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  1. Hey, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me. SL works perfectly when it first starts up. I get between 25-30 FPS on ultra settings. After usually less than an hour I notice the frame rate slow decrease until it eventually settles at 6-7 fps. After that there is nothing I can do to fix it short of restarting the viewer. While at that 6-7 fps, even if I turn the graphics to the lowest setting and disable everything it still gives no more than 6-10 FPS. Once the viewer goes over 1.5gb of memory usage it's unplayable. I've tried just about everything I could think of - starting off at lower graphics, enabling a disabling different settings like texture compression, I even tried Singularity and Firestorm and had the same FPS drop after 30-40 minutes. I have a fairly decent rig I put together specifically for gaming. (i7, 6GB RAM, GTX 560 Ti SC) Any help would really be appreciated! *edit* I just did a little digging and after reading some older posts, I may have found the cause.. I checked just now and it seems like what is causing at least most of the FPS drop after time is the chat window. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/MASSIVE-FPS-drop-when-using-IM-chat/td-p/2282269 According to ^this thread it has to do with the chat log building up. I haven't been able to find a fix for it though :( has anyone else come across this issue?
  2. Is there a point to this thread? Seems like you're getting off on the drama.
  3. it's hard. sometimes its just a conflict between types of personalities. I don't have any SL relationship experience but if its like RL; sometimes fighting can't be helped. some couples will avoid each other to save the relationship thinking too much communication is what caused the problems. I grew up around those kind of relationships.. my parents for example. its good you both came to an agreement about moving on but I know it doesn't make it feel any easier. after my breakups (RL though) I would step away from dating or anything reminding me of the hurt and throw myself into distractions ~ spending time with friends, enjoying hobbies. If it gets hard stepping away from SL for a while might help. ~~as for the possible unfaithfulness.. don't even bother. don't waste any time thinking about that and just move on from this person. if it were true it would be on them, not you. Have you considered trying RL relationships instead ? I think the way SL is now with it being so easy to keep secrets and put up facades that its rife with cheating.
  4. I know exactly how you feel ~ being single and not ready to date seriously (in RL, ive never had an SL relationship and not looking for that) and sometimes it would just be nice to have friends of the other gender without worrying about them having to be anything more than that.
  5. Terms of Service are not about protecting the user from others' behavior. It's more about rules regarding the privacy policy, copyright licensing. You're free to lie to people as long as you're not commiting some sort monetary fraud.. Same as real life. But that doesn't make it right, or even healthy behavior. You make it sound like because SL is online and we have some level of anonymity that we should throw out all common decency and embrace a nihilistic view of SL.
  6. I can't tell if you're being serious or not storm that kind of behavior can cause self-image problems. It happens a lot when girls convince themselves they need to pretend to be different to get someone to live them. I imagine creating a facade in SL could be equally damaging.
  7. Nerd! I'm a bit of a book/TV/movie nerd and definitely love star wars. I'll hit you up sometime ~ I'm on PST/SLT so on fairly late.
  8. a guy like that isn't worth getting choked up about. pretty obvious he was only in it for the SL sex.. (ugh). help her move on and find a genuinely decent guy. I'd make sure she's careful with who she trusts in SL as its no dating site and a lot of guys are probably here for less than genuine reasons. (ahem.. brothels?). honestly the guy was probably butthurt he wasn't getting voice sex. ~oh and help her pick out a decent mic in case she meets someone who actually deserves a conversation over voice.
  9. I'm not sure a forum is the best place to get advice for something as serious as that but I empathize with being stuck in a relationship with one person and wanting another. You took it too far when you first decided to lie and it snowballed from there. With the relationship going on that long I have to wonder why remain in your RL relationship if your attention was always on the SL partner? I think in a situation like this it might be better to get perspective from someone who knows you well ~ close friends either RL or SL. I've had friends who have been in negative or abusive relationships they were stuck in and afraid to leave because they were used to it and afraid they wouldnt be able to find someone else and I told them yes its scary but sometimes they just have to do it rather than risk living in regret into old age. you say you love your RL partner too but why do you have time to spend with someone on SL? If the RL relationship is getting stagnant and you find you're avoiding each other more and more that's fairly normal and you can choose to work on that. I don't think it would be healthy or fair to either partner to keep the relationship secret from the RL partner.
  10. welcome to SL we can hang out if we're ever on at the same time. I tend to be on later in the evening though (PST).
  11. it really is different! When I last tried SL I remember flexi prims being the new cutting edge feature lol..
  12. I'm in the same boat ~ ive been looking for a good social hangout place for a while but they're not easy to find. I got tired of the gesturespam at clubs too. Do you like live musicians? That can be a nice if you go with some friends and chat it up while listening to some live music.
  13. What viewer are you using? It almost sounds like it isn't compatible with mesh. Other than that check to make sure you have the mesh alpha layer applied.
  14. Good luck! It can be a lot of fun setting up your avatar's first look.. If you're looking for hair, mesh heels, and mesh clothes check out Maitreya. They have some of the very best heels ive seen and their hair has great detail/realism for non-mesh. They've had a store-wide sale going on the last couple weeks.
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