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  1. Hmm, still can't get it to work. I went into the RLV, there was just an option to turn it on and off. It was on, if I turned it on and off I got a message saying " Attempting to enable Restrained Love Viewer functions. RestrainedLife viewer v1.20 or higher is required for all features to work.* But still nothing recognized the relay. So I tried setting it at open access, but that didn't help either. I also brought in an alt and put her as an owner to see if that helped, but still nothing. My alt had no problems using the collar and all it's functions,(atleast not the random selection I chose). So the relay is obviously there, but why won't it show up on the things in the room and the relay checker. Edit: Nevermind. I searched for open collar and found their new place. Deleted my old collars and got new once, and not it worked perfectly Guess that updater wasn't good enough to update it fully.
  2. Freya Mokusei wrote: You need an RLV Relay. There are many available; if you want things to grab you, set it to Auto, Open or Ask. OpenCollar still exists, Search in your viewwer for 'Temple of the Collar' or OpenCollar. I thought came automatic with open collar. Guess not. I'll play a bit with the settings when I get home to see if I can get it to work.
  3. I bought some LRV items some time ago, forgot about them, but decided to try it out again in this sim I found, with both a game room, a forest and a maze. I had updated my browser recently(Firestorm), made sure the RLV button was cheched, updated my then outdated open collars and put one on. But it seems to work only partionally. There is a globe where it can search for RLV relays and it never find anything. None of the capture things find them either. Nothing will capture me if I walk in the maze or the forest either. I can sit on them and see the animation and the script, but I never get captured and the stand up buttons work fine. If I put myself on a script that says you're bound for 2 min or whatever I can just stand up again whenever I want. Walking in the forest I got a message about a snake I didn't see before it was to late, so I guess it can locate me, but apparently not the RLV relay. Nothing happend with the snake and I didn't see it after either. In the game room, there is several capture things wich I can get on and off at will. However there is also some cages where you either have to solve a puzzle to get out or you play hangman and if you loose you are locked for a certain amount of time. These works. If I go into them I can't get out before I solved the puzzle or waited the time. Also there is a teddy bear, that you can get a teddy leash for and when he grabbed it worked properly, and I couldn't get out of the leash or of the things he put me on. I also tried xcite hud and collars, but that didn't work either. I haven't tried with other people as owners since I just discovered it, but I thought that shouldn't be needed. I figured I should go and visit open collars again and try a new one in case the updating didn't work properly, but I think they have moved it becouse I just ended up in thin air. Anyone have an ide of what I'm doing wrong? (And maybee a new link to open collar if it exist)
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