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  1. I am new to SL and this blog is my first encounter. I am intrigued by this conversation. Can you better clarify what you mean by "systemic" racism? Is it simply that it is set up by one group who is at an advantage over another? Is the advantage intentional or incidental? I have read that racism involves having power over the disparaged group in question, while prejudice behavior is relatively powerless. I am curious about pursuing conversations regarding prejudice in America and I'd like different viewpoints from people who have experienced prejudice aimed at them as well as people who have realized that they have practiced prejudice against others. I know that many people think that there is no longer racism in America - but I disagree. Overt racism is no longer expressed openly because it is unacceptable, however, there are many regions in the U.S. which still harbor more subtle forms of racism. Can you recommend an SL world to me where I might have conversations with other avatars along these subject lines?
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