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  1. On 9/21/2020 at 8:44 AM, Barbie Baddingham said:

    Are the portals in the portal park supposed to be "live" because I can't go through them. Is anyone else having this issue or am I the special one?

    When I checked in Aditi only the Linden Realm portal was live, and just one LR estate was loaded. It's just a test to compare LR in the cloud vs the present LR and look for new bugs not already in the main LR.

    Region crossings were faster, there was no lag at all, and I didn't keep losing the HUD like in the existing LR servers.  But then I was the only one in the entire LR estate, so I would expect no lag.  The loading of the LR HUD was also fast when I entered the village from the portal.  Unlike the existing LR, where the HUD either never loads, or can take minutes to load.  The workaround to their non loading LR HUD is to run around outside the village and cross region boundaries.  That usually wakes up the HUD loading after a minute or so.  The HUD loading station in the village simply does not work anymore!  

    Biggest problem with existing LR is when a region gets 8 or more avatars, or whenever a region is sharing with other overloaded regions, you get motion lag, rubberbanding, and loss of avatar control, which can lead to SL logging you out.   Usually one of the quests are broken too, and you need to switch to other LR estates (there are three now, down from six) to complete all the quests. Whether the breakdowns and lag in the present LR will exist in the cloud is unknown - they need the dozens of avatars with multiple attached followers, the flyers with illegal huds, and the constant region crossing  of avatars to really test it.   So, without any avatars and their threesome cheaters, and the monsters bored unable to lock on and chase, the cloud looks good.  :)

  2. 9 hours ago, julieare said:

    But regarding the topic -of Payment for DJ or Entertainment, I would prob Hire (paid) if i felt they had the skills and the skils would be something like a Commercial Broadcasting licence, real cd/vin mixers, + references   & some sort of following, weather that be facebook, sound cloud or in-world following. But if they are a dj, that just uses sam,mix, or a copied version of V-Dj, they have no references, & no following , then yea, sorry but there is millions of you already & its going to be tips only.

    You won't find anyone will those "skills" today.  Commercial broadcast licenses are only for a broadcast station owner (not internet stations).  DJ's have never needed a technical FCC radio license, and today most don't know the difference between an electron and a ripe banana.

    DJ hardware is obsolete - most commercial stations and DJ's use computers for all music and programming.  CD's are about as useful today as a 1960's dial telephone with copper wires.  Digital software is now the standard. Anyone using analog or early digital standalone hardware is just too old to upgrade. But photos of the racks are still impressive.

    A following, eg fans, is about all that's important.  Most DJ's with fans have active promotion, managers that spam the clubs.  A DJ with a harem also helps, BDSM, GOR, Bloodlines, Bikers - wherever you can collect willing slaves to attend your sets is useful :)  Even the most popular DJ's with 1000 fans in their groups (a handful in SL) will be lucky to get 20 of them come to a set, if it's a new club.  The largest crowds are attracted to the club atmosphere and reputation, not the DJ.  And those clubs do not pay the DJ.  Those clubs do well when their house stream is on, and no DJ or hostess present.  And don't forget the hostess - a popular hostess, with 1500 friends on her list and a really great forward personality can bring in more people than most DJ's.  Sadly, there are only a handful like that.

    My tips for a 2 hr set range from 2,000 to 10,000 - tips only - depends much on who is in the audience.  Average is 2500/set for 4 sets/week.  I don't think I am unskilled - was a professional FM radio DJ back when we could choose our own music and program themes - before 1980 and corporate radio bought out all the independents.  In SL it is basically a hobby with pocket change.  A hobby does not mean unskilled, just not profitable.



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  3. 2 hours ago, HunniHope said:

    You can see the version number at the top of the viewer .. IF you enable it. This hasn't changed, and it's the same options we used to display the channel name, only now its the simulator version. Just right click the black bar and enable the option to show simulator version

    Actually it has changed. I was using Firestorm 6.3.2 version, and they still use "Simulator Channel" in the drop-down, which is why I do not see the simulator version.  Mine lists nothing in that field.  Finally a reason to install the latest Firestorm version, w/ all the EEP bloat I never use. 

    On second thought, I have no intentions of upgrading to the latest FS version or the EEP Beta - from the 140 comments on 6.3.9 alone, it has more bugs and stability problems than 6.3.2.  If I want HD snapshots I can use another 3rd party viewer.


  4. 4 hours ago, LoganPryor said:

    Note you only get the simulator version there if you have both the "Show location in top menu" and "Show simulator version in top menu" options of the User Interface preferences checked

    I don't see simulator version in the top menu, and I have both options checked.

    To see the simulator I need go to Help/About Firestorm and look under Second Life Server 2020-08-17T21:59:51.547110


  5. I suspect Visibility was turned off, and the OP did not actually walk on the parcel they were standing.

    Another technical question though - How do you make your tags completely invisible to others?  (on the same parcel of course.)

    Viewers have options for viewing name tags of others in General Preferences - but nothing about hiding your own from others.  You can still see the account name on Radar/People, and the letters are visible characters.  Is there a script you can wear that completely hides your tags from others?



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  6.  "R - Floor: Come closer.  You must be no more than 5 meters from the crystal to touch it."

    So much for crystal detectors - This has been standard in the LR for the last 2 years.  You can't stand in one spot and pick off crystals that are not next to you.

    Teleports are ONLY allowed between 3 locations in the LR.  Try to TP elsewhere and you will still end up at one of the 3 designated allowed TP points. Two are recovery safe areas, and the other is the Village.  

    A speed enhancer does not let you collect crystals any faster - in fact you lose control.  They might save you a few MINUTES in running the 4 quests.  It takes about 15 minutes to complete all four quests with NO enhancement HUDS.  You can only cash in the quests once a week for 50 $L.  So these speed cheaters spend 10 mins in the LR per week!  OMG the sky is falling, and they are to blame because I can't find a green crystal.  So much BS. Develop some game skills instead of blaming others for your lack of skill.

    Remain stationary at any location other than the village for more that 9 mins and you are transported to the Portal Park, outside the Realms.

    I wasted 30 mins watching the minimap green dots this morning, as nafys suggested.  I saw exactly TWO avatars using a speed/flying HUD.  Neither one of them collected any crystals or completed any quest.  They must not have found a green crystal to begin the quest, so they left.  What effect would they have on another player - ZERO!

    Molly, I suggest you actually play the present LR game, so your understanding of the changes is up to date.







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  7. 16 minutes ago, Lewis Luminos said:

    Linden Realms... a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It's been a cheater's playground since it opened, as with anything that gives away free money. Camping chairs ended for the same reason. So did the "First Land" project. The only way to stop cheaters is to stop the possibility of earning L$ from playing it.

    Grossly False!  How do you "cheat" when collecting crystals?  You haven't been there for years, if ever, based on your silly comments.

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  8. On 7/16/2020 at 10:41 AM, nafys said:

    I know and I’ve already collected many crystals, staying there for hours, and when there’s your effort, seeing your reward is nice,
    bad when we look at people who only think of themselves
    harming others is very sad.

    I have run across people who seem to think that "all green crystals belong to them", despite they are just standing in a safe zone and watching other players collect green crystals with their cam.  I am not sure where this entitled attitude comes from, but there is nothing in the LR rules that say everyone  must only take one green crystal, or you are a meanie that harm others.  This is a game, not a charity.

    Finding  the green crystals is a combination of skill and luck.  I have never used any "speed hud" and have always found my first green crystal in the first hour of play.  Sometimes I am lucky and find several greenies in the first region I enter.  But since I am collecting ALL colors of crystals to cash in later, while I am running all over the regions looking for a green crystal I am also collecting the more common crystals.  My rule of thumb is that I will find a green crystal by the time I have collected 100 orange ones.  It seldom fails.  Knowing where and when to look, what the cycle state of the crystals for each region is, and who is competing for crystals, is all part of the skill set.  

    I can't remember the time when someone using a "speed hud" stole one of "my" green crystals.  If they got it first it was because they were closer then I was, meaning they arrived first.  For the first few months after opening the new LR, there were a few notorious players that were both flying and speeding, usually with a tiny invisible body to reduce detection.  They seem to have all been banned, since I never see them anymore.  In fact I am usually the only player in regions where you are most likely to find a green crystal.  And if there is one, there are usually more, including some blue crystals.  There are also times when some regions just turn off crystal generation for an hour or more.  In which case, you reenter the portal to a different LR.  Regions get broken all the time - its part of the game to recognize that, and simply find one that is working.




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  9. 8 hours ago, that Small said:

    wait, wait.. I'll still be the best account though right?! ;) 

    Yep, you have the best account that has NO privileges of the inferior Premium account.  Your status could be on hold for years.  LL responds to issues that increase their revenue within hours.  Unless you start making more noise, you might be at the bottom of a long que of "things to do someday".

    Have you checked the Linden Home page to see if you are eligible for one?  You have 4096 sqm of tier available, meaning you are not a Basic member, but I suspect they didn't program that for Charter members either.

    On second thought, you might find out you have NONE of the Premium member perks, because they didn't exist in 2003.  All you get is your 4096 sqm tier and $500/week stipend.  That should allow you to buy mainland directly from a private seller and use your free tier for that, and probably buy abandoned land from LL (using a ticket to start the process.)  


  10. 9 minutes ago, Drake1 Nightfire said:

    have no doubt that LL knows nothing of this.

    Well it's been around for about 4 weeks already.  If LL knows nothing of this, they should now :)  If they restricted the age to 16 and 17, and they stayed in General regions, it would be legal according to the TOS.  Why would anyone spend a few thousand USD on a project that was illegal and would be shut down by LL in seconds if it was not approved?


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  11. Judging by the latest youtube videos of the lodge, it looks like the SL moles gave them a copy of the empty Campwich lodge in Bellisseria.  Maybe the part-time moles have picked another landscaping project on the side.  The joined regions are all General rated, and not accessible by SL members.   Restricting access in and out of a region is trivial in SL.  It's up to the parents to prevent an underage (<16) child from getting an actual SL account.   And I agree, LL must be fully aware of this project, and are making extra income from the land fees and special restrictions.  My only concern is mixing 7 to 17 in the same estate.  That happens in RL camp though, some counselers are under 18, but parents send their kids to camps anyway. Or maybe they will bracket age groups scheduled for different weeks.  Be interesting to see if it works.  Lots of green dots on the regions this summer should tell that.  


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  12. On 5/19/2020 at 3:37 AM, LoganPryor said:

    My guess is that if you're currently on 541970 you'll roll to 542403 (one with the fix), as that RC channel seems to be the one that progresses to Main. 541969 may also roll to 542403, just to give wider exposure to the fix. If you're on 541952 my guess is that will roll to 542391 as that RC channel seems to have been getting the uplift infrastructure improvements.

    We were on 541970, and we rolled this morning to 542391, which does not have the time/date fix (:

    All the RC channel regions I visit are on 542391 now.  Still looking for an RC public region on 542403, so I can at least sent an alt there to check group notices. 

    Seems they put the time/date fix on the fewest number of RC regions.  Would be nice if they would reveal RC channel names too, but I guess they change these so often now they would get those wrong.


  13. Second Life Server:


    Scheduled Tuesday 2020-05-19 03:00-09:00 PDT

    Second Life RC:

    https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2020-05-15T18%3A31%3A37.542403.html <== only one that fixes timestamp Bug


    Scheduled Wednesday 2020-05-20 07:00-10:30 PDT


    Tuesday, May 19, 2020
    Release Notes
    Fixes a high profile bug in group notice archive timestamps. Also includes some internal fixes.

    Resolved Issues
    BUG-228696 Group notices do not display proper timestamps


    So the timestamp bug fix will only occur on one of the RC channels this week, on Wednesday AM? 

    I hope our club sim is the lucky RC channel that gets fixed.  That won't help everyone else on the Main Channel who uses the Group Notices archive to find present events!


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  14. Investigating - We are aware of an issue with Group Notice timestamps showing the wrong date on some viewers. We've identified the issue and are working on a fix. Ref: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228562
    May 1217:16 PDT


    Some Viewers?  The Bug shows in the latest LL Viewer, and Firestorm.  What viewers are not affected?  (Of course it's not the viewer, as the Status report wrongly implies...)


    Latest LL Viewer.

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  15. 15 minutes ago, Vanity Fair said:

    Are you saying that there are some sims I could teleport to where this would listing would sort properly with the attachments?

    Since LL put the same Bug on both RC channels and now the Main Server channel, the answer is no.  There is no indication the next roll on Wed for the RC servers will fix this bug, as it has been classified as "minor", and has not yet been assigned.  This affects all businesses in SL that use Groups:  Events, Clubs and Store owners.  If every commercial group owner and club owner would file a ticket with LL, well after 5000 tickets, perhaps LL might upgrade the priority?  Nah ...

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  16. I posted two events, on different days, and at different times, from the same club, for the same week.  I used the same title for both, and the 2nd listing was rejected as a duplicate!  Someone might inform LL scripters than some clubs have the same performer more than once a week. I guess they don't get inworld that much.  

    I added an ! to the 2nd one and it went through.   This is why we are paying extra for listings I guess.  :)


  17. Same here, and also this one:

    Internal Server Error - Read

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Reference #3.7fa65b68.1586130856.444907f

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