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  1. To fix a stuck pumpkin bucket, all you really need to do is Take it to inventory and re-rezz the same pumpkin. You do not need a new copy, and all versions that work are the same, V5.0 . Scripts are always activated for the parcel owner, who also must own the pumpkin. No need to turn on scripts for Everyone. Also the bucket cannot be reset, that option is greyed out for the owner. You can of course rezz a new pumpkin, but there's no reason to . All data is kept in SL servers. The issue seems to be a communications glitch that is more probable as the number of hits reaches around 92 - the most typical number for the bucket to deactivate. But some break earlier and some much later. I had one that finally stopped working at 156, for the first time. A simple Take and Rezz again fixes it until it reaches the next break threshold, presently unknown. So far all LL has said is that this is caused by "too many touches", which is not exactly a technical reason or cause. Because it occurs somewhat randomly and at different "touches" this sounds more like a memory leak issue with the region simulator or the pumpkin programs, and a respawn clears the memory until it overflows again. Just speculation - but resets and reboots are the usual cure-all for leaky software.
  2. I used BTW long before you were born, but I get the point, you are trying to be insulting. Hashtags as used in social media have been around since 2007, not the 1970's. #hashtag in programming was known to programmers, not the general public in the 1970's. People born in the 50's and 60's up to 1965 are called Boomers, not older Millennium people Millennials, were born between 1981 and 1994.
  3. No it was the Boomers! They ruined everything. Did I miss anyone? So now you got me curious about Twitter: Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006 and launched in July of that year. Two of the founders were born in the mid 1970's, which would put them around 30 yrs old when they started Twitter. So you can't blame the Boomers either. The first published use of the term "hash tag" was in a blog post by Stowe Boyd, "Hash Tags = Twitter Groupings from on August 26, 2007 from your Wiki reference Baby Boomers: Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They're currently between 57-75 years old (71.6 million in the U.S.) Gen X: Gen X was born between 1965 and 1979/80 and is currently between 41-56 years old (65.2 million people in the U.S. So Gen X started twitter, and the most users are still Millennials and GenZ, which is what I meant.
  4. Yes, that would help a lot, since at least 1/2 are putting their buckets near their porch or front door which is always more than 5 meters from the parcel line. I think the scripter didn't want us to miss the candy particles shooting off when you touched the pumpkin, and didn't think anyone would set their orb to eject trickntreaters. Or he/she didn't think Governance had enough to do, and would really appreciate hundreds of AR's for being ejected.
  5. You can get the megalist here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alban Heights/196/195/33 if you get tired of roaming through empty regions. Some of the regions in the Fantasy area have not even been released yet, so don't waste your time looking in those. I have 191 so far and have no reason to participate, as I'm just a lowly Alt that has no place to even display my Bear. I also have not worked my way thru even 1/4 of the megalist yet, which is around 500 locations now. I'll let my main avatar know where the hidden ones are though - at least he has a shelf for a bear...
  6. From just ONE resident? Not a big deal when 1000 could end up participating. But you seem obsessed over this, and mention it as a reason it's a "crappy contest". Insignificant sample size of 1. Right! We need more complainers in the world. I don't do Twitter, so save those things for the Millennium and Z generation.
  7. Congratulations, you are crazier then I am then. And you must know that SL complainers are nothing new. The place did seem friendlier though when I first started then now.
  8. Are you new to SL? SL attracts people that are angry and love to complain about Everything, All The Time. They can't get by with this in RL, so they come here (and other online places too.) It is the Internet culture. Actually only a very few are complaining as you say, but because that is why they are in SL, they tend to be way too vocal. Many have emotional problems that they attempt to compensate here. Just ignore them, it is part of the scene here, a small but vocal group. The moderators in the groups try to be positive and distract the complainers. Sometimes the only way is to ban them. Then they complain even louder in another group. Just shrug it off, and look for the positive fun loving folks in SL. They are the majority!!
  9. A list where Belli residents volunteer their bucket location publically to anyone, is hardly gaming the system. Nobody is forcing you to use a list where people want you to see their bucket. Wander aimlessly about a huge continent hoping to find 2 buckets/region - That would only take about a month, and most displays would never be seen. Your allegation about the 50+ names of posters here needs confirmation. Send me the location via IM . And if only one person has done this (not yet proven) how is that going to affect the results? From what I've seen, the posters in this forum are not participating, and not interested in getting in the top 10. This is just a fun event, and yet it brings out all the SL Forum haters.. sad.
  10. The cost of a Premium membership after the stipend is about 72 Cents/week. I suggest they cut their RL candy budget by 72 c/week, which would improve their health. It is a contest for those who are making it so. Competition is good. Everyone is not a winner. And in this case, you lose nothing if you do not participate. Why are you so bitter?
  11. It's mostly mainlanders and non Belli peeps posting here. You can't expect them to know anything about Bellisseria events. The top collectors have over 500 candy buckets, as of yesterday, and some buckets have 250 hits. Anyone that wants the collectors to find your bucket need only volunteer your location. No one goes trick n treating blind in RL. Here kids, we are releasing you in Death Valley, CA - you have 7 days to find all the homes with candy in California - no hints now, just wander aimlessly about until you find candy. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Esplin/137/20/38 There you will find the Megalist of those who WANT their buckets to be found. Interesting that his bucket only has 250 hits, and yet the leaders are over 500 on their collectioin HUD now. Some participants want their bucket to be secret, and only discovered by the aimlessly wandering children. And the leaders have found more buckets than on the megalist. If you have a bucket rezzed and want your location known, either send the owner of the list your location via IM, or post it in the Bellisseria Citizens Group Chat.
  12. Since the Lindens have no idea how many buckets will finally be rezzed, or how many will find most of them, they cannot set a number in advance to determine the bear winners. They want to limit the number of the rarest bears given to the winners. The only way to do that is determine the winners after the contest/event is completed. Sort of like elections - the winner isn't official until the election is over and all the votes are counted. Not counting the sore losers that claim they won and will claim this BIG LIE until the next election. The top collectors are nearing 600 buckets collected, and more Belli residents are putting out their buckets everyday. With 8 days left, I expect at least 1000 buckets, and the winners will find most of them. Your numbers are too low. This was no secret if you checked the Bellisseria Citizens Group, which was first announced on October 11, and is still in the Group Notice archives. There are 9 Notices still in the Group archive relating to the Great Trick or Treat Event, Bellisseria!
  13. I have a flying witch at my Belli halloween display, and her pointy hat tip is 0.693 meters above the Belli TOS height limit. So AR me!! She is also attracting bats, and they are flying above her hat!. So double AR me! hehehe (btw for those demented enough to AR, remember a flying witch is not a structure, but a flying machine, broomstick in this case. There is no height limit for flying objects. And her favorite color is black, with no glow.)
  14. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/478170-it’s-the-great-trick-or-treat-event-bellisseria/ It's supposed to be a fun event, with some competition for the few who have the time and would like some collectible Linden bears. Everyone gets a free bear by just adding the HUD and clicking on at least one pumpkin. Some use this as a way to show off their Halloween displays at their home. There are more LH homeowners adding pumpkins everyday, as they find out about the event. Listening into the Bellisseria Citizens group is the best way to keep up in real-time. If you don't have the time, don't participate, nobody is keeping score (except the Lindens who have more fancy bears for the top 100, top 35 and top 10 collectors.) Some pumpkin scripts freeze after 92 offerings, and others, like mine have not. Resetting the scripts or re-rezzing fixes this. The pumpkin candy script only had 5 revisions before the event started, so it's like any SL script. I would rather have beers than bears, but drinking might be illegal in your country, and then we'd have drunken searchers stumbling all over Bellisseria. The Mega list helps get peeps up to speed, so you don't have to spend 5 hours searching for 5 pumpkins. I believe additions to the mega list will end in day or so, and then the finalists will have to find other ways to cheat collect until Nov. 1st. Some pumpkins have been hit 200 times already - those are the ones who offered their locations to the groups. Highest collection score is around 400, but they aren't saying exactly. A few evil folks are hiding their pumpkins, and adding decoys to their home. One pumpkin was finally found at 3493 meters in the sky.
  15. Are you suggesting SL is held together with duct tape?
  16. My Chrome bookmark for the forums: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/ I am always logged in, unless I log out of the community, which I seldom do. Has nothing to do with being logged in or not to your secondlife.com account page. You can also read the forums without logging in. You just can't comment or rate the posts. This is useful if you have been banned.
  17. I got the same message today when I tried to add a new payment account with Chrome. I had already been logged in for awhile in my web account, and actually went from Transactions to the Main Page and then Billing Information the first time. Once I logged out of my SL web account, and logged backed in, which of course included the password, then the new account page came up normally. I suspect if you have been logged in too long and try to access that page, it sends you an error. Probably some undocumented security measure. It would be too much to expect Tilia to ask for your password again - a "Page Not Found" must be easier then telling you your login has aged and you need to relog again. I never deleted cookies or cleared anything, just a fresh log-in with Chrome.
  18. That HUD must talk to an external server thru SL and needs to keep track of your cue sequence, time of day, and purchases at the least. Plenty of weak paths with those systems. Breedables use them also, and they all have daily random failures. If your intention is to play for more than the first number showing, best to take a time-dated screen shot of your personal cue before and after the purchase. How are you going to prove the machine was broken to the owner otherwise?
  19. If the personal list reset after the first buy, there would be no reason to have a visible list. So this sounds like a malfunction, or you happen to buy just as the daily list reset went into effect.
  20. I was not talking to you. I clearly quoted Rowan. I was talking to Rowan. Read my latest post please. The designers that claim it's worth it to pay for every texture/color are trying to claim they are somehow better than the rest. They will lose money if they switch to fatpack huds, and charge a reasonable price. It's like you can buy 100 Bayer aspirin for $5 USD, or buy 100 USP aspirin for $1 from the dollar store or walmart. The pills are the same, probably made in the same Chinese or Indian plant. Yet Bayer keeps selling their overpriced USP aspirin to consumers. Brand name foolishness.
  21. I don't think Rowan really meant full perm for the product. Copy, no mod, no transfer with a texture HUD is the new standard. As to why the price is only $199L, it could be the designer would rather have her products affordable, which will increase sales. Volume sales vs overpriced no mod and one texture outfit for 3 times the amount. Who will sell more outfits? There is trivial more work to make a new texture or worse, a color - I have always called that a scam to charge as if it's a new outfit. Here's another example - my partner bought this dress last week. They call those HUDs fatpacks in the package, but they are NOT like the fatpacks where every color is a separate object, and you must buy a fatpack box with all the colors, for some outrageous price. That is the old greedy way of selling, and it is clogging up the MP with separate ads for every texture and color, beside overcharging for the fatpack box. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LC-Cynthia-Dress-FATPACK-Original-Mesh-NEW-2021/22723132 Note it says Original Mesh Design. That store has been around for a long time. $299L for the 20 colors/textures included. Their HUD is switchable between Top or Skirt, so you can mix and match the textures for hundreds of combinations. The price is about typical for just one dress. Why pay $2500 L for a fatpack box, when you can get the SAME thing for $299L? This is what the HUD included in the Cynthia Dress looks like onscreen. has a Top and Skirt switch: She also bought the matching socks for $199L. So for $498 she gets a complete outfit with unlimited color/texture combinations. The downside is trying to decide which color/texture to wear. Between the dress and socks and HUDs there are over a million combinations. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LC-Cynthia-Socks-FATPACK-Original-Mesh-NEW-2021/22743314
  22. Yeah good example of what I was talking about. So what is wrong with a full perm template dress? Was the price too cheap to impress your friends? I can also show you a well known old designer that never includes HUDS - each dress/gown is separate, and too expensive. $499L for nearly everything. The same basic template has been used for 10 years. Change the texture, change the model and hair style, give her a new dress name, and ask $499L. Of course nothing is ever mod there. So women will pay for a new texture as if it's a new design? I don't consider most textures to be that difficult. But the fashion world is nuts anyway.
  23. No, I am saying there are many designers that include a color changing HUD with the ONE style item they sell. They do not sell fatpacks anymore. And their outfits with HUDS does not cost anything near what a fatpack would. Most of the outfits with a HUD range from 100 to 450 $L. From the Huds you can set up thousands of color and texture combinations. There are still old school designers who think charging for each color, or buy the entire fatpack is the only way to sell, because it is more profitable for them. They are losing sales to the designers who do not sell fatpacks because they are not needed. Maybe we need a list of designers who now only sell with HUDs, and still sell their items for fair prices. It sounds like some in this forum are not keeping up to date with the new designers.
  24. Why are you confused Rowan? Have you ever bought clothing, shoes, hair, jewelry, even trees - with a texture changing HUD? They are nearly as common today as pumpkins at the shopnhop. Should I post a pic of a typical color changing HUD here (I'll strike out the business name), in case this is a new thing to you.
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