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  1. Ellie Nova


    Does anyone know who to contact with the above salea monitor. I have my log in name but cannot remember my password, I do exactly as they say but I get a message sayin "login failed" and logged? I can't find any name on the home page as to who to ask about this Thank you Celie292 resident
  2. Ellie Nova

    Celie292 Resident

    Hi, I am having problems with clothes on my mesh avatar. I can see them, but when I go to my inventory to remove them they are not there. I took everything off and started from scratch, but they are still there, Please help. Thank You Ellie
  3. Thank you for your help Zsigmond. I will try what you suggested. Hugss Ellie
  4. Hi, everyone, I have a phantom script attached to my avi, it looks like a long skirt. Attaches to the front of my avi. Please how can I detach it ? Kind regards & warm greetings from Australia Celie292
  5. Hi, I was refering to typed chat and private IMS. I am concerned if these are stored somewhere. If so how to get rid of them. Thank you.
  6. Hi, My Market polace wont allow me to save articles to my cart. I can buy now,but not save. Please help. Thank Celie292 resident
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