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  1. First of all, how would LL even know it's not a stolen DL? And, if as Griffin, on page 1 here says, I will lose all my inventory, then what is the point of having a reactivation at all? And as far as Paypal, it used to be a bank with it's own credit card, etc., as to whether it is still a bank, I'm not sure. However, Paypal has a way of making sure it is you by depositing a small amount of change in your account which is added to your bank statement, and then you activate with that small amount of change (say .32 cents for example) plus other security measure that Paypal employs.
  2. That's the only option? I was hoping for something within the realm of common sense since I did submit my last transaction through Paypal (which is a bank), so they have that Paypal address which I gave them over the phone. Snail mail, not exactly what I wanted to hear. URGH!!!!!!!!!! Nevertheless, it seems I have no choice. Thanks for your response.
  3. Hello, I deactivated my account about 3 weeks ago. I have been working with LL to reactivate my over 2 year-old account, and they say my place of birth is incorrect. It is not incorrect and I never gave any incorrect birth location when I started that account over 2 years ago. I have always used the same Paypal address for all my SL purchases which were over 30,000 in that 2-year time period, and I plan on using the same Paypal account and email address I have always had. However, like a broken record, the man I spoke to on the phone said my birth location does not match their records
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