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  1. I think it was a mistake to write here, could someone please close the thread?
  2. That Awe ... thing was just a joke I am not looking for a real relationship, only now because of the unfriendly and disrespectful people ... Dres (or not, just kidding. maybe?)
  3. You should stop taking yourself and SL so important, because it is not. Awe . . . I think you are the ones who are sick and need a therapy! :matte-motes-angry:
  4. 1) This has nothing to do with this 2) It is none of your concern
  5. @ Theresa Tennyson : So sims rated adult are places just for sex? I don't think so @ Tex Monday : Thank you for your opinion, I appreciate it
  6. Thats ridiculous: @ Amethyst Jetaime and Sephina Frostbite : No I am not giving all women a bad name (so these men are giving all men a bad name too?) @ Griffin Ceawlin : "but at least they're honest." Well, I am honest enough to post that on the forum, or not? @ Tari Landar : Something like karma doesn't exist, so it can't be a **bleep** @ Mayalily : "There is only one life time and I think you could do something more constructive with your time such as learning gourmet cooking." - I think you could say that to anyone who is spending their time in SL. @ Leia36 : "The ripple efect will change many's SL and I hope he enjoys whats comming to him" - That's silly But thank you to all for replying anyway, I asked for your opinion and that's what I got.
  7. Hello to all the people on the SL forum, I would like to share my story and would like to hear you opinion on that. So I am using a female Avatar in SL, but I am male in RL. I have experienced that nearly every male in Sl that I have met (in the adult areas of SL) are totally unfriendly to woman (or rather female avatars). They only want sex and want you to describe yourself, send pics etc. Thus I decided to get a new hobby: I am looking for man and try to get into a relationship with them (which doesn't really need long, for many of them it starts after talking for 30 mins). These relationships are nearly always bdsm relationships, I am "playing" sub or slave and they are the doms. And of course they wish to have sex and other things, but they are not getting that. I am just playing with them, sometimes I get small presents or some money in order buy a better looking avatar, so I can please them more (there words!). I just take there little presents, break there heart and the leave and never talk to them again. And I think that they do deserve that for being so unfriendly and mean and always just looking for sex. I yet have to meet one man online in SL who is nice. So what do you think about this? Am I doing right or wrong? Is it justified, do they deserve it?
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