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  1. Perhaps consider advertising on New World Notes or SLUniverse forums? Sponsoring events and hunts is good. Trouble is finding out about them before they happen . Somehow I alwazs find out too late. lol
  2. I dont think its a big deal either way. If you find you have squatters, it will take you just a few clicks to get rid of them. Autoreturn and ban. Simple. And if the land is not being used even though it is being paid for, well isnt that a massive waste? Of the landowners money, of system resources and electricity? If someone has enough money they can leave expensive virtual land unused for months on end.....why is it so objectionable that someone squats that land if they can? I dont see any real problem. Its not like RL where they can totally take ownership of your property. Even if they build a house on your virtual land, the landowner it still in total control of the sim environment.
  3. I think there are two important factors when it comes to explaining the expecting 5 stars thing. First, reviews are pretty rare these days. Some of the oder products on the marketplace have 500+ reviews. Even the most popular products are lucky to hit 100. Second, people generally use the review system if they love something, or HATE IT!!!!! Very few people will leave a review if they are merely satisfied. Together, I think that leads some to obsess over their ratings, and fair and ballanced or not, a string of "poor" reviews will have a real impact on sales.
  4. Your about a decade too late. Xstreet was purchased by LL and the old website does not exist anymore. If you cant remove them by the normal means, i would suggest a support ticket. Best of luck!
  5. regarding the saving up to cash out - thats exactly what I am doing, and am one of the small fish. I imagine many others are doing the same
  6. People are not saying "suck it up". They are saying (rightly) that your business plan should factor these things in if you dont want to get nasty surprises. Thats just a fact. Nobody is being mean. Merely saying, in light of this new phenomena, it might be worth re-evaluating your plans. Whatever you choose to do I wish you well Rya!
  7. definately seems like the lindex is in trouble. We are at 257 now! I think the buy-down, summer and Sansar on the horizon are creating a bit of a storm.
  8. I do wish people used the review function more often. People seem to use the review system only if they LOVE or HATE something. That undermines the usefullness of reviews in general. I think the best method is to mention it somewhere in a notecard in your product. Once I have mentioned any important points, I finish up with "if you enjoy my product, please consider leaving a review. They are a great help to both me and my other customers. Thanks!". Also, customer service gets you reviews. So maybe include something broken in every item you list, then you have to do LOTS of customer service, and get lots of reviews (this is a JOKE ). With regard to paying for reviews - So long as you are not trying to influence the content of the review I dont think its a problem, but not something I would to.
  9. It is nice to see one metric going up (for a change),
  10. Between new cashout fees, decreased sales and an exchange rate that is now 250 for the "fast sell", I am pretty disenchanted with the way things are going right now. It seems they are squeezing us to pay for the new shiny Sansar. Couple with that the funny new "pay $600 up front for cheaper tier in the future" and it seems like LL maaaaaay have a cashflow problem going on.
  11. lol, I love the way this forum is so quiet. You could get the impression nobody is reading. Then someone posts one of THOSE topics and BOOOOM 7 pages later......
  12. LL cant and wont police things like this. Its never ncie to be called names, but all you can really do is ignore these people. As for how you get treated on peoples land, you are totally at the mercy of whoever owns the sim. They can ban you for ANY reason they choose and it is their right to do so. They pay for the land after all. Maybe they dont want nude or semi-nudes, maybe they dont like people with red hair, or furries. Whatever. If they dont like it they are under no obligation to tollerate it. I know that can be frustrating but it is what it is. The few times I have had a bad experience with sim owners, I just leave. No point arguing with them and who wants to support a sim run by an asshat? Not me.
  13. Not sure if I am allowed to mention it here, but there IS a marketplace that sells stuff so it can be delivered to any grid. Name begins with a K, ends with itely People there (including myself) sell items to any grid which has hypergrid. If that is not of interest then everyone else here is correct. If in doubt, ask.
  14. Have you checked your spam/junk folders? I know that Gmail allows me to see my transaction emails no problem but for some reason (back when LL was asking people for more ID for tax purposes) anything from support went straight into my junk folder. Hope you resolve your problem soon! Best of luck.
  15. Medhue Simoni wrote: To me, whether this is good or not comes down to how fast I get the money. LL says 2 days. Ok, but that isn't all that great. Why would I pay more for that? Now, if we are talking same day, then it is worth it. Right now, I cash out twice a week. If most cashouts were same day, then I'd only cashout once a week. My cost only increases 1 dollar a week. Personally, I just don't like the minimum. All that said, WHY AM i PAYING FOR PREMIUM? Heck, at least give premium members a break on the new fees. Note the caveat that "a minority of transactions may still take up to 5 days." A "minority". Mmmmmmhmmmm.
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