channel regions rolled to 536040 (like mine) and other Main channel regions are still on 535128. like this one : You are at 33.4, 212.8, 602.6 in Northfarthing located at sim10435.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Northfarthing/33/213/603 (global coordinates 144,161.0, 288,469.0, 602.6) Second Life Server 2020-01-23T00:43:42.535128 Confusing? Both rolled Tuesday morning.
  3. Both of our regions always roll on the same day, normally Tuesday morning, which is why I said they are on the same server. I should have said on the Main server.
  4. My home region was updated to 536040 about 4 1/2 hrs ago. Your region looks like it was reversed: Current simulator: Second Life Server 2020-01-23T00:43:42.535128 <-- your region Previous simulator: Second Life Server 2020-02-05T22:16:31.536040] Current simulator: Second Life Server 2020-02-05T22:16:31.536040 <-- my region Previous simulator: Second Life Server 2020-01-23T00:43:42.535128] Both regions are on the Second Life Server. (Main server)
  5. Just another Trump money laundering scheme - sorry you got caught up in it. Bright side is you won't need to pay any taxes for years.
  6. Yesterday you said clicking on the big map does not work. Today you said it worked yesterday. Now it doesn't again. Have you considered a time machine? I Clear the beacon if I am sailing and have the big map open with the beacon ON for navigation, and no longer want to see the beacon because I am close to my destination. I could also click on the red arrow directly, so the Clear Button is redundant. Chrome and other browsers use the arrow circle icon to mean page refresh. It's hardly a mysterious icon. Your complaint that you never noticed the symbol because it didn't have text on top of it, is rather old school. Down with icons, up with big bold black on white text for everything. DOS 3.3 forever!
  7. If it is sometimes, you are probably just missing the tiny area you need to click on, on the arrowhead. Like the OP probably is, except she is better at it. 😊
  8. This is how you activate the beam: Open the Big world map. LEFT CLICK ONCE on a location on a region. A red circle appears on the big map where you pointed and clicked with your mouse. The beacon appears, and if it is within the range and you are looking at it with your camera, you should see the beam which is red on the top half, and blue on the bottom half. At the center of the beam is the red arrow. Exactly like your own photo above shows including the arrow. You do NOT have to TP to a location to see or create the beam. If you do not activate and see the beam using the big map, you have a problem with your own setup. It has nothing to do with LL software. It has worked this way on all viewers for years. Why clicking the arrow does not clear it is another issue. But not being able to even establish the beam with the map is something no one else in LL has reported! And on Firestorm at least, if you open the Legend section you can also clear the beacon by clicking "Clear" button. Forget the mini map, you can't activate the beacon with the mini map. I assume you have not disabled left click on your mouse. You click on the arrowhead part of the arrow with the tip of your mouse pointer to clear; If you click on the shaft part of the arrow, the beacon does not clear. You need to click ON the arrowhead, not near it, not on the shaft. I assume after this many years in SL you understand mouse use
  9. Is your female the slower one? Women are higher maintenance of course I have noticed a Maitreya mesh body and Bento head always are more laggy than a non-mesh avatar, nothing surprising there. Maybe your Signature body is less of a load than the Maitreya.
  10. My tip jar is set to list the last 3 tippers, but NOT the amounts. Tip me L$1 or L$1000 and you get the same treatment from my sign, and me. I doubt anyone is keeping score on who is tipping. And it's only the LAST three, so who would remember who did and did not tip if there were 30 tips for the set? I have only had 2 peeps ever ask me to not list their names, one romeo felt he wanted peeps to think he only tipped women. The other was multiple tipping and didn't want everyone to know this. So I turn off the name display when he is in the club. As far as thanking everyone in chat and/or voice for a tip - That is Rule # ONE in any club. Failure to thank patrons for a tip, and they feel ignored and will leave. DJ's and hostesses that fail to say thanks will not last long at a club. You are 1 in 1000 that feels thanking peeps for a tip makes you feel bad. Tip $L1, and you too can be among the "rich folks" crowd
  11. Not in public. But I have seen DJ's end their set early, or refuse to play overtime if they didn't get a tip for the last 30 mins. Most just claim they are tired and close the set on time. This only applies if there is no DJ following them, so they have the option of playing into "overtime". But if they still have a crowd, and most there have already tipped, the good DJ's keep on playing until everyone listening goes home. Standard practice is for the seller to tip an auctioneer 10% of the sale price of your auction item, IF it sells. I don't see many tips from the buyers, nor is this expected. 10% commission is how an auctioneer earns their lindens. A good auctioneer will spend hours in preparation for the auction, plus 2 hrs of high stress selling of items no one really wants at the asking price. Nobody works for nothing, unless it is a charity.
  12. LEFT clicking on the red arrow on your screen has always made the beacon go away - worked that way in 2010 and still does! Of course you need an arrow, and need to actually click on the red arrow with your mouse pointer, not on the moon or something. Obviously, LL has sent Prok a special Viewer version, as they detect who is downloading their update - that has disabled the click the red arrow feature - just for her!
  13. I have never heard of a bot playing the Realms Quests. That would be one advanced scripted agent, to run the 4 quests on auto-pilot, and avoid all the random hazards the game has in every quest. Seems like the bots, nearly as stupid as the rock monsters, would spend most of their time in the reconstruction tanks. Just programming the 1st Quest, running a path to a bare tree then to the tree of hearts, avoiding getting eaten, and touching the tree would be tricky (but possible if you could recovery, it is a simple quest). And how does a bot find a green crystal? In the desert and swamp quests, the target moves every time it is touched. How would a script find the new target? Or recognize the target? TP's within the Realms are not allowed by the agent. Every moment running or standing in the Realms has a random hazard ready to kill you. Alts, controlled by a human account in RL is what I see. Automated bots, running while the owner sleeps? Good AI project, but if you can pull that off, might as well get a RL job doing the same thing for the military. Your salary would be a bit higher
  14. You can still collect 50 $L/week per avatar in the Realms with no PIOF. Crystals cannot be converted to Lindens unless you have PIOF. What I see many doing now is to create many alt accounts, all free basic, no PIOF (and no profile.) 10 alts is 500 $L/week, 100 alts is 5000 $L/week. How many throwaway mail addresses can you make? It takes about 18 mins to complete all the quests for one week for one avatar. Some piggyback their alts at 2 at a time, cutting their avatar quest time in half using multiple alts. I have not seen anything from LL that says using your alts in the Realms is cheating. It they were able to limit the Realms to one avatar per RL person, the Realms would be nearly empty. They could close 4 of the 6 Realm estates. (Each estate contains 12 regions) I think very little of the Realms lindens actually gets converted to one's RL currency. The currency exchange and process credit fees are too high to make this practical. So basically LL is interjecting some extra Lindens into the economy, which all are spent inworld, to keep merchants and landowners afloat. Same thing the Federal Banks do everyday in most countries. If the govt's would stop printing money, the world would collapse. The Lindens might think this applies to SL as well. Cheating as in flying and speed enhancers are irrelevant now - those applied more to collecting crystals, which the free no PIOF accounts can no longer do.
  15. LOL Last time I checked the eyes on my cat avatar were on her forehead where they should be. So let's see - a cheater can run the quests in 10 minutes, and I can run them with no cheating in 15 mins. OMG, what do they do with those extra 5 mins they gain every week? It is still 50 lindens per week per avatar. Logging in with multiple accounts and using RLV I assume, to do 2 or 3 at a time saves them more time. They must be terribly busy in RL to save that much time for 50, or 100, or 150 lindens PER WEEK. If they can get up to about 300 lindens they can make one US Dollar! That would require 6 alts. But so can anyone running the quests normally. Why would anyone risk getting banned just to save a few minutes per week? I have seen as many as 50 Alts all belonging to the same person in PaleoQuest. I watched all 50 of them cash in at the weekly quest stand for 100 Lindens/alt, two at a time. Why don't you complain about that? You are not Linden Lab. You think they don't know what is going on? If they want to limit multiple accounts they have the capability. Perhaps they have a reason to give away their token currency to obviously poor people, mostly from 3rd world countries. I expect most of those lindens are spent in SL, supporting designers and builders, or paying weekly for small land parcels. LL gets a cut from every transaction, and commits highway robbery with fees if you try to get your dollars into the real world. Perhaps you can file a ticket to the financial officer of Linden Lab, and get a professional answer why they are giving away lindens to game players. That seems to be your main complaint, since cheaters have no real advantages over any skilled player. I like 2%, has a nice ring to it. Give me the time of day you see this 50% cheating going on at the quests, and I will observe. I will pass on making any videos though; I have better things to do with my time.
  16. Cheaters, or those that do not follow the SL game rules, and it is just a silly game, can not take any more lindens from SL than a player that follows the rules. That is my point - if the cheaters can save 15 seconds by mega jumping in two of the quests, so what? It does not affect anyone else. This is not a game of competition. You do not earn extra points for being faster at completing a quest. In fact you have 7 days to complete the quests. I normally take about 30 mins to finish all four quests, if I don't stop to collect crystals, because I am slow and take stretch breaks. If I was rushed I can do it in 15 mins, all within the rules. I think SL should pay the cheaters extra lindens for providing free entertainment for you 😊
  17. You do not need PIOF to collect the $L50 per week. Any free basic account works. You do need PIOF to cash in any crystals you have collected anytime. The notecard is poorly written. The word "of" is not proper english in the added sentence about PIOF. They should have said "after", to indicate PIOF only is needed for crystals. Unfortunately, some might think it's a typo and "of" should have been "or". No typo, just poor English and no double checking that the sentence was confusing. Quoting from the notecard you received: "Welcome to Linden Realms. This is a fun interactive game experience. To play: - Follow the quests. - Collect crystals. - Avoid the Rock Monsters. - Receive L$ prizes for completing the quests each week. - Receive L$ prizes for collecting crystals. In order to claim a payout for collecting crystals of completing quests, you need to have a Payment method on file, and you need to have used it at least once to buy L$." Most of those 2% "cheaters" only can collect the 50$L/week because they do not have PIOF. This also means there is little crystal collecting going on anymore. I am often the only avatar in a region collecting crystals now. Before the change, non PIOF alts were running all over the regions competing to get the orange, green and blue crystals. This is also why there is NO NEED for any speed enhancers to reach a crystal first. You are only competing with yourself now. The "cheating" rules are basically obsolete.
  18. Not sure it is flying or just large floating jumps made with a HUD that changes your gravity. Most mesh and sculpty rocks are set not phantom, and you cannot easily pass through them, although you can get stuck inside a rock and be forced to TP out. I really doubt your 10 "flying" avatars in 30 mins of observing claim. I have watched the swamp and lava cave jumping rocks quest areas for many hours, with an alt account while I was working on something useful on my main. (Cheap entertainment) I would say maybe 2 cheaters per hour is more like it. If 50 pass thru a quest in an hour, that is 4%, 2 cheaters and 48 honest players. Showing an edited video of just cheaters really proves nothing - there have always been cheaters there in small numbers. The funny thing is why bother to fly or mega jump across the rocks? Most experienced players can jump the lava rocks to the final quest in 15 to 30 SECONDS. If anything flying takes longer! And if you are caught flying and are reported, LL will permanently ban you from the Realms. Finally why are you posting the same thing in all of the Realm threads? Your video is misleading - thousands play and enjoy the Realms playing it honestly. Cheating just means those few players have no skills and are stupid, or new. They don't affect the majority of honest players at all. If LL really wants to clean up the Realms, just require Payment Info On File to get the $L50/week reward. Same as they do in PaleoQuest. Not many with PIOF are going to risk getting banned when their identity is known.
  19. Nothing changed that I could see. Possibly fewer HUD detachments at region crossings, but not enough data to conclude anything certain. Huds still got zapped when you got hit by the green mist at a recovery tank, same as always. Forced teleports by the game when you get killed sometimes strips your HUD and then attaches a new one. The same as the Realms has always worked from the beginning, hence the HUD re-attachment terminals at most recovery/safe areas.
  20. Firestorm MiniMap of my region, showing settings. Note that Objects must be unchecked if you don't want to see lots of blue objects you own. My neighbor has ban lines on which is I think the reason it is pinkish and hidden. Ban lines makes no sense however, since their ground level is just grass and one small tree, while they live at 3500 m in a skybox well beyond the ban line limit.
  21. Setting draw distance to 152 m or less clears the westerly view at the closest shoreline point and 160 m or more for actual houseboats nearby. You will still see boat traffic, and the occasional hot air balloon appear out of nowhere as it drifts east from the ship decks.
  22. It's obvious they just don't care. No updates in 2 months, and tight lipped Moles and Lindens if you ask them about the Realms. I don't know who "they" are, but it sounds like a bean-counter decision. PaleoQuest is almost broken now. No running or jumping allowed, and their own TP's send you back to the start and accuse you of using a speed enhancer multiple times/quest. In three of the quests, you can't run 10 meters on level ground from the starting platform without being sent back with a speed enhancer accusation. So you get a collection of 6 avatars all on the starting point, unable to complete the quest. Walk v e r y s l o w, never jump, never fall, and assume their TP's fail 1/2 the time, and hope when you finally do complete a quest that the HUD recorded it, or you will have to repeat it again. And nobody at LL seems to care. Submit a JIRA and they will close it.
  23. I wonder how many "active" SL users, those that log in at least once per month, are still using Windows 7? I would guess around 25,000. Some older users with perfectly good WIn 7 computers will not be able to afford the upgrade, or to buy a new computer as Microsoft so arrogantly suggests. As SL membership declines....
  24. Here are the rules, for the third time tonight. They are not events. There is no start and end time. There is no hostess or entertainer, just some on-call escort. Escorts and 24/7 BJ's are not events, well maybe for the recipient, but not events as defined by LL. If you can't figure this out, I give up - We should not be the ones that enforce LL's specific rules. They don't care because it's more money for them. An event is defined as a special group activity that is led by a host on land owned either by the host or by a group the host belongs to. Examples include discussions, group meetings, hosted dances, classes, tours, and competitions. An event is framed by a beginning and an end time. Thus '24hr Sales' are not events. The 'Commercial' category was created for the purpose of grand openings, demonstrations, product launches etc. Each of these types of events should have a clear beginning and end time attached. Otherwise, they belong in the Second Life Classifieds, not the Events calendar. Posting events that are simply advertisements will not be acceptable. The use of alts to post more than 15 events per day will not be permitted either. The event descriptions need to conform to General guidelines, consistent with the overall Second Life website policy - so no overt sex descriptions; sex for money, sex chat, simulated sex, strong violence, or anything else broadly offensive. Moderate events must be listed as Moderate, and held in M-rated sims.
  25. The Adult listings for sex for sale do not follow the SL Event listing rules. You seem to be avoiding that issue. I have suggested people looking for real events, not 24/7 escort, Cam/phone sex and 24/7 BJ's only check off the G and M ratings, about a dozen times already in the past month. That is using the filters. Most here don't agree with that, claiming their music club on an Adult sim would be missed. And again, most of the Adult listings are not SL Events - as defined by Linden Lab. They belong in Classified Ads. So why is LL refusing to enforce their own rules, which would basically eliminate the SL Event spam? The reason seems obvious - they can now charge $50/event for the non-events - more income, so ignore their own rules. If 75% of all event listings are really non-events, well that's a tidy amount of income for someone, about $2500 USD/mo. Enough to cover 1/2 the cost of a San Francisco 1 bedroom flat.
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