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  1. I thought it was in this thread but can not find the post where mused full/natural breasts were mentioned. I could not find the demo version of them in their store. I did get the demo version of their milk maid mesh breats but don't plan on getting that whole system. Does anyone know if both of their types of mesh breasts are similar, except for the whole milk system of the latter?
  2. To Mysteriann: Why have you not read your last messages? If you do not see them try removing your older messages. Hope everything is going well.
  3. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I showed this post to a few of my friends before replying. Mainly because i wanted their opinion. We all agree that a middle aged man playing a 12 year old girl in SL that is going through puberty and having to talk with others about it is quite a bit on the creepy side. That could be because we all view others through our own personality.
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: I know it is obvious to say although sometimes I get the impression it is not always obvious to people that what we all (yes, I know I'm using that dirty word 'all') want is to be happy in our relationships with others. It can be challenging at times because so many have different expectations in a relationship. I'm glad to be part of a time where women are not carte blanche being relegated to the role of second class citizens and that where that is being done to women that it is being challenged. I agree we all want to be happy in our relationships but first
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