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  1. Hi. I already have a store for a long time in Sl, but now because of RL problems i have to move into free work plan, like without nerves i mean. My companies are Purrrfect and Horrifically delicious. I have develoiper's official kits from : Belleza (well files are strange but can be used still) , Maitreya Lara , Slink (male/female/all feet and all hands). I would prefere to create a small items for you, well i can do big projects too , but wouldn't like to run on full speed into the wall cause fit mesh it's not so easy and i'm not naive in this question. Many of ideas just can't
  2. Hi. I need anyone who can rigg me simple plain and short tube skirt for Kemono body. Send notecard to Alfirinn Resident Ty
  3. I'm in sl about 3 years , have experience in dancer work . I love to dance , texturing. So i dunno what job can i get. Have nothing against strip work but my english not alow full job like that heh. Personality : i'm open minded designer , in rl have huge sence of humor but english (not mine) language delete it so i can be silent sometimes. In rl i'm artist (oil drawing).Sometimes i'm texturing and meshing but dont like it because tired.I'm not pro in meshing so i cant help u with that probably. I have 2 hight educations , i'm 29 , i'm not stupid wood log. and i hate when anyone try to act th
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