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  1. What attracted me to Firestorm was the availability of the Vintage viewer; I could, and still can not, stand the layout of Second Life's newer viewer. Firestorm is also less laggy for my computer.

    Discovering other things...such as the built-in AO, the quick and easy to access settings, and having more customizable things for the viewer...were added bonuses.

  2. I already answered this question (yesterday), which you asked in the Roleplay forum two days ago. Please check back to each thread you post to see what answers are given, before you post a thread asking the same question in another place.

    I will copy-and-paste to you what I said on your first thread (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Sword-ao-animations/td-p/2153899).

    Dhuanolil wrote:

    Most scripted swords already have animations inside of them and do not require AOs or separately-bought animations.

    Swords which do not already have pre-made animations included with them (usually called prop swords) are a bit hard to find animations and poses for...especially ones which move, or move well.

    I could not find anything in-world search, but I did find some things on the online marketplace. You will have to log into the marketplace to see some of them. I can't guarantee that they are good since I did not...and am not going to...buy them myself, but I will provide the links anyhow.

    I highly recommend testing these AOs and animations, if possible, in-world at the store locations (which can be accessed through Slurls in the online marketplace stores) as well as looking at their ratings, if ratings are available.



    There were a
    of sword animations available on the online marketplace. So many I won't even bother copying and pasting all of the links. Just log on to the SL marketplace, type Sword Animation in the search bar, enter it, then go to Animations > Combat Animations.

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  3. Heya, Catnip.

    As far as I know of, Magicboxes are not being used anymore - items are sold directly from your inventory via Merchant Outlook.

    Hopefully accessing it is the same for you as it is for me. Go to Avatar on your SL window's upper toolbar, then click Merchant Outbox. (You can also left-click an item in your inventory and click 'Copy to Merchant Outbox.') After the Merchant Outbox window is open, drag whatever items it is you want to add to your online store onto it, and then click 'Send to Marketplace.'

    After that, it should pop up in your store's items list similar to the way it used to with the old Magicboxes (and if I am wrong about that, anyone, feel free to correct me).

    Hope this helps.

  4. I have never seen such effort and technology put into a platform, basically used for hooking up for cyber sex.

    That's news to me. Only about 1% of the people I meet in SL are looking around just for sex. The other 99% I have met are either here for businesses, keeping in contact with far-away RL friends and relatives (I do that with my family), roleplaying, or having other innocent forms of fun. I have been in SL since mid-2006, and this still holds true. Perhaps I am just a lucky guy who meets all the nice people...?

    ...the (literally) 2 people I've encountered...were both squirreled away in their houses, having sex.

    Just like it is unwise to judge all European...or American...or Asian...or African...or Goth, or Punk, or Blond-haired, or Brunette...et cetera...people by a few, it is extremely unwise to judge thousands of people...in this case, SL-players...by only two people. It might take a while and you might have to go to a bunch of new places, but you will find real genuine friends somewhere. :smileywink:

    ...all I want to do is make friends and that seems to be a rare commodity.

    I think making friends is heavily impacted on where you are (are you in a place where mainly certain types of people hang out?) and how you interact (are you shy, bubbly, serious, etc. etc.). You sound very nice to me, I'll be quite happy to be friends with you. For making more friends, I highly suggest going to different sims of different themes...exploring SL, meeting new people, et cetera. It may take a lot of patience (believe me, I know...I've had to do it...) but in the end when friends are made, it is worth it.

  5. Heya, Shannon. :matte-motes-grin:

    Those are a lot of good questions, some of which may lead to more questions when answers are given. To make things easier, I will IM you in-world to have a direct conversation.

    Although this account of mine is not yet a year old, I joined Second Life in mid-2006 and I have been roleplaying since late 2006, mainly as freeform...so I can, hopefully, provide you with answers regarding that also for your husband.

    See you soon.

  6. Heya! Except for two (one is a dark elf kid, the other big and muscly due to a friend's insistance), all of my accounts are not bulky; they are slim and tall, and I had a really hard time finding skins (especially without facial hair) to appropriately fit them.


    I found two places which are pretty good. One is Aeva//Heartsick, which have male skins which are affordable (around L$300 - L$350 each, last I checked) and come in many skin tones; they have no abs, although they have shading for the stomach and chest (normal chest, not muscled). There is also ( Red ) Mint Fashion, which has skins and clothes. The skins are more expensive (around L$800 - $900) and have some detailing for abs and chest muscles, but not extremely so.


    Hope this helps a little!

  7. I hope this is the right section; please forgive me if it is not. I'm a bit puzzled and frustrated; I am hoping you can help me figure out what is going on and how to fix it.

    I made a shape for pre-teens which I am trying to put up for sale on the online marketplace. I listed it as General; there is nothing inappropriate in any way whatsoever in the pictures, product, item description, or tags. Yet, when I try to list it, I get this message:

    Successfully updated, but banned text in the name field caused an automatic unlisting of the product

    Since it is a perfectly innocent product, I have no idea what is 'banned.' It does not tell me or show me what part of it is 'banned' so I can fix/remove it. I will provide a list below of the keywords I have as well as the item description so you can see them, and hopefully help me find what is wrong. I will appreiate whatever help you can give me.


    Description: This shape can work for any humanoid avatar...it was named Drow Teen because I needed a shape for my teen Drow, and I made this one.

    It is editable so you can customize it to fit your skin. Steps are included on a notecard to help you learn how to do that, if you are unfamiliar with how to edit shapes.

    --> This is a SHAPE ONLY! <--
    Skin, eyes, hair, and ears are not included. However, a style card is included so you know what the skin, eyes, hair, and ears are called and who made them, so that you can get them too.


    Keywords: preteen, teen, slender, slim, shape, elf, elfin, elven, drow, roleplay, rp, medieval, fantasy, cheap, affordable, ilythiiri, dark elf, male, cheapie, human,


    If you need me to provide anything else you might need to see, please let me know and I will post it. Thank you! :)

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