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  1. Medhue Simoni wrote: harmony Palmira wrote: hi every one im just new with this in sl i worked on other games making hair meshes with 3ds max . but it seem in sl the story is diff i mean i just upload my 1st hair mesh here but i dont know how to skin it i mean how to attache the hair to other bones like shoulders ..etc any tut help with that . also im asking how the hairs moving in here is this thing i should do in 3ds max or in sl ? Most people are very willing to help, but the problem is generally who has experience in the specific program and/or that creative task. Not as many pe
  2. Lexi Zelin wrote: Here's my question, I have submitted most of my oiginal mesh creations to the United States Library of Congess. I have done this every month for the past 2 years. It's NOT CHEAP. But, I feel it is worth it. Now, when you do this it's like a second level of protection for your creation. So, how on EARTH Linden Lab can think that they OWN rights to MY art is beyond me. Would they be prepared to go to court against me and the USLOC? Who would win? Also, another question is, if LL thinks they own our shi* then how are "we" able to file a DMCA against people misusing our stuff
  3. Thank you for clearing that up. I supposed it upset me to the point of needing to acknowledge your post. Given that I tried to be respectful and polite, in our mesh conversation, It took me completely by surprise, although I admit I was a bit frustrated. My upbringing prevented me from simply ignoring it. But considering just how much apologizing I had finished doing, It seemed to rub me the wrong way. Again I don't mind apologizing specially when I am wrong. I had nothing but respect, after our mesh conversation, and that has rightfully been restored. No harm really, I was reluctant over be
  4. Qie Niangao wrote: It took a little over twelve hours for Bryn's blog post to get the obligatory spam from an unwitting shill an artist operating in Another Virtual World. Wonder what took them so long. And the ToS issue as a whole has now reached critical mass for crazies. That, too, was predictable. Taking cheap shots at someone, even after they apologized, several times. This isn't what you would consider "Obligatory Spam"?. I apologized more than I was comfortable with, went back and fixed my mistake. For such an eloquent speaker, looks like your self-restraint doesn't share the sa
  5. Dillon Levenque wrote: I somehow missed the post in which you agreed the 'masses' comment was wrong. The only thing I saw was your reply to me: "I too appreciate someone pointing out the idiocy of RiftRavens's post, Thank You! Ohh! Looks like he caught on to what people were saying cause he edited his post! I've heard his idiocy knows no bounds. Oh my! lol", which did not seem apologetic. I have since seen the post I missed; had I seen it first I would not have written my reply to Phil. The problem with these forums is that they post replys in the wrong order. I had not stopped
  6. Madelaine McMasters wrote: If we think of idiocy as a relative term, somewhere like three sigmas below the mean, then blindly accepting license terms and terms of service wouldn't qualify. Most of us do it. We can't all be three sigmas below the mean! And the error that Riftraven made has been acknowledged and corrected. So he's no longer an idiot, he's an ex-idiot. But, like all of us, he's still a potential idiot. Let's hear it for untapped human potential! ;-) Thank you... I think. :smileyvery-happy:
  7. Dillon Levenque wrote: No, I don't. I mean the kind of idiocy where someone claims that 'the masses' of Second Life will be swayed by the opinion of one important person or a group of important persons. I did apologize. I went back and corrected it to more accurately reflect what I was wanting to say. Idiotic? Yes! Totally! I did also state that I wasn't a seasoned writer, so I don't have an absolute understanding of the english language. I often go back several times to edit a post, so that it conveys what I'm trying to say, and even then it still doesn't say what I want it to say. B
  8. I was just teasin with that, I'm a joker and... highly educated in the delicate art of idiocy. lol I used to eat some of that cheese, they used to give them away at the local FireStation, where I lived. Kinda have some fond memories of that actualy. There were so many happy people there. :smileyhappy: But it dosen't mean I'm ghetto or anything. :smileylol: P.S. "Block of Joy" Exactly. lol
  9. Dillon Levenque wrote: Thank you. The idea that anyone, or any one group of like-minded people, can 'sway the masses' in Second Life is ludicrous. I noticed when I last logged in that more than 49,500 other people were online. Of those, I'd guess some number that would fall way below the number after the comma cares about (or even knows the meaning of) the new TOS. I do not mean to say this TOS change doesn't matter to those who use SL as a both a creation platform and a source of income. To those people it matters, and might matter a great deal. I don't know the answers to all of thi
  10. Dillon Levenque wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: RiftRaven wrote: Every "Major" Player in Second Life is moving out, because of the new TOS. Players that had significant pull to sway the masses. And you know this how? For one thing there isn't any SL user who has "significant pull to sway the masses". And for another, who is a major player? The biggest of all is Anshe but she can't sway the masses, not even by pulling out. I suggest that what you perceive as "every major player" is nothing but a relatively few people who have either pulled out or have expressed an intention to pull ou
  11. Ceka Cianci wrote: really i am tired of trying to figure them out.. i never seen so much muddy freaking water in my life with a company.. i mean seriously.. they suck..i mean like government cheese suck!! lol So I edited my freaktarted FAIL!!! post to hopefully convey what I actually meant. Once again I apologize, and I'll try to be more careful of my postings. I'm not a seasoned writer, that should explain alot. Also I'm new to Second Life, and apparently my idea of a major player was something else. Girl you just let yourself out of the "Ghetto Closet" with that govem
  12. Anaiya Arnold wrote: All that is true but it wasn't the point I was driving at. These models might be inefficient and no doubt some people at LL know that, but can they convince the people who make decisions? If Rod thinks he can revolutionize LL's business model, get rid of the pesky SLers by producing a new revenue stream based on existing uploads, and increase total profits at the same time, is he going to want to hear "you can't do that because no one will want to buy such inefficient mesh for their projects" from those members of LL staff who have the technical eptitude to tell
  13. Alicia Sautereau wrote: Not much to say about the ToS besides trying to find a hole in it, it ultimately depends on a few people who are or have an attorney to nitpick all the possible twists that can be found to nullify it and report back to the community. I think the biggest hole is the deceitful way in which LL got everyone to agree. Small strategic changes to the TOS so people would just get used to clicking ok, then BAMM!! They dropped the current TOS bomb on us and everyone happily bit into a grenade disguised as an apple. But what really irks me is how quiet LL continues to stay.
  14. Czari Zenovka wrote: My pet peeve is "Linden Labs" especially said by people saying how long they have been in SL. I "appropriated" the lightning/logo from someone on General Forums, with her permission. Dang! Thank you for reminding me that I still need to watch the "Once Upon a Time" premiere. With the ship heading out to Never-Never land mermaids would fit right in. What I'm still not getting is Peter Pan (I'm assuming that's the archetype being used) as a dark shadow figure perplexes me; unless the show is just going with a darker version overall. In the last show prior to the pr
  15. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: i hope ive been more clear, but not sure... Maybe Perrie or Phil who knows what im meaning bec we already have talked about that can rephrase in english more clearly. Thats really frustrating for me to not being able to express myself correctly on such topic. Sorry. Yes! You were very clear. :smileyhappy: Mesh making is complex, that is true. But I have seen some good textures that would make even me scratch my head, on how to even begin to start making a texture that complex. For the people who claim that making mesh is where the real talent is, that seems like a
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