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  1. Let me just say in lament's terms that my friend does not know that I am doing this but I have to ask anyway. My friend who I am not going to name for her privacy reasons has just gone through hell in her sl relationship. First, to start off, she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for several weeks, so their relationship was fresh and new. So they would often hook up in different places in the adult worlds in sl. Well, they were at one place and they were near a brothel. One of the moderator's realized that she was not an employee and booted her out without my friend's knowledge even though they were no where near the brothel at all. My friend freaked out and teleported herself to her home. While my friend was gone, this moderator or whatever this witch was, informed her boyfriend that she was not a female and a male in disguise because she does not mic chat with him. Now mind you we are friends in real life and i know for a fact that she is female but she cant afford a mic right now. Well, after getting what she thought was resolved, turns out that it wasnt and they haven't spoken in days. My friend cried and now feels bad. I have tried to comfort her but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with outsiders and a lack of trust in the relationship? Signed, Mitchie Morgan-Wallace or as I am know in Second Life MitchieMorgan
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