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  1. My Chrome bookmark for the forums: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/ I am always logged in, unless I log out of the community, which I seldom do. Has nothing to do with being logged in or not to your secondlife.com account page. You can also read the forums without logging in. You just can't comment or rate the posts. This is useful if you have been banned.
  2. I got the same message today when I tried to add a new payment account with Chrome. I had already been logged in for awhile in my web account, and actually went from Transactions to the Main Page and then Billing Information the first time. Once I logged out of my SL web account, and logged backed in, which of course included the password, then the new account page came up normally. I suspect if you have been logged in too long and try to access that page, it sends you an error. Probably some undocumented security measure. It would be too much to expect Tilia to ask for your password again - a "Page Not Found" must be easier then telling you your login has aged and you need to relog again. I never deleted cookies or cleared anything, just a fresh log-in with Chrome.
  3. That HUD must talk to an external server thru SL and needs to keep track of your cue sequence, time of day, and purchases at the least. Plenty of weak paths with those systems. Breedables use them also, and they all have daily random failures. If your intention is to play for more than the first number showing, best to take a time-dated screen shot of your personal cue before and after the purchase. How are you going to prove the machine was broken to the owner otherwise?
  4. If the personal list reset after the first buy, there would be no reason to have a visible list. So this sounds like a malfunction, or you happen to buy just as the daily list reset went into effect.
  5. I was not talking to you. I clearly quoted Rowan. I was talking to Rowan. Read my latest post please. The designers that claim it's worth it to pay for every texture/color are trying to claim they are somehow better than the rest. They will lose money if they switch to fatpack huds, and charge a reasonable price. It's like you can buy 100 Bayer aspirin for $5 USD, or buy 100 USP aspirin for $1 from the dollar store or walmart. The pills are the same, probably made in the same Chinese or Indian plant. Yet Bayer keeps selling their overpriced USP aspirin to consumers. Brand name foolishness.
  6. I don't think Rowan really meant full perm for the product. Copy, no mod, no transfer with a texture HUD is the new standard. As to why the price is only $199L, it could be the designer would rather have her products affordable, which will increase sales. Volume sales vs overpriced no mod and one texture outfit for 3 times the amount. Who will sell more outfits? There is trivial more work to make a new texture or worse, a color - I have always called that a scam to charge as if it's a new outfit. Here's another example - my partner bought this dress last week. They call those HUDs fatpacks in the package, but they are NOT like the fatpacks where every color is a separate object, and you must buy a fatpack box with all the colors, for some outrageous price. That is the old greedy way of selling, and it is clogging up the MP with separate ads for every texture and color, beside overcharging for the fatpack box. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LC-Cynthia-Dress-FATPACK-Original-Mesh-NEW-2021/22723132 Note it says Original Mesh Design. That store has been around for a long time. $299L for the 20 colors/textures included. Their HUD is switchable between Top or Skirt, so you can mix and match the textures for hundreds of combinations. The price is about typical for just one dress. Why pay $2500 L for a fatpack box, when you can get the SAME thing for $299L? This is what the HUD included in the Cynthia Dress looks like onscreen. has a Top and Skirt switch: She also bought the matching socks for $199L. So for $498 she gets a complete outfit with unlimited color/texture combinations. The downside is trying to decide which color/texture to wear. Between the dress and socks and HUDs there are over a million combinations. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LC-Cynthia-Socks-FATPACK-Original-Mesh-NEW-2021/22743314
  7. Yeah good example of what I was talking about. So what is wrong with a full perm template dress? Was the price too cheap to impress your friends? I can also show you a well known old designer that never includes HUDS - each dress/gown is separate, and too expensive. $499L for nearly everything. The same basic template has been used for 10 years. Change the texture, change the model and hair style, give her a new dress name, and ask $499L. Of course nothing is ever mod there. So women will pay for a new texture as if it's a new design? I don't consider most textures to be that difficult. But the fashion world is nuts anyway.
  8. No, I am saying there are many designers that include a color changing HUD with the ONE style item they sell. They do not sell fatpacks anymore. And their outfits with HUDS does not cost anything near what a fatpack would. Most of the outfits with a HUD range from 100 to 450 $L. From the Huds you can set up thousands of color and texture combinations. There are still old school designers who think charging for each color, or buy the entire fatpack is the only way to sell, because it is more profitable for them. They are losing sales to the designers who do not sell fatpacks because they are not needed. Maybe we need a list of designers who now only sell with HUDs, and still sell their items for fair prices. It sounds like some in this forum are not keeping up to date with the new designers.
  9. Why are you confused Rowan? Have you ever bought clothing, shoes, hair, jewelry, even trees - with a texture changing HUD? They are nearly as common today as pumpkins at the shopnhop. Should I post a pic of a typical color changing HUD here (I'll strike out the business name), in case this is a new thing to you.
  10. I only buy clothing now that has a color/texture HUD or HUDs included, so I only need to buy one copy of a clothing item, or one outfit. No HUD, no sale. And I have a list of dozens of great designers that now include color/texture HUDs for nearly all of their products. Strange no one has mentioned color/texture changing HUDs here. I also look for mesh clothing that is mod, so I can change the textures. It was day ONE of my SL experience, having never been in any other VR or 3D program in my life, that I found the Edit and Color chart and started to change the textures and colors on my freebie t-shirts, pants and socks. Something that took me less than an hour as a complete newbie to figure out can't be that time consuming for an experienced designer. Did I mention I only buy from designers that now provide color/texture changing huds with their outfits? From the OP quote above, of course with a color/texture HUD included, you only need one MP ad, not a dozen for the same item! Win Win for the Consumer.
  11. It seems every vendor makes their own rules. These are the rules posted for a Miepon machine at an Event (SL Halloween shop n hop). I like the Not a gacha! title. Is it OK to say Gacha if you say it's not a gacha? Must be fine, since LL didn't close down the shop. What a new world we live in, that some people say we cannot even speak a common G-rated word in SL. I don't know what 90 odds means mathematically, but it could be the rating system they use in China for gachas (the only requirement for them to be legal is listing the odds for the rares.) There are 10 item numbers listed plus the Buy one here. I found the Rares showed up in all the machines at this shop if you just checked back every few hours. The random order did change every hour, if no purchase was made for an hour. I got 2 rares in 3 pulls, by just checking and TPing back when I had a chance. It took 3 TP's in less than a day to find the Rares as the first Buy or 2nd Buy. This place was not busy, nor were any of the "Not Gacha" shops at the shopnhop. The pulls were only 40 $L for most. The machines that only display what you will buy will never get my lindens, unless it's a well made rare I really need that is showing. I posted the machine photos in the Merchant thread here. The usual response was that the Gacha merchants can't be trusted, and I must have found the one honest one in SL. And a call for strict regulation of the scripts and owners, so they don't scam their customers. You know, like the no copy no mod sellers of clothing, that think every color of the same skirt is a separate product you must pay 350 $L for. Or buy the fat pack of all the colors including the one that isn't for sale alone, for only 1999 $L. Those honest merchants. Fortunately mesh and texture HUDs have made that practice extinct for the most part.
  12. Darn, and us city folks thought eggs came from eggplants...
  13. The last Gacha is EVIL thread was just closed before I could post my latest encounter with a "Not A Gacha" machine. These are at the SL Halloween Shop n Hop in the Poppy region (I won't name the vendor.) Obviously this business owner didn't get the memo. Today I bought one common, which is a simple pumpkin car (#6), and the NEXT TWO WERE RARES! Must be a bug in the software. So after spending 40 $L, I pulled the lever again and got the pumpkin car with tentacles, just the rare I thought was best. Cost was another 40 $L So, for those that passed 2nd grade arithmetic: 40 + 40 = 80 $L. Cost to buy each one separately: 250 $L + 375 $L = 625 $L. I will give the common to a friend, and keep the rare for whizzing around Belli during Halloween. 80 $L is somewhat less than 625 $L these would have cost from the owner without the "Not A Gacha" machine. And I even left another Rare for Instant Purchase for the 40 $L pull. The order of the choices is randomly reset every hour if the machine is not used, so it's changed by now. I also found a couple other machines with the Rare as the next choice, btw. I am happy with the Meipon system. Of course I am not a gambling addict, and would never waste my Lindens if the Rare was not close and was not a bargain. I assume most SLer's can do the arithmetic and decide if it is worth the play. For those than cannot, perhaps the owners can ban you from their store, to reduce your temptation. After my 80 $L purchase:
  14. For an inactive or casual SL user, this is probably the case. Also for anyone with a disability that prevents them from dealing with an issue that requires the messy process of an appeal to Governance, they just give up. The form letter listing 20 possible reasons you were banned is totally unhelpful. And if you do appeal, you will likely get back another form letter that says your case has been reexamined and our original ban remains. It's also difficult to appeal a ban if you have no idea what TOS rule you violated. If my account was banned with no specific reason given and no proof given, since I am active every day and have businesses in SL, I would know it immediately and know how to appeal. That doesn't mean I would win. A defense without knowing the facts is no defense.
  15. The grace period ended on Sept. 30. Starting Oct. 1, AR's will be enforced if an old style Gacha is reported.
  16. I would like to observe these "bots" collecting the rares. It there are rares ready to buy, you expect them to stay for how long? Please provide the regions this bot racket is occurring. I don't think it violates any laws for an ALT to buy from these machines. It sounds like this is a good way to reduce the cost of the rares for those that want them. Or are you assuming those with addictive personalities are also too stupid to actually look for unclaimed rares?
  17. Second Life still works fine on Windows 7. I might install Win 10 sometime next year.
  18. Relax folks, and light up a joint. This thread has gone to pot...
  19. If you add at least one name (any resident) to your parcel ban list, then you can not see another avatar when you are over 50 meters away and both avatars are on the SAME parcel. This was tested only on a Bellisseria 1024 sqm parcel. On larger parcels the visibility distance increases. I think this is a long term bug (or undocumented feature). But someone can hover like 51 meters higher than you with parcel privacy turned on, and you cannot see them and they cannot see you, if there is at least one banned name in the parcel ban list. For example, if my Alt is at 21 meters elevation, on the ground, then he will turn invisible when I fly to a height of 72 meters above him on the parcel.
  20. Soma knows their income, which is entirely by voluntary donations. Streaming into SL the normal way, by the parcel audio stream, was costing them money in royalties with no return. SL listeners are cheap - if they can get it free, they are not going to pay for it. The Performance royalties payed to the CRB (created by the recording studios, not the artists) doubled this year, with a minimum of $1000 USD/yr per channel. And if they have too many listeners, they also must pay for every Performance. A Performance is any listener (eg a new IP#) that listens to just one song for about 5 seconds. A single region with 20 listeners could cost them thousands of performance fees/day. The Performance fee also increased this year. The $1000 minimum annual fee must be paid up front, usually by the end of January. Performances that exceed the $1000 annual fee are added on a monthly basis. The cap on fees they must pay to the CRB is $100,000 USD/year per channel! That was also doubled for 2021-2025. The new doubled fees are due for 2021 today Sept. 24. Next year they must be paid again by January 31. It is not surprising that internet music stations are trying to survive with the new fees by cutting their costs, and reducing their non paying listening audience. This will kill many of the marginal and smaller broadcasters entirely. Nothing new here - there are thousands of pages of testimony warning the increased costs would damage the marginal stations. And most of them are marginal. Only the majors like Spotify and Apple will be left - and yes they negotiated better fees than the small independent broadcasters. All in secret - 1/2 the public testimony is redacted. The whole situation of RIAA greed sucks. Further Details: https://www.broadcastlawblog.com/2021/06/articles/webcasting-royalties-going-up-copyright-royalty-board-releases-rates-and-terms-for-2021-2025/#more-7737 https://www.broadcastlawblog.com/2021/09/articles/2021-regulatory-fee-deadline-of-september-24-dont-delay/
  21. Yeah I just picked the first GT730 that popped up, and the ZOTAC has that big azz heat sink instead of a fan. All the other brands have a fan. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=GeForce+GT+730&i=electronics&ref=nb_sb_noss DId you try changing the texture memory in Firestorm? That goes back to the old memory management, like Singularity and most TPV's that don't have the latest SL viewer updates. SInce it only uses 1/2 of your VRAM for SL, it might run cooler. The FS new default attempts to use more VRAM. Firestorm can crash on the slightest network glitch. When it does there is no warning. The other day my web DNS server went down for about 20 mins. That was an interesting crash that took a few minutes to log me out. IP#'s in the SL/FS code kept working, while named URL's stopped resolving. Was more interesting since I was in the Linden Realms at the time.
  22. What web account operations require MFA now? To "top up" your $L from your web account you need to Buy Lindens. Is this not MFA protected? With no MFA to login your Viewer (including TPV's) operational yet, the present MFA seems almost cosmetic. I can top off my lindens in the Viewer anytime, and transfer those Lindens to anyone anytime. Or buy that 1,000,000 $L gold prim on the MP from the viewer. Not sure why LL released a woefully incomplete MFA as the starter. Was it near quarterly review time and someone needed to show some progress?
  23. If their MFA algorithm detects the same IP# when relogging or signing out and back, why does it need to ask for another token? Does the account thief share your same IP#? You might want to move out of the dormitory in that case. My banks ask for a new MFA token only if my IP# has changed, or the browser type has changed, or it's been 5-10 days since I last logged in. Seems pretty standard to me.
  24. The GT730 is not a gaming card. The 4 GB VRAM sounds good until you realize is it only DDR3, and not GDDR5 or better memory. It has no fan. Seems it works fine for a graphics work station, or watching HD movies, but it's too slow for SL and most games. The Intel Dual core is not helping. You could clean out any dust and try to blow some fan air at it if your ambient room temperature is high. Note it's retail price is lower than a 30 series 2GB VRAM gaming card. Amazon is still selling them for a non gaming desktop with HDMI and VGA outputs. The reviews here confirm it's limitations: https://www.amazon.com/ZOTAC-GeForce-Express-Graphics-ZT-71115-20L/dp/B00R5UW038 You could try changing the default Texture Memory settings in Firestorm. Pref/Graphics/Hardware Settings and unclick Enable Dynamic Texture Memory, and then set Viewer Texture Memory Buffer to 2048. The old style memory management for FS. That limits your VRAM to 2 GB. My latest FS crashes randomly about once a day, usually a graphics freeze-up that will not recover. The old 6.3.9 version never did that. Shrugs That only happens when I am running three accounts on the same computer w/ only 2GB VRAM. 8GB system memory can also cause crashes w/ a 64 bit viewer. 16 GB should be the minimum requirement for SL.
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