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  1. Ok, thank you all for your help, i will report it to LL now, be well.
  2. " your real life name is never communicated to the viewer" ???? well if that is the case, why has it happened? or are you calling me a liar? i saw it on my screen and i have it in my chat logs, whether you think it is possible or not is irrelevant because it has happened.
  3. I am friends with this person both in SL and RL that's why i know it was his real name that i was seeing, and regardless of how good a companies security measures are, the can be hacked or corrupted or just not work properly sometimes, and i have proof of that in my chat logs, ill report my account as being compromised and see what happens, but i already know the answer to it, nothing is going to happen.
  4. Thank you, but i have already been told by them that there is no way firestorn can access that information, and it could only have come from LL.
  5. Who the hell are you (Steph) to say that its a load of rubbish? if you cant help by saying something intelligent then dont say anything at all.
  6. My RL name has appeared in IM's with a friend, and his RL name has appeared to me, it is on the end of each message he sends to me, as far as i am concerned this is a huge security breach, is there a way to stop our RL names from appearing in chat? I am using the latest version of Firestorm and i have IM'ed the same person today and it did not happen, so i dont know what is going on, either way i think it is something LL should be investigating.
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