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  1. Ah alright then thank you. Even I don't have legal photoshop but I will find the way then.
  2. Well I actually want furry bodybuilder. Will Niramyth's or L’Uommo's a bodyshape or something? Will I be able to combine with other avatar or only for normal human? I kinda confuse a bit.
  3. Um what do I have to look at? Shape? Or mesh? Or any keyword? Sorry if this question looks bad but I'm not good at computer things. :manembarrassed:
  4. https://www.facebook.com/yurifox.claw/media_set?set=a.824833764255567.1073741909.100001868545421&type=3 Um hi! I don't know how to make a pure bodybuilder shape as I can't do it in the normal edit in SL. Could anyone know how to make something like that? I don't know if I put it in the correct forum or not since I did not play SL for more than 1 years, and not hardcore at all. :(
  5. Where to buy that jockstraps? I saw the creator's name like DandelioN but when i type in the store, i found none, Could anyone help me please? /shy
  6. Ah thanks to tell me about the support group. I'm still new so i will go there right the way. And thanks to tell me about it.
  7. Do you mean to ask them directly right? No i haven't ask them yet. I will ask them then. Thank you
  8. I want to buy KZK's eastern dragon but i really fear that it will have leg and foot problem. (I have Psicop's product but its legs aren't bad like this) Or anyone know how to solve it?
  9. I don't know how to insert horns and plates! When i add it,it add on my avatar's hand and now i don't know what to do next. Anyone help me please. :'(
  10. Ah i will explain to them then. Thanks a lot !
  11. Sorry by the way....What is that product anyway? I'm curious.
  12. Oh sorry. The tailho** and Psicorp's female genital seem not affect from color changing.
  13. Um i on't know what do you mean about but all i do are... -remove all clothes and objects. -replace with Psicorp's dragon. -Try to edit "it" a bit but then i just click reset on its HUD. -Now i got a problem like that. I really awful at modifying. :'(
  14. I have reset it in the Psicorp's option and now i got unknow white thing! Also i can't change color of both shelth and that too. Too bad i also lost the box version of it. Oh man. What should i do?
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