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  1. Here is the latest. I kept thinking that Firestorm was the issue because of my recent software and hardware updates. But as you know, nothing up to now has allowed me to log in as Ecoli Gynoid . I say this because for the fun of it, I hunted up an old avatar from four years ago that I never use, Guess what, I CAN LOG IN JUST FINE WITH THE OLD AVATAR. Firestorm works fine and etc. So, I next opened Firestorm and clicked to reset my password. I opened my email and reset the password for Ecoli. And when I tried again, the same thing happens. The program just shuts down and disappears
  2. Yes, I purchased and used App Zap several times. As advised, I also installed an older version to no avail. My new update was installed on my computer as part of an expansion from 500 gigabyte to 1 Terabyte. I will check on Monday to see if any firewalls were installs as part of our internal security. (I hope this is the issue) Thank you so much for your insights.
  3. Update: I followed all of the steps suggested by Alyona (thank you so much) but no change. Firestorm still will not load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everal times. I still think the new mac software security update may be the issues. I will talk to Apple help next. thanks
  4. Yesterday I upgraded my MacBook Pro with version 10.14.6 and now when I try to open firestorm, I put in my user name and password and hit click and the icon and program just disappears. It does not load and does not even show up in the finder. I can start over by opening the firestorm icon, but it does the same thing every time. Even if I change the landing location. I have reinstalled firestorm and have logged in from a different computer. So all that remains is to assume that the latest mac os upgrades are blocking firestorm. Any advice? Has anyone else had this issue????? (addi
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