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  1. Hmmm I read some of the post didn't really have time today to read them all. And whether the misspellings were intentional or not I guess you will never know. But I can say I can type 45 misspelled word a minute and as this thing has spell check figure it out yer self. As for what quality or character of the guy I can say he would have to be nice no amount of money in the world would keep me happy with a smarteleck, I have enough of those in my RL and deal with them everyday at work and in my classes and SL is my relax time I don't need them here. And as for this being my only post I had never really know about an SL forum I was always too busy building something or making my clothes in SL and when one of my friends mentioned the forums. I was like what forums. I thought the only way to advertise was through the Second Life Classifieds. But any how everyone have a great day :-) all post are good helps you weed out the ones you want to stay away from giggle.
  2. I knew there would be some smart remarks to this, and you wouldnt be even in consideration anyway. So dont worry your ugly little head about what 12/18/1963 means it apparently goes over your head also :-) and maybe I like typos it is our southern way of pronouncing words :-) Yall have a great day.
  3. Hi all I am looking for a sugar daddy to help fund my SL life. In exchange for your weekly compensation you will get a beautiful and devoted Avatar all female, I can role play if this is what you want, I know a little about being a sub/Pet/ and having a Master/Dom we can discuss any limits. I can be a little on the jealous side, but if you are up front with me I can be more understanding. I love dancing, clubbing, singing and I love my breedable horses in SL and would love someone that enjoys these things also. I can make my own clothes so you wouldn't have to spend a dime on my wardrobe :-) and I have sub outfits if this is what you are interested in. I am a Sagittarius Birthrate 12/18/1963 I am a brunette in RL but have been told I should have been a blond, because It sometimes can take me a minute to get things. I am on Easter Standard Time I live outside of Knoxville TN. I am also married in RL so the Sugar daddy needs to be OK with this. In SL I am very pretty and in RL im not bad looking. I am 49 and can voice to show I am a female. And last but not least I have the Xcite package and an excite compatable bed, and can emote if you arent into the xcite items. I can guarantee this RP at least 1 time a week, :-) or more depending on our arangement. I work Weekends Fri, Sat and Sun 12 hour shifts, I get home around 5pm SL time and would have to log out around 8pm SL time so i could be rested for work. I also go to collage on Mon, Wed, and Thurs. but can stay up late those nights if need be. Or I can log in during the day time. If interested contact Danna Cyberstar in SL or here :-) and we can discuss the arangement and see if we can come to a fair agreement.
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