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  1. Not macho posturing at all. Women do the same job I did. Aren't you being a bit sexist?
  2. No doubt. They called us spooks in the Navy but you people wouldn't be very safe if we weren't able to get into other people's heads.
  3. I am sorry. I don't know you but my heart hurts for you.
  4. Mildly humorous, too bad the thread has ended with a joke or perhaps it's appropriate.
  5. You dived into the discussion with dispassion and intellectual rigor! Not fair! lol
  6. Thank you for the recommendations. That subject is of particular interest to me. Due to a medical condition I have osteopena (the precursor to osteoporosis), have breasts (small ones, but with breast tissue nonetheless. I have to have breast exams) and a number of other physical characteristics more common among females than males. It's due to the fact that this medical condition has caused me to have an almost zero testosterone level and higher than normal levels of estrogen. Although my body has been out of whack for years I just recently found out about my hormonal levels. So I star
  7. I do agree with you 100%. I'm not trying to create a completely different person, just a slightly different female version of me. I love music. She loves music. I'm a bookworm. She's a bookworm. I love to dance. She will love to dance. I can't do math and don't understand much hard science so she's certainly not going to be a rocket scientist. lol
  8. I read that book when I was about ten and was mesmerized by it. If I hadn't read it, this project probably wouldn't be happening.
  9. Hello, Just wanted to respond to a couple of things. My mentor mentioned that all of the women in her family are well-endowed and that her breasts "can be a real hassle at times" and that she's often wished she were smaller. If your breasts get in your way, I can see how you'd think about them a lot more than if they didn't. Right now we are just starting, so we're having to kick ideas around, the topics of the RPs are pre-meditated at this point, but they won't be once we get to know one another, establish a rhythm and second lives and things will start unfolding spontaneously. That's whe
  10. Sorry, I need to take breaks from these long posts. This is the third, and I hope final post today. As I mentioned in earlier parts of this post, Marisa lived on her own a few times during our RP last night. For our RP last night I dreamed up a nightmare day in school for Marisa. She was betrayed by a close friend which led to a boy who'd been a close friend with all of their lives being really, rude and ugly to her in front of a group of people. One of the things he said humiliated her about her lack of development and shortly afterwards someone taped a piece of paper to her back that sh
  11. Yep. We all see the world through our own lens. Wouldn't it be fascinating to peek through someone else's?
  12. This is a follow-on to my last post. Last night was the first time we RP'd and Marisa lived on her own, not the whole RP, but a couple of times. My mentor and I exchange ideas via private posts on this board and IM in SL. I received a message from her yesterday morning saying that breasts are something that are very important to a woman and that most women spend a lot of time thinking about their own breasts. That most women she knew were not satisfied with their breasts, that the well-endowed want to be smaller, flat-chested women want to be bigger, or they don't like the shape. She said
  13. Hi, It's the OP again. I've really enjoyed the discussion around virtually changing genders and the collateral subjects that have come up. Every post I've seen has relevance. Here's an update. I was going to send it to one individual poster but decided it might be of interest to the board in general. Hi, I'm trying to respond to different commenters to my OP personally because I appreciate your responses. They've all been intelligent and thoughtful. I have found a mentor and we've started into the project. She's perfect because she's not taking it as a lark, but she has a great im
  14. Hello, I was interested in your experiment with a male identity in IRC and that when you ended it they were sad to see him go. A lot of people, well not a lot, but at least a dozen people in SL know me in RL and my female SL alt. They're very protective of her identity, more so than I am. Like one time three guys, who are RL friends, and I were all out sailing in SL They were all using voice but I was typing. One of them called me by my RL first name and one of the other guys very casually said, "Who's that? I don't know any ____." And the other guy recovered and said, "Just some guy I
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